The Lion Leader and Sage Part 1
The Lion Leader and Sage Part 1

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Answers for Introverts Review on Progress

Greeting Perceptive Readers, You may remember this article posted back in 2017. Well, even after the archives it was still placed on Medium

All the same, here it is posted once more for some of your coffee lounge conversation. Have a wonderful day.

Answers for Introverts Featuring Kina Grannis. Also commentary videos by Ratalyst and Susan Cain.

Imagine yourself leaving a small family in a small town in order to explore the big city in hopes of creating a successful life. Before you left home, you were known by people in general as a friendly person to everyone who met you. And as for the people who intimately cared about your welfare, they talked among themselves that you have all your marbles (culture idiom: Your mind can think and reason) for sure. Then your close friends in jest would make the statement, “Too bad there is no way to count them all because I know you are at least one marble short.

I thought I would give you some time to digest that last statement by using your marbles to get the humor.

Of course, there are days when people just don’t feel themselves, and you are sensitive to this fact. On the bright side of matters, overall, you interacted well with friends and co-workers before you left for the big city. Stable in mind and body.

One year later… you find yourself feeling drained most of the time when engaging in business meetings and luncheons. You enjoy what you are doing, but why when after an hour or two of trade and social events you are totally spent? The people around you are energized; but not you. Those same individuals may have wondered what is wrong with you as a person (personality)?

Still, when you are in private or small settings reading a good book, or having a cup of coffee with one or two friends, you return back to the person everyone knew in the small town a year or so before. The deficit has not only been curtailed, but you are energized on levels where you do your best work. You are also able to help many others the way you did back in your small hometown

Are you an introvert?

The opening of this article is to give you an experience of what some introverts go through. Let’s hear another real life story from the multi-talented musician, actress, and songwriter Kina Grannis. Notice in this Perceptive Readers podcast reading from her diary how she explains what an introvert is; you will most likely remember it ?

Kina Grannis Patreon Page

Help with Being an Introvert — Answers for Introverts

Here are two video sources that will help you to manage your energy as an introvert. The brain and emotions do at times become fatigue much like in a way a marathon runner completes twenty-five miles. YOU have to go somewhere and sit (lay) down (eat), do you not?

Though we have the same organs, not everyone is able to run a marathon straight through no matter how hard they train. People have different thresholds because of the way they are physically/chemically made up. Therefore, we listen to our bodies, in this case, our brain and emotions, and we make adjustments for our mental health.

1. The first video is by Ratalyst Answers for Introverts

Introverts | Make The Most Of Your Introversion

Introverts are often misunderstood and judged as being shy. Introversion can actually be a powerful personality type if you harness the benefits! — Ratalyst

Make The Most Of Your Introversion

2. The power of introverts | Susan Cain Answers for Introverts

“In a culture where being social and outgoing are prized above all else, it can be difficult, even shameful, to be an introvert. But, as Susan Cain argues in this passionate talk, introverts bring extraordinary talents and abilities to the world.”

The Power of Introverts
You will be Okay- 3 more relatable articles

“There are times when you need peaceful moments to gather your thoughts. All the advice in the world from many voices will not yield any benefits if we don’t allow the time for the waters of knowledge to seep down into the seed of our hearts. Unencumbered, after receiving the beautiful sunlight of the day a plant will grow; a plant also grows overnight and out of sight; likewise, the knowledge we take in yields wisdom when given time to meditate upon what has been learned in peaceful locations.”

Keep Doing Your Best

The mind, body and spiritual health have always been important because in a direct way it molds/maintains our emotional health.
Allow 2017 to be the year where you keep up the efforts to be balanced in all areas of life. Hey when we continually work on this goal, then no matter what challenges we face in life, we will adjust, adapt, and overcome them with the rewards of the goal of being a whole/sound person. Keep doing the best you can. -Best regards for 2017! AND now in 2020 – Edit by the Author/Writer James Lynch

A Peace Officer Surprised Humor
A Peace Officer Surprised Humor

A Peace Officer Surprised Humor. Welcome to this Pocbooks Update Moment People in every profession have personalities that will crack you up at times. We just have to give people a chance. This podcast published date is June 22, 2020

A Peaceful Soul Becomes Flamboyant at Times
A Peaceful Soul Becomes Flamboyant at Times

Welcome to the POCBOOKS Update Moment. The experiences of others give insight at times in how to resolve difficult situations in life with the aim of being peaceable. All the while realizing, it requires hard work and determination to live in an honorable way.


Practical Jokes You May Know

The Last Straw and Practical Jokes

Practical Jokes

Looking up practical joke online thefreedictionary states the definition:

A mischievous trick played on a person, especially one that causes the victim to experience embarrassment, indignity, or discomfort.
A prank or trick usually intended to make the victim appear foolish.
A playful trick, often involving some physical agent or means, in which the victim is placed in an embarrassing or disadvantageous position.

