The Sage by J Lynch

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Product of Culture Articles Creation – History Excerpt

Over the years, professionals have thrived by using platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter and more platforms like these are being created as we speak.

If you have any tips on how to be a great Social Media Manager, please by all means share the experience with others!

Perceptive Readers App and Sharing Discussion

We now have The POCBOOKS.COM App. We also discuss the gratitude of sharing and how it helps professionals and brands small and large! Check out the paraphrased quote shared in this special FYI of Perceptive Readers. Do you feel the same way of this one CEO (entrepreneur)?

Art and Music Journey Perceptive Readers 4u

In this Perceptive Readers 4u episode we discuss the following

Social Media Sharing Thursday Pick


Art and Music Journey in The Mind

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Helping Others and Elevated Thoughts

Perceptive Readers 4t  Helping Others and Elevated Thoughts

The first part opening comments on Social Work, Technical problems, and universal facts and principle

The Good Book references

An earthly story (with modest flare)

Seeing the Real Perceptive Readers 4s

Seeing The Real From The Confusing

When there is difficulty with understanding the spirit of what is being said or shown someone, keep the following discussion in mind.

Welcome Students in November 2019

Welcome Students in November 2019.
Greetings high schoolers and the adult teachers as well. This month some will put on the weight their bodies burned off as fuel all summer long.
This may be family and friends time for many of you. Sleepy time you say?
Well, Daylight saving time in the North America continent ends on November 3, 2019. What does this mean?

Follow these instructions for your clock:
At 2am go to your time piece or clock
Turn the dial or watch hands back to 1 am.

You most likely will not have to do anything for your phone devices. They should update automatically.

Also, you don’t really have to stay or get up at 2am to do this. What makes me chuckle is that quite a number of you teenagers will be up anyway.

Just be aware you will gain an hour of sleep. Do you have to wake up early on Sunday, November 3, 2019? Then you may go to bed an hour later or just enjoy an extra hour of sleep.

One more thought. How are your grades doing? I truly hope you are being successful with the majority of your exams. Who knows, maybe all your grades are 100! Kudos to you. It means you are seriously working on your foundation — a foundation for the future.
It is a wonderful thing to have our minds get the basic fundamentals down so we can solve many equations given enough time.
In closing out this welcome students in November letter, here at the Product of Culture website, we wish you a safe and fun month. Thanks for visiting me here and sharing what you like.

Kind regards,

Mind Heart A Sages Poetry

We are two and yet ONE
Do you see it?
Do you believe it?

You just scratched the surface

With the questions like shovels is when the progress begins

How deep will you go
One to one pontificating is more than a show

I will remember what you need and often keep for a long while what you don’t

The active state is vibrant while imagining, creating and solving

The heart is my very best friend we are mates producing good things everyday to which there is no end

We are two and yet ONE
Do you see it?
Do you believe it?

When I peer out into the universe what do I really see?
I must comprehend the reflection peering back at me

Keep digging with your questions and you find,
My archive capacity is infinitely larger than my size

My productions are unmatched by any other creation upon this wonderful earth.

The heart leaps with excitement by playing with the animals and enjoying the fruits.

We are two and yet ONE
Do you see it?
Do you believe it?

Do you still ponder what I’m capable of; and the powers of imagination invested in me

Then today by taking a journey of the mind it will commence for thee

Pick up a paperback book from a library even that will build up your soul which involves the mind and heart

Ask Who What When Where and Why
Then meditate on the answers and observe how I am elevated beyond the sky

This is just the beginning for the journey of the mind will not end
Not as long as authentic heart stays my best friend

We are two and yet ONE
Do you see it?
Do you believe it?

Author James Lynch Jr.

The Perceptive Readers

The above poem is also featured on the Perceptive Readers podcast! Here is the episode and link.

A Sages Poetry

Published the Autumn of October

A Sage’s Poetry – Perceptive Readers 4q

Mind Heart

She Picked Him

Quick Facts: Over the years, this writer’s experience dealt in the relating  of facts in real life scenarios and technology. When I placed the  Product of Culture Brand aka online back in 2010, it  fulfilled my desire to  create and share “When you read something that motivates or enhances your life for the better, it becomes your reality.” Which allowed me to share the fun stories to the public that required you to think all the same.  Have you read the Life and Times of Baby Lucas?

