Appreciating Love Moving Mountains

Here we are Appreciating Love Moving Mountains… or are we? This journal entry is to reveal a conversation of a person who came to my social media page initiated. Such a conversation has been revisited by me time and time over the years.
From hours and hours of discussion; or you may call it a debate; either way, these still are my thoughts bound up in my heart and spirit. – I have not changed, will not change, and have no wish to change. You can decide for yourselves (introspective) why this writer feels the way he does about the matter.

Have a nice Sunday and start to your week. – Best regards

Appreciating Love Moving Mountains


See the posts Friendship statements in the image that started the conversation

Social Media Inquirer/User: If you have affinity for a personality like that, you have a real problem.

James: Explain what or who you are talking about please

Social Media Inquirer/User: Why in hell would you stay connected to someone abusing you?

James: Who? Are you talking in general. Or about someone you or I know. It makes a difference in my response

Social Media Inquirer/User: Response to above statement in general.

James: Well; some people have no choice. That is the reality in today’s world. Especially when these persons use bullying gang stalking tactics when they try to get away.

Hence, if they could walk away from the abuse, a tenderhearted shrewd person most likely would.

Now in other situations a tenderhearted person’s mind may adjust to a view that their abuser still needs special help; help they have been trained to give, so they patiently (with healthy boundaries and self-care) do their best to give the needed care.

Of course, as I always say, the choice is between the innocent person being abused and the Heavenly Father.

You just keep supporting them by having a kind word to say. More could be shared of course on the subject. Just talk to a social worker. They deal with these matters all the time

Social Media Inquirer/User: A practitioner must be professional and effective not personally involved. Sympathy never helped anyone. Be effective and not dragged into the mud.

James: Interesting concept. But Love moves mountains more than someone who is desensitized to your or their pain. Especially for the tenderhearted ones. You may use the term creatives, and indigos. “Different strokes for all sorts of folks” is a fact. For far too long such ones have been seriously hurt/destroyed not because of being dumb or having a lack of faith, but due to the insensitivity of others who just made the situation worse, because they just can’t “mind their own business.” There is a reason the Grand Creator inspired his prophets to say “mind your own business” more than once. – regards

Diana Ross “Ain’t No Mountain”

Social Media Sharing Thursday Pick – Joel Clemons

Social Media Sharing Thursday Pick

Dear Perceptive Readers, welcome to Social Media Sharing Pick Thursday.

We need to be frank high-schoolers.
Did you just say, “I only need to be me, and who is Frank anyway?”

You know what, we are going to have you open for Sinbad, you keep that up.

Now where were the rest of us?
Ah, being frank about social media.

This is going to be short and sweet.
Social Media has always been designed for sharing — so share.

When the articles and events have a hyperlink with a featured image; that is supposed to be shared as well. What company, musician, singers, doctors, entrepreneurs, and models do not want to see their brand shared? Let’s place impetus on for years since the beginning, this is what technology and Social Media Sharing has been all about sharing and still is with online chats from time to time! It is used for customer service as well! What a great use of technology!

Yes untold numbers use it as designed above.

If you like (appreciate) it, then share it.
If the image appears with the link you share, then this all a part of the article title and link presentation.

If a company does not want you to share their images that automatically appears with the link, then on their websites they can turn such hot linking settings off. IMHO with a picture saying a thousand words, you will lose marketing value by doing that though.

Meanwhile, welcome to Social Media Sharing Thursday Pick. Place this in your notification calendars! This feature will run through November and December!

Instagram Sharing Joel Clemons

One of the biggest problems in relationships that will create unhappiness is the feeling of entitlement and ownership. A healthy relationship is based on cooperation, commitment, trust, equality and fairness; it’s about choosing each other as partners and being in service to the other, not demanding service.

Read the rest in Joel Clemons Instagram Social Media Post.
Joel Clemons Instagram- Featured in Social Media Sharing Thursdays

Coffee and Fun Conversation

Coffee and fun conversation what more could you ask for? Ah, to talk with your friend over a great cup of coffee. Please, let me not leave out the cocoa drinkers. It sometimes cause me to laugh inside, and outside, when coffee is mentioned here at the website, it places the desire in some of us to get a cup of coffee even though we are really cocoa drinkers and should probably stick to that; ha ha.

It is during the winter season people seem to enjoy coffee and cocoa the most. You most likely whole heartily agree with that statement. We can just smell the aroma now. “What is in that pot and kettle?”