Depending on what types of antics he or she carries out to get a laugh, they can make one person laugh and the other cry.
Today, it is necessary to be aware that depending on what an individual has been through in life may cause them to not like practical jokes.

Why not try to respect a person’s feelings in this matter? You just never know what a person is going through. You heard of the saying, “The straw that broke the camel’s back.” The camel can comfortably carry 20 to 25 % of its weight. Though they can carry heavy loads, (beast of burden) there is a point where the camel won’t be able to stand any longer until some of that load is taken off or something goes snap!

Who would want to be that last straw that hurts a person to his or her core where they would be hard-pressed not to break, figurative speaking, and allow all their temper out; allow all their emotions out?

Practical Jokes Conclusion

In some school club association of thinking, figuring out the difference between a light-hearted joke and a practical joke falls on the effect it would have on the receiver.

Light-hearted (fun) jokes allow for everyone to laugh together, including the receiver.

Practical- (Negative and sometimes dangerous) jokes can result in the person on the receiving end of the joke being adversely affected. Too, the crowd laughs at him or her; not with them. Inasmuch, someone really can get hurt emotionally, if not physically.

NOTE: This article on practical jokes came from one of the “TODAY’S INTROSPECTION” posts. It is best to check this section of the website at least once a day.

Spirit in the Terms of Service Parts 1 and 2
Spirit in the Terms of Service Parts 1 and 2

Understanding the Terms of Service Agreement in Twitter. This applies not only in Twitter’s case but this will help you to know how honest up front (clear) polices is important in all inquiries and transactions.
This is the opening Parts 1 and 2 discussion on the subject of Understanding the Spirit of What is Written and Why?


What We Learned From a Tuskegee Medical Experiment

The Tuskegee Medical Syphilis Experiment Ethical Contemplation

This article was posted at 10:00 am on April 30, 2020

What We Learned From a Tuskegee Medical Experiment
Quick Facts on Tuskegee Founder 1890 to 1915

Booker Taliaferro Washington founded the Tuskegee University in Alabama. Experiences in his lifetime:

Adviser to several presidents of the United States.

The question for perceptive readers: What is/was Booker T. Washington motive and wish?
Start of Consideration for Dialogue

I started the social media posts with this video on April 28, 2020

“Beautiful sound of healing”
And I asked: Do you get the sense of this?
Beautiful Sound of Healing Part 1

The Tuskegee Medical Research, or as in some circles call it, experiment; indelibly left a mark on some of our human and nurturing psyche the importance of keeping a heart of mercy and awareness when in positions of trust.

In these series of podcast noted below, you are able to listen to my hypothesis and experience with the importance placed in these honorable position(s) or occupation. Mother and Fathers are certainly included though not specifically mentioned in the selected podcasts below.

Position of Trust Help in Sanctuary


Tuskegee Quotes & Attribution shared on Twitter

You can view my postings of the below information here

“In 1932, the Public Health Service, working with the Tuskegee Institute, began a study to record the natural history of syphilis in hopes of JUSTIFYING treatment programs for blacks.”
Read More here

What Went Wrong?
“The panel had nine members from the fields of medicine, law, religion, labor, education, health administration, and public affairs.”

‘What Went Wrong? Part 2
However, there was no evidence that researchers had informed them of the study or its real purpose. In fact, the men had been misled and had not been given all the facts required to provide informed consent.’

The Study Ends and Reparation Begins The advisory panel concluded that the Tuskegee Study was “ETHICALLY UNJUSTIFIED”

5) My short comment that would be in a term paper: “If ones in a position of trust can’t reason this out early on, then what hope is there for the people? Thank God there are ones over all who would have never went along (complicity) with the below travesty”
My Indelible Conclusion – James

As you observed in the last statement of the Twitter ( shares; I left all the perceptive readers the crux of the matter in a question.
“If ones in a position of trust can’t reason this out early on, then what hope is there for the people?”

When people are blessed with roles (occupation) that people are dependent upon you for the highest levels of trust and care, it is of the utmost importance to maintain that level of trust; even if you no longer have the abilities (or assignment) to maintain such care. For example, in this day and age, A mother or father who loves and nurtures a child; does not starve a child because the mother has run out of breast milk. Or maybe the child needs specialized care that is available.

The pride of the parents would never allow them to neglect the child because of something they are unable to give due to a lack of understanding, or knowledge.
The same goes for the medical field as well, do you agree? I would also promote the above conclusion for certified social science decision makers as well.

The Tuskegee medical research program during that time turned out to be for some, good intentions to gather knowledge for help, which turned into amoral decisions being made and allowed which produced a travesty in a community of lives. Never may this be so is our resolve for all who wish to nurture and do good in the universe.

Beautiful Sound of Healing Part 3 Sanctuary
Beautiful Sound of Healing Part 3 Sanctuary

Beautiful Sound of Healing part 3 POCBOOKS Update Moment

This is “Sanctuary”

What is the sound of healing for you? Are you able to help others to appreciate it? This has pocbooks update moment has several episodes connected with it. Be sure to check out the homepage for articles and features as well.

