There is a Reason Recital Raven Poetry
There is a Reason Recital Raven Poetry

There is a Reason By Raven Poetry

It is my pleasure to introduce Raven Poetry! She has her own catalogue of writings that have never been published online; or anywhere else for that matter. She also does a pretty impressive job with drawing. So this a first find of exclusive talent featured here on and no where else.

As you can see, there are two versions of this digital poem. The printed out version in this post and a digital copy of the poetry. You can expect to read more of Raven’s poetry throughout the year right here! Did I say, only here already? (Smile)

If any publishers are interested in contacting her; feel free to send a request via email or @ me a line here on minds (My profile) and I assure you she will get your request for contact within twenty four hours. Raven will either contact you directly or through me for a formal conference call setup if necessary. Thank you for being here.

“There’s a reason”
Live for yourself
You are capable of beauty, fun and success.
Live for the love
You are capable of being cherished, cherishing, and (giving)
Live for the moments.
You are capable of using new technology, meeting new species, and acquiring knowledge of self.
Live for the life.
You are capable of emotion, negative and positive.
You are capable of survival.
You are capable of recovery.
You are capable of progress.
You are capable of being alive. – Raven Poetry

( This poem belongs to Raven’s Poetry Collection)

Have you heard the spoken word version of the above poem by Raven? Here is the link to her recital.