GWPF 9 Sunflowers Will Blossom

GWPF 9 Sunflowers Will Blossom

Excerpts from my latest book and audio book project! Have you heard of Well you will.


Beautiful Sound Of Healing Part 2 Video

Rumble — Beautiful Sound of Healing POCBOOKS Update Moment
What is the sound of healing for you? Are you able to help others to appreciate it? Poetry has helped and still does help many of us to this day. Does the word introvert come to mind?

Greetings Poetry Community,
When you attend a poetry slam function, or as it is also called, ‘the spoken word’, what are you there for in a way of entertainment? What are you looking for?

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William Shakespeare and Meaningful Poetry Video

What did Poetry mean for Shakespeare? A writer’s soul often hopes to touch another’s life in a way that reveals we indeed are all connected by L.O.V.E. and not just DNA.

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Poetry Lived

A Fathers Love Poetry Video

The poem is also on podcast and will be in the new Graduation Day with a Poetry Flare Book.

Here are words to A father’s love:
His responsibilities are many.
His authority is meant to be exercised in wisdom at all times. Read the rest free in the GWPF book here

Here is A Father’s Love

PoeArtistry Concept and Shoutout

PoeArtistry equates to this Poetry and Art discussion with an authentic thought and a chuckle for this Product of Culture Creative Expression.

PoeArtistry in the Sages Land

Poem and Art joys in PoeArtisry; poets and musician priceless jewels. A Product of Culture Creative Expression By James Lynch
PoeArtistry; Sage that is…


Story Telling For Your Heart

Do You Enjoy Story Telling? What is a talent of a good story teller? How do they help us to remember? Let’s talk about it in this encouraging pocbooks update moment.


Following Graduation Day With Poetry Flare

Graduation Day With Poetry

Hey, have you been keeping up with the Graduation Day with Poetry Flare writings on

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Description of book “Graduation Day with Poetry Flare”

Narrator Open: This is a Happy and Special Day! It is once again my pleasure as well to share these writings with you that we hope will stay with you forever. And we do mean forever!
By the end of this book, it is the goal to keep the bright light of learning burning evermore brighter. If you allow yourself to be surprised by each new section, the appreciation on this special day will never leave you. Of course, you are saying, ‘I will never forget this day.’ Yes, we who have experienced joyfulness of such special days know exactly what you mean and is certainly in agreement. Hence, the outcome is for further edification that cradles what you are feeling right now. Read or listen along now on just how this profound statement of experience also has meaning for you.

The Perceptive Readers Podcast

Hope you will listen to a few of the Perceptive Readers Podcast and share if you like it.

William Shakespeare Meaningful Poetry

William Shakespeare, what did poetry mean for him? A writer’s soul often hopes to touch another’s life in a way that reveals we indeed are all connected by L.O.V.E. and not just DNA.
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Job Spiritual Warfare Part Two

Perceptive Readers, this is the conclusion to the on spiritual warfare and are you involved? I greatly encourage you to check out part one of this discussion. Hope you have a pleasant to a wonderful day.

You May want to know where part 1 is located: