One of The First Principles Video

One of The First Principles We Learned from our parents and guardians. Does this not only bring back memories but the importance for the present and marvelous future?

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Love in the 5th Dimension and Beyond Video

Love in the 5th Dimension and Beyond

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Keep Your Humanity

No matter what trials we experience in life remember you are wonderfully made and should be treated as such. It means we should always keep in mind what the Grand Creator has given us, our humanity, quality of life, and empathy.


Sade Pearls

Welcome Perceptive Readers to Sade Pearls and music lived.

Have you ever wondered why music has a long-lasting effect on you? You may not have to think too much, because you feel much! – James

Sade Pearls

Sade is a singer whose music stays in the time capsule of your heart. Are you aware that Sade’s music carries so much strength and meaning; it causes the young men of age to wake up from the immaturity of the teenage years, if they can set aside all that busy energy wrapped up in them.

The above statement may be a passing viewpoint for some, but turns out to be reality for others.

Sade’s music and performances over the years have been on a whole step of elevation higher especially in tone.

Young Men and Young Women

Has anyone ever said, “You have to try this at least once in your life.”

Sade’s music belongs in this request. In times past, I would highlight several videos in these commentaries so you can receive a well-rounded view of the artist’s singing style and performances. For this, I am focusing just on one video for you because it is well-rounded with Sade’s pitch, tone, womanly beauty, and the power of her mind’s singing thoughts. How hers travel: Sade’s “Pearls”

Sade Recent Album Features

This Far. Order links

A complete cannon of work encased in a beautifully finished boxset is available worldwide!

A true testament to a body of work that through its evolution captured hearts irrespective of age or creed.

The stunning boxset containing Sade’s six studio albums to date.

Sade Creative Expressions in Product of Culture

“Sade’s elegant look and cool sound have made her…music’s most stylish female star” – Quoted from the Sophisticated Lady article (80s Period) By Charles S. Murray

During the year of 2020, I highlighted Sade’s videos to you Perceptive Readers in my ongoing effort to not only share great talents with you, but also to provide the sense of what humans are able to develop in knowing wisdom and love. When we are clearly able to express ourselves, there is a peace that comes with it. At the very least, you know what dignity is and why it should be respected in everyone. Be alive with consciousness. May you always keep these thoughts in your pearls of wisdom. – Best Wishes, James

Honoring Honesty

Honoring Honesty in this discussion.
Find out just how much this makes others and yes, our own-selves feel good inside and sleep well at night. Thank you for caring and sharing this pocbooks update moment.

GWPF 8 Fathers Poetry

Fathers Poetry. One subject that is a favorite for many! So guess what? This special poem is also in the Graduation with a Poetry Flare Book (GWPF)

Yes Love Really Means This

Yes, Love Really Means This. Here is a Sunday Thought, if you will, with coffee. You know coffee has to be somewhere around. All the same Who provided an awesome explanation in the universal benefit of love.


Sage Poetic Quote Sharing about Love

Hi Perceptive Readers, On the homepage of the website, you have seen Sage Poetic Quotes posted over the past year. Most of them are less than a paragraph to read. In some cases, there is an explanation or story behind the quote.

I hope you will enjoy the following one
“Love Does Not Look For Loopholes to Hurt You.” —Sage Poetry Quote

James Lynch

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Did you enjoy the feature Sage Poetic Quote and the motivation selection from the There is a Reason embedded podcast? Then by all means, sharing is caring! Best Wishes, James Lynch ( Author and Owner)



Social Media Pick Thursday – Happiness (Originally posted Dec 5, 2019)

Happy Thursday Perceptive Readers.

This is a thought you will recall below for the motivation of Social Media Pick Thursday. Last week I was very much immersed in the technology side of matters for this website and podcast.

It is all needed; there happened to be a time for it.
Social Media Pick Thursday Happiness Poetry

So even though several neat items were posted throughout the day, there was not a post made here at the pocbooks website. Hence, I hope you will appreciate and share this special post today!

Happiness is not a place, nor a thing.

Happiness is all about people,

Those who love you.

Boldly, unconditionally.

Everything can be lost.

Perish with a blink of an eye.

One roll of a dice, and you lost it all.

But people who love you, will leave a mark on your heart.

They will always be there, somewhere.

You will know.

When you cast a look, upon the astonishing sky lightened with stars

Do glance at the moon too.

And know this,

Those stars, will be the same stars they looked at,

Same moon they adored.

And this, fearful moment you drown in, will be no more.

For you will feel them by your side.

They will remain, while everything else will be long gone. – N.C.

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Whisper of the Heart Thursday Sharing

Social Media Pick Thursday – Whisper of the Heart Originally Posted November 21, 2019

Happy Thursday Perceptive Readers.

It is a pleasure to share this item on friendship. In life we love and have lost love, yet a real friend is there forever.

Reflecting on “My Whisper of the Heart” experience with friendship.

“A Best friend is someone who loves you when you forget to love yourself.”


Have a pleasant Thursday. Thanks for caring and sharing. Be sure to check out the new pocbooks app as well – Kind regards