Hey, during your last conversation with that friend 100; did he or she share any good tips? Or did they share baby pictures of their child with you? Did you find their cat or dog dressed in baby clothes funny but knew to just say “aw isn’t that cute”

Yes, the many things we talk about and see over a cup of coffee or hot cocoa.

Do you look forward to seeing a relative over these next 30 to 60 days you love more than even your dog or cat? Some of you had to pause for a moment; chuckle.

You love your relatives; yet they just haven’t seen what you and, say dog or cat name, been though together this past year!
Oh, don’t get you started because even your trusted companion will start telling barking or meowing their side of the story as well without the coffee or hot cocoa!

Whatever adventures you are planning on enjoying this winter season, be sure to have fun and practice safety. Chuckle, you really can do both you know.

Until next time, keep doing the best you can, and warm regards with a cup of coffee or cocoa in hand during this season.

Coffee and Fun Conversation at the Product of Culture website.

This may be a Coffee and Fun neat conversation on music

How about mentioning this to a friend who loves music

Jasmine Thompson Hashtag and Social Media Share! Hi, I have been a professional in the areas of blue and white collar occupations.

From warehouse, to writing and technology, my work and cultural experience is diverse.

Speaking of diverse, my taste in music includes genres that make you want to get up and dance; and when you want to chill, sooth your soul as well.

Therefore the reason for the Jasmine Thompson Group here on
Minds has music lovers from all over the world, but I very rarely see the hash tag or post used for #jasminethompson #JasmineThompsonFanpage #JasmineThompsonColour for Jasmine Thompson
However there are postings here for her!

This is a marvelous way to make you aware of the talented Jasmine Thompson I have followed for years.
I have also shared articles and music solely for Jasmine Thompson right here.

This is an open group. IMPORTANT NOTE: A) All postings must be connected to the subject by name.
B) Commentary is accepted; however, unprofessional slanderous accusations/statements will not be accepted here. (This is not censor it is topical) Keep to the music, events, and link postings from their website and social media.
**** Be aware the official fanclub for Jasmine Thompson **** Stefan’s ( Manager) moderator spot for this hashtag group is always open if he ever decides to come to

Helping Others and Elevated Thoughts

Perceptive Readers 4t  Helping Others and Elevated Thoughts

The first part opening comments on Social Work, Technical problems, and universal facts and principle

The Good Book references

An earthly story (with modest flare)

A Sages Poetry Perceptive Readers Podcast

A Sages Poetry Perceptive Readers 4q

Mind Heart

She Picked Him

Also A Sages Poetry Perceptive Readers 4q Featured Poetry Writer Natalia Ciemniak

When I was younger
Posted on February 14, 2016
I remember
Those days
When I was just
A kid
I wanted everything
But what I desired most
Was to grow faster
To be, a bit older
And become an adult.
From my point of view
Everything was so simple
I told my father
One day
I’m gonna make you
And now as I think about it
It’s not that easy to do.
I am seating here
On a wooden bench
On the beach
Watching the waves
Playing with
Grains of sand
And all I wish for
Is to be
Kid again
Just like that
The problems and concerns
Were much smaller
So pathetic
While now
They’re big enough
To change my


Perceptive Readers Sharing is Caring

Marketing and sharing goes hand in hand. There are certainly a lot of free products, demos, and trial versions we can avail ourselves of every day.

Which has proven to be very helpful! Do you agree?

So here is something I’m wondering about from your point of view:

When a chef or baker gives the public his cakes and pies for many, many days for free, when would you be moved to say, with a huge smile, “Hey, I just love the desserts and pastries you make. How much would your best cake cost again?”

If you would like to respond to this question feel free to send your answers through the contact form. You can also elaborate on the answer if you like.

Thank you so much Perceptive Readers


A COLOUR of Jasmine Thompson

Jasmine Thompson’s ‘Colour’ EP — Review & Commentary

Have you read the Exclusive | Billboard Jasmine Thompson’s Colour EP.

Have you listened to the Colour album? What about the music videos accompanying this album? Here on the Product of Culture website we will talk about all of it. First, I want to mention a Billboard Exclusive for you.

The Colour EP came out on April 5, 2019.

Billboard mentions all the instruments that makes this such a wonderful album! And it makes supporters of Jasmine feel proud of her writing skills in collaboration with the producer Eg White.

Adele and Sam Smith are additional notable names where he used his talents in album production.

