GWPF 11 You Attending School and Mom

When You first heard about attending School from Mom. Enjoy this GWPF 11 excerpt from Graduation With A Poetry Flare Book.

GWPF 10 Mind Active

We are still writing the Graduation With Poetry Flare Book! Here is neat poem with history behind the meaning. Enjoy yourself. Bon Voyage!


Journal Childs Vision in Star Trek Video

There are many recreation aspects to the matters that stimulate our hearts and minds in this earthly plane. In this video we discuss StarTrek and commentaries about it. You can rumble and share it here

Sharing A History Spiritual Topic

Sharing a History Spiritual Topic Free.
In this Perceptive Readers, The Matrix is talked about and you will most likely see the connection to the spiritual matters. Keep in mind one key scripture talked about as well. You will be glad you know these fact.

Story Time in Golden Form

Time In Golden Form. A Story with something for your to know, and something to think about.


A Peace Officer Surprised Humor

Rumble — A Peace Officer Surprised Humor. Welcome to this Pocbooks Update Moment People in every profession have personalities that will crack you up at times. We just have to give people a chance.


GWPF 4 The Beginning of Knowledge Video

Rumble — Graduation With a Poetry Flare The Beginning of Knowledge
We start this chapter on the following thoughts
I. The Start of Knowledge
II. The Goal
III. Graduation Day Building Bridges

Commentary Shout Outs Needed

Just how important are commentaries and shout-outs today? Have you benefited from them?


GWPF 3 Keynote Graduation Day Video

Men, throughout history, have appreciated the importance of reading and writing in communities: GWPF 3 Keynote Graduation Day Video


GWPF 2 Poetry with a Special Journey Video

Rumble — Graduation with a Poetry Flare. Poetry for a special a Journey You waited close to 2 decades for its completion. The GWPF will keep the memory of it for generations.