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Madilyn Bailey Acquired Wisdom Reveals Love

Madilyn Bailey Acquired Wisdom Speaks Love
Madilyn Bailey Acquired Wisdom Speaks Love Part 1. Introducing Madilyn Bailey's beautiful voice in The Chainsmokers - Closer ft. Halsey.   Part 2. Madilyn Bailey once said on Social Media that she always try to spread love and positivity in the world. I paraphrased her statement because at the time I did not think to save her words. Still, this is what happened all the same with ...
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Love Runs Out Brief Commentary

Love Runs Out
This post is not only to share an ear and eye-catching music video called Love Runs Out, but it is also to share a brief thought on love and a song like this one. Like in the video Love Runs Out, originally by OneRepublic, that is being performed by Grace Lee and Daniel Jang, You hear the main unforgettable hook, " Til the love runs out." At times you hear me say, 'I tip my hat to you.' It means...
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A father’s love – Poetry in Text

A father’s love
A father’s love His responsibilities are many. His authority is meant to be exercised in wisdom at all times. Though he is a provider he will not choose monetary gain at the sacrifice of his children’s salvation. Where are these men? Where are these fathers? He has unseen strength and yet gentle His teenage sons and daughters still thinks he knows everything and yet the father...
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Caring for a Better World

Caring for a Better World. You read all the time. This may be coupled with watching or listening to the local and worldwide community news in some cases; you wonder what others think of it? How is the emotional state of mind being affected by the news? Will it motivate or desensitize? Inasmuch, will the next reader say, “This is an article whose time has come?” For T.K. Coleman’s “Looking Like ...
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What it feels like to love through 1,031 miles

What it feels like to love through 1,031 miles:   Someone once asked me how I would describe love. I suppose thousands of things could have ran through my head. But mostly, for us, it merely was hands waving from dirty train windows, white smoke billowing around familiar faces, then eventually masking the last possible view. That about sums love up for me and you. Waiting, leaving...
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A Mother’s Love Unforgotten

For 9 months your womb nurtured and protected me. When I was fully formed you birthed me. The process was not pleasurable but you still smiled when you saw me. The way you bandaged up my scrapes and bruises was complete. Your gentle kiss on the sores made the pain go away. Father felt this way about you: Strength and splendor are her clothing, and she laughs at a future day.  Her mouth she ha...
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Taking Medicine From Someone Who Cares for You

The child ran away to avoid taking the medicine! The babysitter could not catch little Lian as the child ran all over the house. Lian had a fever of 100 degrees. But did this matter? When mom finally made it back home from running her important errands there was the medicine bottle with the spoon sitting beside it on the table. The babysitter was thoroughly drained and out of breath from chasin...
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