Billboard gives us this bit of news about the song “Loyal,” How it is so heartfelt.
In this song we hear horns, percussion, and piano instruments.

As I have stated in the onset, and before in conversation, use of such instruments on the Colour EP gives a 1920s sound to it. I originally stated it sounds like the mid 1900s to present day.

In the next section I will talk on the subject of what this album will mean for some readers here including myself. This means I will be including statements from Billboard’s exclusive with Jasmine Thompson. What these songs mean for her as a singer and songwriter.

It will be made clear when I quote her interview and when I am in my assessment or commentary mode.

It is my hope you will enjoy the full production music and lyrics videos placed in this article. At the conclusion of this reading, you will also have links to Jasmine’s channels like Spotify, Official website, and stores.

There is also the professional manager of the Official Jasmine Thompson Fan Site. His name is Stefan. The links to all these social accounts will be in a well put together section near the end of this article.

Thank you for visiting and sharing the Product of Culture website with your friends and family! Shall we begin with The COLOUR of Jasmine Thompson Commentary?

The JASMAG 2.0

You can take a moment or more to read through the headings of this 2019 year’s JASMAG


“Loyal” — The COLOUR of Jasmine Thompson

Billboard Exclusive | Jasmine states:
Loyal was written in two parts. I was in a relationship that was great, so I decided to write a couple of verses about our story. Eg came up with the first round of chords and I said to him, “It would be incredible if we could get a sort of brassy sound for the song.” Eg, being Eg, pulled out a saxophone that I had never seen, and began to play the main line and put it through a vocoder…After 6 months, we got back in to finish the song. I had gotten out of the relationship and thought that we should add more to the end. Eg had added this beautiful piano breakdown to the song and I was so excited. I think it really reflected the change in perspective about my relationship. This song definitely opened doors for how we approached the production of the rest of the EP.

Perceptive Readers & Music Lovers Thoughts

People love people and people love animals. These are the sentient or conscious living creatures that need each other’s loyalty. Without it, where would we be? You see, being loyal causes us to stick with another through hard times even when they are:

Treating me like dirt!”

Have you ever heard some one say that about another person?

Then maybe you were the one who replied,

“Loyal like a dog.”

Present and past owners have experienced on days they were not feeling their best and could not walk their family pet, he/she would bring you the leash/collar and give a light bark to remind you it was time for that one mile walk or jog.

When you stayed in the bed your faithful companion licked you to see if that would work. Now, for some of your animal family connections, tell the rest of us if you experienced this:
“Angel, I’m really not feeling well today,” or “I’m sick.” The response to your feeling ill, a “Woof, with a whine”

Then, if you allowed it, your faithful companion jumped up on the bed to protect and comfort you all day. The missed walk forgotten and forgiveness granted all in less than one billionth of a second; if not that long.

Your inability to fulfill your responsibility to your family pet, did not stop he or she from fulfilling their loving role to you.

Jasmine Thompson is a sensitive soul. Just take a look at her real life thoughts on matters. In the song “loyal,” you know for sure that even though her relationship took the turn for the worst she would honor the “light” or all that was special about it. Indeed, precious about it.

In times past, this one writer, who sometimes talked with people having marital difficulties would say to each joined couple:

“What is it that made you fall in love with this person in the first place?” Sometimes it took more than a few minutes to receive the answer from both. But after some tears, well the ladies would cry, and the men just had dust in their eyes. Even though, we were in a class 1 clean area environment living room. Somehow the atom size particle in the room found its way into the men eyes.
After heartfelt reflection by the both, it served as a motivator for them to honor that period of light where they were “head over heels” for one another as a cultural idiom goes. Yes, “bent over backwards” to take care of one another with understanding.

“Loyal” Official Music Video


“More” — The COLOUR of Jasmine Thompson

Before the EP went to mix, we were a little bit unsure of how to finish this song and resolve it properly. When I was 16, I wrote a song that had a very similar concept, but I never did anything with it. It was just hidden in my voice memos for two to three years. I’ve always wanted to have a secret track, where you have to wait a while after the end of a song and then a whole new little song appears. We dropped the voice note at the end of the song and I crossed it off my bucket list.