Perceptive Readers and Sci-fi interests.
Have you also followed these writings?

The (GWPF) Graduation With a Poetry Flare Book

A Child’s Vision in Star Trek


Star Trek a Gene Roddenberry Vision Part 1

Article Star Trek a Gene Roddenberry Vision Part 1

This Article was originally posted April 11, 2019. Enjoy

A couple of times a year, I write one of those blog articles that could be placed in a personal journal (for the gentlemen) or diary (for the ladies). So why is the title featuring Star Trek? ‘Is it because you are a die-hard Trekkie?’ You ask.

Well, I wouldn’t say all of that; however, for a number of years in my life, some of the Science Fiction stories, Star Trek, in particular, struck a chord with me.

Science Fiction: fiction dealing principally with the impact of actual or imagined science on society or individuals or having a scientific factor as an essential orienting component- Merriam Webster Dictionary
Star Trek a Gene Roddenberry Vision

Gene Roddenberry debuted the original Star Trek in 1966. You can see from his screenplays a sincere desire to have a future where humanity, at least on earth, got along together as a whole. “Utopia” you may say? Well, yes it seems; he at least wrote a strong leaning towards it anyway.

Utopia: A place of ideal perfection especially in laws, government, and social conditions. – Merriam Webster Dictionary

Now people who have meditated on all the barriers to Gene Roddenberry’s vision in his writings, will readily acknowledge, isn’t this the beauty of Science Fiction? You use your imagination, and dreams, and write until your seemingly far-fetched thoughts and love of humanity ideas materialize.
William Shatner’s Character

Willam Shatner played the character of Captain James Tiberius Kirk. He was a bare-knuckles brawler at times who would not start a fight, but would finish it with everything he had at his disposal. By the way, he possessed a lot of charm, so there were scenes of romance in more than a quarter of the episodes every season for the character of Kirk, if I correctly recall. Some may ask, “You sure Kirk wasn’t romancing a decked out attired lady every episode?”

My reply, “There are other characters who also screen acted scenes of amore written into the episodes.”

So from that brief description, you can ascertain William Shatner’s character of Kirk is an alpha male warrior with a strong sense of protecting the pack. Yet, it was still through this Captain, Mr. Roddenberry used him to make significant speeches on social issues at the time, but placed them in a universe and future far away. Here are two clips where William Shatner shows Kirk’s passion on the side of indignation (A) and on losing his best friend (B).



Patrick Stewart Shakespearean Skilled Character
Patrick Stewart developed the character of Captain Jean-Luc Picard with excellence! His experience of acting with the Royal Shakespeare Company displayed itself from the very first episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Though Patrick Stewart’s character, Captain Picard, knew how to defend himself, and others as a brilliant strategist; he often used master diplomacy skills to avoid and get out of conflicts. The episodes maintained a balance on developing all the main casts backgrounds and interest. Hence the writing did not utilize Patrick Stewart’s role of lead in the majority of scenes for each episode.

I will now leave you with a montage of speeches in this next video. You will notice that these written words of a sci-fi future have been and still are echoed this present day!

Questions on whether or not morality is important to the well-being of any group, any society? E.g., Because a person may materially have more than another, does it mean he/she has the right to strip a principled (laws are based on principles) abiding citizen of their Almighty God-given dignity rights? To think freely (with the conscience) and to provide for oneself and one’s family (LOOK IT UP: According to the Good Book it is an Almighty God-given responsibility).

During the serious dialogue, in Shakespearean cadence, Patrick Stewart animates Captain Picard’s character to ponder moral and ethical questions. What happens when an individual ignores such questions?

E.g. Ethics: The field of ethics (or moral philosophy) involves systematizing, defending, and recommending concepts of right and wrong behavior. Philosophers today usually divide ethical theories into three general subject areas: metaethics, normative ethics, and applied ethics. Metaethics investigates where our ethical principles come from, and what they mean. Are they merely social inventions? Do they involve more than expressions of our individual emotions? Metaethical answers to these questions focus on the issues of universal truths, the will of God, the role of reason in ethical judgments, and the meaning of ethical terms themselves. –

Hope you enjoyed an excerpt from my mental journal (for gentlemen) or dairy (for ladies)

Read Part 2: Star Trek a Gene Roddenberry Vision
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Beautiful Sound of Healing Part 1
Beautiful Sound of Healing Part 1

1 Beautiful Sound of Healing POCBOOKS Update Moment

You will appreciate this series on how to be understanding of your needs for emotional healing and others.

What is the sound of healing for you? Are you able to help others to appreciate it? This has pocbooks update moment has several episodes connected with it. Be sure to check out the homepage for articles and features as well

Listen to Part 2 of the Beautiful Sound of Healing

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