Paisley Park Happy Wednesday Throughout Your Day

Paisley Park Happy Throughout Your Day

This article was originally posted October 23, 2019

Dear Perceptive Readers I wish you Happy Wednesday! It sometimes cracks me up to think about the way some people really get into saying it. You wonder just how many cups of coffee they ingested that morning; or took a shower in it!

During the autumn season, I shared some music and documentary videos about Prince Rogers Nelson (June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016). You can find a lot more interviews and how people feel about this talented musician who is no longer with us by visiting his official website and instagram accounts.
Prince’s Home

Paisley Park was the home and production studio for Prince. I just love how people knew it was Prince’s private sanctuary. It felt the same way for the ones who were able to visit there. There is an expression that can be applied in this home setting; “Paisley Park has Prince’s personality all over it” It means that if you have been enthralled with Prince’s music and style over the decades, then his private sanctuary will be no exception when you go to visit it.

What did you just say? Prince, Sanctuary, Home, Visit, What?!

Ah, yes, read on perceptive and music loving ones.
Paisley Park Tours and Tickets

I’m pleased to share with you on this Happy Wednesday there is a Paisley Park Experience! You can also get tickets for tours! The tours in 2019 are continuing throughout to November 30, 2019. Listed are choices for the experience.

The Paisley Park Experience

The VIP Experience
The Ultimate Experience
Paisley Park After Dark
The Beautiful Ones, Official Release Party November 1, 2019 is SOLD OUT
Prince’s Reflection

There is a lot of music Prince wrote that would take a long time to come for one’s who adore Prince’s compositions from the vault that he spent days at a time adding to it. A tune here, a beat there, and a masterpiece for the present.

Enjoy “Reflection”

It was in 2004, Prince expressed (blended) his love for Manuela Testolini, within such a masterpiece from memories of his mother and youth.

This tender hearted man chose Wendy Melvoin ( Revolution 1979 – 1986 Band member) to perform with him on the Tavis Smiley Show.

With that said, I will wish you Perceptive Readers a Paisley Park Happy Wednesday!