Sunday Thought About Solomon

How wonderful was the quality of life for the people when Solomon was alive? Why was the land this way?

GWPF 3 Keynote Graduation Day

Men, throughout history, have appreciated the importance of reading and writing in communities. Welcome to (GWPF) Graduation With a Poetry Flare; You did not know just how intelligent you are on this day!

Poetry Lived

Poetry Community Experience

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Original Post January 16, 2020

Greetings Poetry Community,
When you attend a poetry slam function, or as it is also called, ‘the spoken word’, what are you there for in a way of entertainment? What are you looking for?

Poetry is one form of entertainment that even a lot of introverts find refreshing after an hour or two of a evening on the town. Poetry is soft, but it is also intense(vibrant); yet when the environment is set just right (cave or hole in the wall atmosphere) with the lighting and seating, oh what an experience.

Poets you better bring it! I Just felt I should share that thought. See Sage Innerarity

Poetry is a gifted way of speaking that imparts thoughts and pleasantries upon others.

Have you ever written a poem? Then why not try and write one today? Much success to you.

Poetry Community – Thank you for Caring and Sharing.


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When it comes to artists who have their video embed and sharing features turned on; this tells the public you hope for marketing purposes of your video links and are shared on Social Media and as an example; The unique and awesome Product of Culture website.

Thank you for allowing me to write wonderful features on the writers, performers, and artists here over the years.

Kind regards, James Lynch

Dignity Quantum Source

Dignity Quantum SourceCollaboration: Raven Poetry and Sages Poetry Collection
The Internet will say it is the state or quality of being worthy of another’s respect
Mine and yours quality of life is of the highest form
I had always thoughts the two were the same.What does it take to be worthy?We may ask ourselves all the time what our worth is.Are we valuable?
The changing of circumstances does not in truth change your value.
Ask yourself whose respect you’re looking for first of all. If yourself isn’t included then you’re not looking in the right place. It is your responsibility to hold yourself to a certain standard.
Yours and mine responsibility is to remember the source of our value
Time is precious and you should consider the impact you make in that.
Daily remind yourself:I was born with dignityAnd my circumstance, environment, nor people who don’t have the quantum awareness to see the source at this time changes this:
I am ValuedI am LovedI am birth in Dignity
Have you ever read about Quantum Physics?
Note this one reference:ScienceCan Quantum Physics Teach Us About God and Ourselves?BY Eden Arielle Gordon PUBLISHED Feb 09, 2020
“Quantum physics (aka quantum mechanics or quantum theory) is one of the most complicated things you can study, but it’s also incredibly mind-blowing. Let’s focus on some of the basic tenets of quantum mechanics, and use those to explore the relationship among quantum science, human thought, and some of the deepest philosophies of Christianity and Buddhism. We’ll explore the fundamentals of quantum theory – and maybe we’ll find some hints about the nature of reality along the way.”
Read the whole article with a video here
Have a pleasant day in your countenance of dignity. – Product of Culture website

Poetry Where Do I Start Part 3

Poetry Where Do I Start Part 3 in the Pocbooks Update Moment. In this podcast we talk about collaborations between a Sage Poetry and Raven Poetry Tree.
These are thoughts to keep fresh in mind every single day. Have a wonderful, wonderful day. James Lynch

Sages Instrument of Wealth

This Poetry is a whole hearted expression “Thank you” to the One whose unfathomable wisdom and showing what the motivation of Love is did more than talk and write to us; He gives the Perfect Gifts

Do You Get the Sense of this Sages Poetic Language?

Dance Like Everyone is Watching

Here is Raven Poetry for July 2020. Can you feel the happiness?

Special Audio Version Poem from Raven Poetry Tree. Be sure to check out her page at the Product of Culture website. Here it is:


Baristas Coffee Lounge Poetry

This is called the Baristas Coffee Lounge Poetry Here are the reasons you can keep informed as well.
Even though you will also see Baristas Coffee Lounge Poetry categorized as Sages Poetry; the poem can actually be personalized for your Baristas and Coffee Brand Business. Your company’s name will be placed front and center in the Welcome to [ Company name ]

Enjoy the Poem:

Welcome to this coffee lounge
You will find the best baristas and drinks in town

Are you here by yourself or desire a conversation with two or three
There is a cozy place by the fireplace where all the witty and chattering people be

Did you know in the evening from 7pm to 9pm or longer the weavers of poetry and song enthrall us thoughts profound

Happy hour you maybe wondering
Well be assured it is the same 7pm to 9pm and when the audience is feeling really good it may switch to 10 minutes longer

Happy is this place to be the coffee lounge where people of all experiences and Sages happen to be
Baristas Coffee Lounge Poetry
Baristas Coffee Lounge Poetry

You will note there are only 5 stanzas, but whatever special features you desire to have highlighted for your company, they can be weaved into this poem. Learn more about the selection of Baristas Coffee Lounge Poetry and videos by sending us an e-mail or go right coffee lounge commenting and contact section right here:

Best Wishes, J. Lynch Author and Podcaster

The Sages Wealth

The Sages Wealth A poem for the Perceptive Readers who appreciates how wisdom’s wealth of experience comes from several sources like listening, reading and applying your Insightful History. Yet what is the most wonderful source of all?

The Sages Wealth Poem Published Date June 27, 2020

Raven Poetry Tree Opening Thoughts and Poem 3

This is Poem 3 belonging to Raven Poetry Tree.
Raven has an exclusive contract with; Creative Expression Creation.
Big thank you to the following:
A thank you to all you listeners as well!
Welcome to Raven Poetry Tree a creative expression creation. More writings and videos are created each month for your heart and mind. A spoken word at the right time sets right alot of human souls; would you agree? You will find poetry and the linked locations of Raven’s poetry at the website.