Perceptive Readers & Music Lovers Thoughts

“More” is a song that sings about a range of adult feelings. Jasmine is at that age between 18 and 21 when they are doing more than thinking about the romance of life as a fairy tale, but how it requires hard work at times to learn the give and take of it all. How willing are each of us to approach a special personality in our life with all humility and say what is needed to help that person with whatever it is they sincerely need in life?
In this age we live in, often people have to talk so much about being tough in this “cruel world” that we lose a sensitivity to others needs and the humility to even give it.

How do you Perceptive Readers feel about this?
As teenagers grow up, there is still an importance to maintain a childlike attitude; not naivety, but maintain the humility to ask and be willing to do what will help your significant other. This helps in all relationships, but especially when two people already have quite a bit in common.
How much More will you give for what is needed?

Jasmine Thompson — more [Official Lyrics]


Here is the Live Band singing “More” in video number 2


“Some People” — The COLOUR of Jasmine Thompson

This song took us a really long time to finish production. It started off as a very chilled song, which is based on trying to make sure a friend knows that they are loved. Eg and I didn’t feel like we could nail the production on our own, so we started to look at bringing another producer in. [U.K. producers] MEZZ really helped us see the song in a different light.

Perceptive Readers & Music Lovers Thoughts

Just like what you have read in the ‘More’ section, Jasmine talks about trying to make sure a friend knows they are loved.

I love this song, I more than identify with what Jasmine shows us in this moving music video production of this song. Yes, it is making a powerful statement; yet with Jasmine’s voice, you hear a yearning and sincere desire to help.

Something to keep in mind when someone you meet has been betrayed; saying and trying to force them to trust you just because you smile or are now running in the same circle together is not going to cut it for everyone. It depends on how often they’ve been betrayed in life and the scar extent of the damage. A lot of people in positions of trust know this to be true. Positions of trust, meaning professional caregivers, in fields from the medical to the spiritual responsibilities.

It does not mean you have to be a professional in a position of trust to know or learn this as a friend. It means you do have a reference point of experience to call upon if it does not come naturally to you.

Jasmine said MEZZ really helped them to see the “Some People” song in a different light, and we certainly appreciate the insight MEZZ brought to the table. From group gatherings, to intimate conversations, that you and your friend both need. There is a time for everything. A time to be sociable in large crowds and a time for private conversation.
For the friend that has more of a quiet or introverted personality, he or she will often gain so much more a happy feeling of value from one true friend, then a hundred acquaintances. This too, sage (experienced) like persons in positions of trust know and understand this to be the case as well. Inasmuch, make application in the manner with a cause no further harm desire.
Remember there is a time for everything. As you find the balance, more than one friend will find your presence a blessing, as the cultural expressions goes which is based in principle.

“Some People” Official Video


“Take Care” — The COLOUR of Jasmine Thompson

Normally, verse melodies start lower, so you don’t give away the lift of the chorus. But on this day, I really wanted to try something new and use my falsetto more. The original demo was a lot higher, so it all sounded very petite and floaty. This song was very close to not being on the EP…We finished this song on the night before going to mix. It was so nerve wracking, I have never been so excited and stressed at the same time while trying to finish this song before the deadline. It felt so good, going home at 2:00 a.m. after spending the whole day trying to solve the puzzle.

Perceptive Readers & Music Lovers Thoughts

I found it interesting that “Take Care” almost did not make it on the EP. Do you hear the anguish is Jasmine’s voice singing this song? Let me tell you, with one more cultural expression, “We need to wrap that up” tone and singing style “and sell it in a bottle” so everyone can sing like that. You can be sure I am chuckling while saying this to others.
I one time, oh I mean my friend, tried to hit a note like Jasmine, and let me tell you, even the lions at the zoo ran into their cages.

The song, Take Care, shows the depth of a woman’s love. Make no mistake about it, over the years, you heard stated here about the marvelous ways we are created. Women have been bestowed with talents and insights that deepen the more they love you. Not that men don’t possess these qualities, because they most certainly do. However, from an early age you will see the female gender have or develop these sensitive and loyal qualities at a faster pace.

It is the nurturing mindset. This is why when you hear Jasmine sing:

Take care please remember There’s an always open door Come back to me Come back to me Take care go and be that That stupid man I know Give your love away Then come back for me

A lot of men, have heard similar sentiments. That is; the mental challenge part Jasmine is referencing.
Yes, some men find out the first year of marriage what a mental challenge it is by their mature wife! Though I am making light-hearted statements about the first year of couples, there are hurtful situations that happen in some relationships where the anguish that Jasmine is able to place in this song is heard from either one or both mates.