Perceptive Readers 4p High School 2020 Tips

Welcome to this Perceptive Readers High School 2020 Tips From Proofreading Tips to Honesty is the Best Policy. Students and maybe teachers will appreciate this episode!

High School 2020 Tips

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Excerpt from the archives: As a serious blogger, you find yourself absorbing a large amount of data whose primary application would be practical or technical in nature for your readers. Think about it; explaining how to use some new phone app is technical. Therefore, even though your core group of readers want to see your personality and style in the blog post, you still have to stay objective with the topic. And for the most part, there is a structured way of relating the subject for the benefit of your readers.

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Chrissy Costanza Can Sing and Writing

Greetings readers and welcome to Chrissy Costanza singing and writing. No, she is not writing here, please don’t be sad.
This article is to let you know where you can find the best places for her singing in the ATC band; also a discussion about her writing along with a healthy discussion about intellectual property. CHECK OUT Rocksound

A Product of Culture Chrissy Costanza

One of the creations this website engages in happens to be in organizing profiles; which also translates into portfolios and resumes. It depends on just how much information a person professionally and publicly desires to make known. This is a part of marketing and branding. What is it about this person that catches your attention? Is it their artistry, singing, looks, gardening, or technical skills? We encounter professionals all the time who have one or more of these skills and can square – dance on top of it. The next section is to create a brief portfolio on Chrissy Costanza as an idea of what you bloggers may want to do for persons who guest blog on your website.

Chrissy Costanza A Brilliance Outlook on ATC

“Part of my writing process is getting frustrated with myself and yelling at myself at least 6 times until I finally have a break through. It’s not healthy but it’s art.” – Chrissy Costanza

Against the Current – The Fuss

IMPORTANT. This the above Section involved a neat Chrissy Costanza presentation of skills that as I go into my writing season I hope to share with you readers once again when finished. Meanwhile, check out ATC website and Merc page.

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It protects the artist You have authors, musicians, photographers, inventors, etc. All such ones have delved into the creative centers of the mind to produce something that was not there before for the benefit of the people. In this world of the Internet, you will find many people are willing to allow you to reference or use their product; including intellectual property if you provide the proper attribution. It is a clear statement that this work belongs to the author, organization, photographer, etc.
For your notes, I am leaving references on intellectual property rights.

  1. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  2. What is Intellectual Property?
  3. Intellectual Property Service?
  4. What Is Intellectual Property?

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Kina Grannis Birds Shinning

Hi Perceptive Readers and music lovers; I hope this Kina Grannis Birds Shinning article will find you well or even super today! If you are not feeling as bright as you would like, then it is my wish to share with you something to lift your spirits.

Get Kina Grannis’ New album here

What a title huh? I first thought of two other titles before the one you clicked on to arrive here.
Kina Grannis 360
Kina Grannis Birds Singing

Then eureka! Kina Grannis Birds Shinning.
Kina seems to always be looking up to these delicate and strong creatures. Flying free in the air. Did you see the Songbird BTS video she made. Well, if not, here is one of the reasons for the post. It is to share Kina Grannis special Behind the Songs videos.

Behind The Songs Playlist

Before all the annual archiving, remember there are hundreds of more articles that are no longer on I used to write quite a bit on Kina Grannis’ career. In some ways, I looked at myself as a number 1 journalist (writer; as I continued to hone my skills) for this lady’s sweet bird song voice & musical interlude.

In addition, as you have heard me state this before:

“Over the years, this writer’s experience dealt in the relating of facts in real life scenarios and technology. When I placed the Product of Culture Brand aka online back in 2010, it fulfilled my desire to share “Fictional Books of Another Kind.” Which allowed me to share the fun stories to the public that required you to think all the same.

In addition to the above, there are musicians mutually followed on social media at one time or another; in the process, I wrote articles and events about their music. It not only honed my skills as a writer but also as a podcaster. Still, the top reason is because I appreciate their God given talents. You will appreciate why Kina Grannis’ singing voice is appreciated by large audiences.”

Yes, this last decade has provided so much to my writing experience.
This, is my big thank you to Kina Grannis. I TOTALLY wish her all the best and warm regards; James (Author, Writer, and Owner of