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PoeArtistry The Written Word

PoeArtistry The Written Word


Being a man who considers few words with meanings,
I savor flowerful conversation at times that pass on into the evening hours.

The meaning of these words bloom to such a degree they are Enlivened with a Quantum source on our minds. Such Enliven words at light speed travel the neuron paths, to the nerve tracks, the arteries and veins, to animate our hearts with joy.

I would be amissed to not articulate the sorrow as we sympathize with the pain of another in some dialogue form or another.
Yet, such sadness of the soul; whether light, dark, or bronze in flower bloom; gains a gift from your kind words or greeting card poem.

Poetry is for the imagination of the mind. Poetry is for the Enlivenment of the heart.
What is it, if not for its words and cadence.

The combination creates exquisite art.

Art is for the creativeness of the mind. Art is for the viewing of the eyes to the heart.
What is it, if not for the skilled beholders and potters using all the colors of the wind placed onto canvas.

Sages in their land often appreciate poetry and the arts in its many forms.
On a peaceful night… On a fine night; The Sages engages in, but also listens to others, who articulate the heart’s PoeArtistry

PoeArtistry The Written Word

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PoeArtistry in the Sages Land

Poem and Art joys in PoeArtisry; poets and musician priceless jewels. A Product of Culture Creative Expression By James Lynch
PoeArtistry; Sage that is…

Enliven By Julijana Sarac In Love Commentary

Enliven By Julijana Sarac In Love Commentary
Sage PoeArtistry Commentary Topic:

“Enliven” Album By Pianist Julijana Sarac.

“In Love” Commentary By Perceptive Reader See Booknet.com

“I put a spell on you/Mr.Beethoven” from published album #Enliven
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The Dawn of Time Men Word of Mouth Version Example

The Dawn of Time Men ( Poetry Info Version Example) This is an excerpt of the Perceptive Readers Podcast discussing Freelance and Marketing Examples. This is the author’s original as an educational purpose gift to The Perceptive Readers Podcast Subscribers. It is my hope this will further stimulate your creativity in work and recreation. You can listen to the whole informative explanation on how to create a poetic info ad or word of mouth shoutout, just listen to “From The Dawn of Time Men” whole podcast here https://soundcloud.com/user-229583854/from-the-dawn-of-time-men

Ah Unlimited Potential Sage Poetic

As you visit the pocbooks.com website regularly, you are very much aware of the different videos being shared on the home and in the coffee lounge page.

Here is another Sage greeting, talked about in the podcast, if you will.
What if you could capitalize or maximize your unlimited potential in some of these areas of life? With many good things to enjoy and nature, My goodness! Continue to enjoy these streams of consciousness and music throughout the year!

GWPF 8 Fathers Poetry

Fathers Poetry. One subject that is a favorite for many! So guess what? This special poem is also in the Graduation with a Poetry Flare Book (GWPF)

GWPF 6 Part A What Friends do for one Another

From the Graduation With Poetry Flare Book.

You most likely remember this quote: How knowledge empowers when it’s what you need.

This story is most memorable for children starting to attend kindergarten. Teachers often have recess and reading times for the class. Do you remember sitting around the teacher looking like a rainbow in connection with the other students?


Sage Return Poetry Notes

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Premise the same, he has not changed, because he is not insane – Sage Return Poetry Notes

James Lynch

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Let Poetry Me (Word of Mouth Shout Outs)

Which is it? One or Team Fruits Reward
There is a time to say thank you and there is a time to share. When you plant a garden, eating and drinking the fruit of your labor is a God Given gift! What about when others like a core circle and in general team efforts are involved?


Laughing with others Poetic Thought

Greetings, This page is made in connection with the Social Sharing Thursday Thoughts you have enjoyed for the past 2 years in the 4th quarter of the year.

Laughing with others…

I believe and observed a sense of humor is good when you are able to laugh with the comedian or friend; there is a time and understanding for it. What may not be your time, may be for someone else to enjoy it; during such times we attend to our own affairs.

Yes, laughing not at a person, but with him. Sage Poetic

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