Here is the point. A lot of women inner desire is to still reconcile if the man’s desire is there as well. Yet, as one family member may say, “But you better straighten up and fly right.”

Take care (Official Live video)


“Amen” — The COLOUR of Jasmine Thompson

This song is probably two years old, or more. We wrote this song with so much passion and it was a very emotional day. [The] original demo was a lot more aggressive and it kind of blew your ears off, so when we had the week to finish of production, we tried to see how else we could decorate the song. It had always been a very negative and melancholic song, but that week, something new had clicked into place. I could suddenly hear a happier, more jumpy version. We started experimenting with table harps and different melody lines and it all fell into place.

Perceptive Readers & Music Lovers Thoughts

You know what? I love Jasmine’s new album; however, I love, love, this song. Really, then, I want to know how can I buy the rights to this song, like the way I purchased the COLOUR EP on the Apple store.
Okay, this may be a little too much. Still, I used a form of hyperbole to express just how much I like this song. One day, I may be able to hit the Amen note, I sure say it enough.

And those horns!

Amen, so be it, let it be written and let it be done. It is my whole mind’s agreement with heart strings pulled, this song and the whole EP shows us that Jasmine’s voice has a special quality of sound. Her writing utilizes her ability to share her story to us in ways we most certainly can relate, no matter what the year we were born in that makes us an adult with a childlike innocence (without naivety) in age.

Colour (amen) Official Live Video


Jasmine Ying Thompson Born November 8, 2000

In April 2019 OVER 582,315,330 (UPDATED 610,453,016 views November 2019) views on Youtube .

2013: Bundle of Tantrums

2014: Another Bundle of Tantrums

2015–2016: Adore EP

2017: Wonderland EP

2019: COLOUR

Concluding Thoughts- The COLOUR of Jasmine Thompson

In conclusion, I just want to share this is the second EP I have purchased of Jasmine’s craft. Even though she is a singer, in my mind, I know she can out marvelous feats with her voice. It is a beautiful thing to sooth someone with healing words and cause people to feel happy with the tongue period.
Another one of life’s gifts.

I want to once again thank the Jasmine Official Fanpage for the use of the images on the Product of Culture website over the past couple of years.

The same goes for her managers, mother(father) and of course Jasmine.

Always wishing the best for them, and you Perceptive Readers, and music lovers. — Kind regards

Perceptive Readers Podcast Featuring Jasmine Thompson

Listen to this Jasmine Thompson article on Video, Soundcloud and Spotify podcast


Perceptive Readers Jasmine Thompson

A Colour EP Perceptive Readers Jasmine Thompson Podcast Commentary. This addresses the music and subject matters in the songs of Jasmine Thompson in a conversational manner. 


Based on A COLOUR of Jasmine Thompson — Commentary article.

The Colour EP came out on April 5, 2019.

Billboard mentions all the instruments that makes this such a wonderful album! And it makes supporters of Jasmine feel proud of her writing skills in collaboration with the producer Eg White.

Adele and Sam Smith are additional notable names where he used his talents in album production.

Billboard gives us this bit of news about the song “Loyal,” How it is so heartfelt.
In this song we hear horns, percussion, and piano instruments.

As I have stated in the onset, and before in conversation, use of such instruments on the Colour EP gives a 1920s sound to it. I originally stated it sounds like the mid 1900s to present day.

In the next section I will talk on the subject of what this album will mean for some readers here including myself. This means I will be including statements from Billboard’s exclusive with Jasmine Thompson. What these songs mean for her as a singer and songwriter. – Perceptive Readers Podcast

What He Learned From A Bully

Read this intriguing long form article reference Bully  only on MINDS.COM This is one of the articles the Perceptive Readers have desired me to write for years. Well, you will at least be given the reason for the needed meditative time to bear wonderful fruitage.

Serious Topic: What He Learned From a Bully

Do you feel the topic of bullying is a serious and sensitive subject to talk about? I hope this places your concerns at ease, you who call yourselves _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (fill in the blank). Let me place emphasis, I call all you Perceptive Readers highly sensitive humans; period. But since there are some who self-profess “This is my categorization;” Then I will respect your title and thoughts in this matter.

You will be informed on more than a professional level why I address this article specifically to you _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (fill in the blank) now. And exactly why some highly astute humans do certain things professionally. And on the flipside of the coin, why he/she the professional just won’t do certain things no matter how much funding is offered to him or her even when they are in what observers say ‘poverty’. 1 million? No thank you. How about 2 million? Respectfully no, they reply.


