Penne Cole Social Sharing Thursday

Penne Cole loves good food at good deal prices ranges. Many of us have enjoyed her professional writing and traveling over the years. Since becoming a mother, Penne now shares a few adventures or stories about a family life filled with gratitude at:

The Perceptive Readers have referenced Penne’s website more than once on an annual basis. You may want to save it in your favorites or subscriptions.

If your interest peaks you to know about Penne’s professional side of things, check out the about page at her website

Penne Photography

In closing, I want to make you aware that Penne has an eye for photography as well as food. Here is the photo of a peaceful lake that is one of my favorites. In many ways to represents what the Product of Culture website is to me and quite a few others. Thank you so much Penne Cole, I and others truly value you forever.

Park Lake By Penne Cole

Purpose of Social Media Sharing Thursday! POSTED OCT 7 2020

Do you remember these names and posts from last year?

Well, instead of Social Media Sharing happening in November this year, how about looking forward to starting today; on this Thursday?

I will post a video and Instagram link of a poet, artist, professional, graduating students, and yes, a paragraph or two why this video or instagram caught my attention.

Really, as you Perceptive Readers know, often we both notice the same interesting points and thoughts; even though we express it in different ways at times.

The Choices of Joy
These Social Sharing Thursdays were a highlight for many in the year of 2019. It ran for two months. Did Thursdays not cause your day to experience a deep thought, if not outright joy?

What a better reason to run it for 4 months starting here and now in September of 2020


Penne Cole Food and Travel Suggestions

Penne Cole Food and 4 more Travel Suggestions

The professional services Penne Cole provide continue to help companies maintain and enhance quality services they in return provide for guest/customers. Yes, managers and executives are happy to acquire Penne Cole’s management consultant experience.

Food and traveling that make the eyes shine and the stomach happy!

With the above vital thoughts well in mind, let us also mention something else Penne Cole enjoys sharing with others on her blogging profile (Penne 4 Your Thoughts) website.
What is it? Something most of us enjoy is food; and maybe a yearly traveling trip. Let’s place impetus on the menu aspects of Penne’s travels with a smile on our tummy.

Here are four more scenic food and travel review suggestions from Penne Cole’s fabulous blog.

First location – Fleminton ‘Happy Snack Cafe House’

Penne Cole: “It’s not quite lunch time yet, so the place is nearly empty and my stomach isn’t quite ready for a heavy lunch. So I go for the beef brisket with toasted bread. The bread is light and crusty and soaks up the slightly sweet brisket gravy perfectly. The brisket itself is fall apart tender and full of flavour. And for $6, this is cheap eats indeed.” – READ MORE 

Second Get Away – Noosa, QLD

Penne: “Noosa is a beautiful beach town, half an hour’s drive north of the Maroochydore airport. It’s blessed with miles and miles of beautiful sandy beaches, and is incredibly packed during the summer months.” READ MORE

Third Adventure – Fairview Wine FarmPenne: “With limited time – and drinking capacity! – we had to prioritise the vineyards we visited, but when I read about the goats, Fairview Wine Farm immediately made the list.” READ MORE

And Four Food and Travel – 50 of the best Sydney cheap eats
Penne Cole loves good food at good deal prices ranges. See the map of some her 50 best cheap eat places to dine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Read More