Dignity Quantum Source

Dignity Quantum Source
Collaboration: Raven Poetry and Sages Poetry Collection

The Internet will say it is the state or quality of being worthy of another’s respect

Mine and yours quality of life is of the highest form

I had always thoughts the two were the same.
What does it take to be worthy?
We may ask ourselves all the time what our worth is.
Are we valuable?

The changing of circumstances does not in truth change your value.

Ask yourself whose respect you’re looking for first of all. If yourself isn’t included then you’re not looking in the right place. It is your responsibility to hold yourself to a certain standard.

Yours and mine responsibility is to remember the source of our value

Time is precious and you should consider the impact you make in that.

Daily remind yourself:
I was born with dignity
And my circumstance, environment, nor people who don’t have the quantum awareness to see the source at this time changes this:

I am Valued
I am Loved
I am birth in Dignity

Have you ever read about Quantum Physics?

Note this one reference:
Can Quantum Physics Teach Us About God and Ourselves?
BY Eden Arielle Gordon PUBLISHED Feb 09, 2020

“Quantum physics (aka quantum mechanics or quantum theory) is one of the most complicated things you can study, but it’s also incredibly mind-blowing. Let’s focus on some of the basic tenets of quantum mechanics, and use those to explore the relationship among quantum science, human thought, and some of the deepest philosophies of Christianity and Buddhism. We’ll explore the fundamentals of quantum theory – and maybe we’ll find some hints about the nature of reality along the way.”

Read the whole article with a video here

Have a pleasant day in your countenance of dignity. – Product of Culture website


Poetry Where Do I Start Part 3

Poetry Where Do I Start Part 3 in the Pocbooks Update Moment. In this podcast we talk about collaborations between a Sage Poetry and Raven Poetry Tree.
These are thoughts to keep fresh in mind every single day. Have a wonderful, wonderful day. James Lynch


Dance Like Everyone is Watching

Raven Poetry Tree

Here is Raven Poetry for July 2020. Can you feel the happiness?

Special Audio Version Poem from Raven Poetry Tree. Be sure to check out her page at the Product of Culture website. Here it is:


There is a Reason Recital Raven Poetry

There is a Reason Recital By Raven Poetry.
It is my pleasure to introduce Raven Poetry! She has her own catalogue of writings that have never been published online; or anywhere else for that matter. She also does a pretty impressive job with drawing. So this a first find of exclusive talent featured here on and no where else.

As you can see, there are two versions of this digital poem. The printed out version in this post and a digital copy of the poetry. You can expect to read more of Raven’s poetry throughout the year right here! Did I say, only here already? (Smile)

If any publishers are interested in contacting her; feel free to send a request via email or @ me a line here on minds (My profile) and I assure you she will get your request for contact within twenty four hours. Raven will either contact you directly or through me for a formal conference call setup if necessary. Thank you for being here.

There is a Reason Recital By Raven Poetry.

As stated in the podcast, you can contact me first through these point of contacts. When we need to talk more with details, this can also be arranged.

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Gratitude for Twitter and Facebook Contacts

Hello Everyone, Twitter & Facebook Contacts, No one likes to be taken for granted wouldn’t you agree? And with that being said, know that I thank you for your support this past year. Whether you are one of my Twitter and Facebook contacts, and additional networks contacts; your interest is appreciated

This Article was repaired or refurbished on February 16, 2020. It was originally posted on December 30, 2011 Check the site for verification of online presence.

Twitter and Facebook Thank you

At first, I thought I would send this through Twitter to each of you but it is a little more than a 140 characters. A great shout out has to go to the Twitter and Facebook users’ United Kingdom crew, and you know who you are! Your expressions give me a perspective on your friendships, family, and idioms of the land. It has been a pleasure.

The photographers

Through your eyes and camera lenses you continue to make the saying come alive that a picture is worth a thousand words. Whether it is natural ability or through training you have acquired such skill, it is evident that your heart is involved too. Thank you for sharing some of your works with me.

The writers, authors, and freelancers

What can I say, there is a kindred spirit running through people such as you. In paying attention to details, you have shared information through your stories and articles that are sometimes overlooked, or not viewed as important. They may even be considered little things. However, you realize the importance of little things to tell a story. The artistically inclined recognizes a masterpiece starts with a brush stroke and often requires well-placed touch ups for details. Thank you for the interest and advice.

The men and women of youthful power

Youth is a time for enjoyment and at the same time finding out what truly is important for you to be successful in life. I value your thoughts, feedback, and opinions too. And one thing I have come to appreciate about young people is your ability and sincerity. Your expressions show you are thinkers; no one will take that away from you. You may agree, at times, that physically your body still matures faster than your emotional maturity. Something your parents well know. You keep these things in mind because you will be an adult soon enough. Then you may express at times it is not all it is cracked up to be with the added responsibilities. (Little humor there) All the same, I’ve appreciated reading your feedback and reports. I’ve considered it a privilege.

In closing, from the bottom of my heart, I wish globally all the best Twitter and Facebook contacts in your goals and in what truly matters.