When reading this long form article, keep in mind, everything is said in a conversational way that I enjoy, no; I actually get a kick out of talking with people on this topic at times. Follow along with this article as you drink your favorite beverage.

What He Learned From a Bully
Also, here is my MINDS.COM social media Profile account and referral link. POCJL (James) Questions? Email response hours author@pocbooks.comMonday – Thursday 4 am – 12 pm Referral link 

2. I’m Not Joking About This – One  

Page 2

Excerpt: As I mentioned late one evening about this post, This is one of the articles the Perceptive Readers have desired me to write for years. Well, you will at least be given the reason for the needed (SAGE) meditative time to bear wonderful fruitage.


page 3

Excerpt: The door open…

As the man came out pulling his v-neck sweater sleeves over both arms, he tucked the extremities within his thin brown Isotoners.

“The temperature feels good outside” the man in the living room thought; along with a diagnose , “He must be a cold-blooded man at his age always wearing long sleeve shirts.”


page 4

Excerpt: One teaching tool that Fathers use are parables with hyperbole and imagination. This means they are not to be taken literally, but are still used with well placed equations, so to speak, to see if you can calculate the outcome. Like in the very first statement on the opening page, “WAIT a minute here!”

5. Keep this page saved for the next addition to this long form article.

Love Runs Out – A Song on Love Commentary

Love Runs Out – A Song on Love Commentary

Motivation for this Love Commentary.

This post is to share an ear and eye-catching music video called Love Runs Out, in addition to sharing a thought on the trials to maintain love in a song like this one.

Like in the video Love Runs Out, originally by OneRepublic, that is being performed by Grace Lee and Daniel Jang, You hear the main unforgettable hook, ” Til the love runs out.”

At times, you hear me say, ‘I tip my hat to you.’ It means much appreciation or well done when you see me do it. After listening to this Daniel Jang and Grace Lee collaboration, I would like to tip my hat to Grace Lee and give my hat as a gift to Daniel Jang! This collaboration gets five (great) stars from the Product of Culture website.

Love and the Fight
If a person is going to love themselves and be able to share it with others, the reality often shows it’s going to be a fight; metaphorically speaking! This song highlights challenges we all face. Do you feel like there are forces today, seen and unseen, attempting to break up families, friendships, and even working relationships? Will You or “Will I” succumb to the pressure to no longer show a loving spirit? In maturity, though, the generous spirit of the heart is confident and giving not only for self but also to others. Do you agree? L-O-V-E

What have some of the well-known philosophers said about it? What has the “Good Book” (Holy Bible) said about love
It may be in the case of OneRepublic, they have different thoughts behind their written words.
Here it is for me as a listener to this song. It makes me think about how a person has to resolve in his or her heart and mind that no matter what challenges they face to be molded into a person that no longer loves the object of his or her affections (extended thought of people in general), such a person is going to keep finding ways to work it out. Yes, the person is willing and determined! An individual who is determined to do good grows in maturity and wisdom.
In this world, today, may all who are sincerely looking for and praying for peace and love, in additional to wanting this for others, find it.

II) Enjoy this version of Grace Lee and Daniel Jang Love Runs Out!

The Credits
Social Media and Support for these Musicians
Love Runs Out by OneRepublic cover.


Daniel Jang:

I decided to try something new and collaborated with the talented Grace Lee on this song. We started this from scratch so everything you hear was recorded by us. I know it’s not my usual thing but some people have asked for some singing so here it is! Also, a new violin cover is in the works.

Hope you like it! Follow us and subscribe for more! Thanks 🙂

Thanks to Rob for shooting the video (

Vocals: Grace Lee
Video and track produced by: Daniel Jang

Grace Lee’s links:




Daniel Jang:




Part III – Love Commentary

A Writer’s Poetry

A Writer’s Thoughts
Poetry Featured: PURE INTENTION
A pure intention is dispensed in honor.
The pure intention is straight.
A pure intention is clarity.

The thought and heart behind it has not changed.
It cannot be changed.
It has no desire to change.

The pure intention of Love is a gift.
A gift that is:

How great and perfect is a pure intention.
Ah to have a mind and heart full of them.
See how such a pure intention grows

Beauty is as beauty does -James Lynch Jr.

Part IV – Love Commentary – Concluding Information to Read and share what you liked!

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