Bullying effects you may not know

Bullying effects you may not know

This Interesting and sober subject is a repost from May 2, 2019

A child is born with a heart of gold

For your Information, here are two thoughts about bullying you may not know. You are aware, this website has talked about the topic of  bullying for quite a few years. Here is an FYI found on Wikipedia. And a recent Instagram post from a talented equestrian rider during the teenage years.

In the United Kingdom, there is no legal definition of bullying,[6] while some states in the United States have laws against it.[7] Bullying is divided into four basic types of abuse – emotional (sometimes called relational), verbalphysical, and cyber.[8] It typically involves subtle methods of coercion, such as intimidation.

“Bullying ranges from one-on-one, individual bullying through to group bullying called mobbing, in which the bully may have one or more “lieutenants” who may seem to be willing to assist the primary bully in their bullying activities. Bullying in school and the workplace is also referred to as “peer abuse”.[9] Robert W. Fuller has analyzed bullying in the context of rankism.”  Wikipedia

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I want to talk to you all about bullying – we all experience it at some point and we all know how horrible it is…so why does it still happen? Boredom? Jealously? Or do people generally think it’s funny? It’s something I don’t think I’ll ever be able to wrap my head around. Sadly social media gives people the anonymity to say what they want without having to face the consequences , with no understanding of that person they are attacking. No wonder so many people suffer emotional problems when they are faced with this. Thank goodness we have charities such as Young Minds who are there to help and more awareness needs to be made of the support they offer. I get lots of lovely messages every day offering support and love but I also get many messages from people also getting bullied online and getting hate FOR NO REASON and it just makes me so angry that we as an community some of us have to bring others down. It’s a tough hard sport and we all work really hard day in day out in all weathers alongside school and work and family to ensure our equine partners are happy to do the job for the hobby we love. I know the message is out there – that online bullying is bad – but I for one will always want to continue ‘banging my drum’ – it is NOT ACCEPTABLE!! To those people who really cant cope seeing other people’s failures or successes or just living, if you don’t agree with something or don’t like someone online don’t follow them, block them, remove them from your life. Don’t try and make them feel awful. Don’t talk about them behind their back. Blowing out someone else’s candle DOES NOT make yours any brighter. Maybe try and say something nice to them and see how that turns out instead… be kind, be positive, make someone’s day. It feels good. Rant over except to say thank you to all my followers here – I for one think you’re amazing. If you’re at Badminton Horse Trials this weekend make sure you visit the @youngmindsuk to find out how they can help people deal with issues such as online bullying uk stand if you’d like to find out more about the charity and support the work they do ⭐ #mmbht #fightingfor

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5 Senses our Mind Appreciates

The 5 Senses our Mind Appreciates – Perceptive Readers 4r

The 5 Senses – Humans have five basic senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Keep using them to learn

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Paisley Park Happy Wednesday Throughout Your Day

Dear Perceptive Readers I wish you Happy Wednesday! It sometimes cracks me up to think about the way some people really get into saying it. You wonder just how many cups of coffee they ingested that morning; or took a shower in it!

During the autumn season, I shared some music and documentary videos about Prince Rogers Nelson (June 7, 1958 – April 21, 2016). You can find a lot more interviews and how people feel about this talented musician who is no longer with us by visiting his official website and instagram accounts.

Prince’s Home

Paisley Park was the home and production studio for Prince. I just love how people knew it was Prince’s private sanctuary. It felt the same way for the ones who were able to visit there. There is an expression that can be applied in this home setting; “Paisley Park has Prince personality all over it” It means that if you have been enthralled with Prince’s music and style over the decades, then his private sanctuary will be no exception when you go to visit it.

What did you just say? Prince, Sanctuary, Home, Visit, What?!

Ah, yes, read on perceptive and music loving ones.

Paisley Park Tours and Tickets

I’m pleased to share with you on this Happy Wednesday there is a Paisley Park Experience! You can also get tickets for tours! The tours in 2019 are continuing throughout to November 30, 2019. Listed are choices for the experience.

The Paisley Park Experience

  • The VIP Experience
  • The Ultimate Experience
  • Paisley Park After Dark

The Beautiful Ones, Official Release Party November 1, 2019 is SOLD OUT

Prince’s Reflection

There is a lot of music Prince wrote that would take a long time to come for one’s who adore Prince’s compositions from the vault that he spent days at a time adding to it. A tune here, a beat there, and a masterpiece for the present.

It was in 2004, Prince expressed (blended) his love for Manuela Testolini, within such a masterpiece from memories of his mother and youth.

This tender hearted man chose Wendy Melvoin ( Revolution 1979 – 1986 Band member) to perform with him on the Tavis Smiley Show.

With that said, I will wish you Perceptive Readers a Paisley Park Happy Wednesday!

Enjoy “Reflection”
Prince & Wendy Melvoin “Reflection”

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Product of Culture Tech Update Now You Know

This is a new weekly tech update report on how Technologies are being used by the Product of Culture website aka pocbooks.com

I (James) will talk about social media, market venues like Amazon, Bluehost, and Audible audio books creation, and my experiences with using them over the years.

As I recently had an extended conversation with one technology professional, and I don’t make this claim lightly:

The pocbooks.com (Product of Culture tech update) has been singled out since it’s early online presence to be shadow banned along with my phone systems, computers etc. All having corporate episonage methods used against it.

What is corporate espionage?
Companies gather intelligence on their rivals just like nation-states do. Sometimes its legal, but industrial espionage can easily slip over the line into criminality.

After 9 years of this, it was time for you Readers to know this.

For example, see the screenshot of my new anchor.fm Perceptive Readers Podcast.

Notice the Minds.com shares responses, view, and comments. Yet my Anchor.fm stats have not shown one added listen.
The same has been with YouTube (which I’ve stopped trying to resolve) over the years.  So I want to make sure that the same thing does not start happening with anchor.fm, like my rss feeds (not being redirected) are working which I verified in the beginning of this new podcasting service over a week ago.

What am I doing about it?

Here you will see screenshots at times of my findings and the correspondence and phone calls sent to resolve these issues with the tech companies, starting with Bluehost.

Maybe this will help some of you as well.

Sincerely James (author/owner of pocbooks.com – Product of Culture Tech Update Now You Know)

Fall Season is Here

Yes, Perceptive Readers, the fall season (September 23 to November 30) has arrived.

Let us take a few moments here in autumn to say, “where did the time fly?”
All you K-12 students are considering a lot of things this year, especially the class of 2020. Below are just a few things to ponder over that are also placed on the thinking minds page of this website for the week.

Thinking Minds Week of September 22, 2019

The season of fall means summer has ended, the harvest season due and almost complete. Take the time to meditate with all the things you did and learned over the summer. I know for a fact some of you will say, I did nothin’ . Students let me share now, enjoy those months break of recuperation when you are young. Your Thinking Minds and body will thank you for it by feeling good. Make sure to eat fruits with vitamin C throughout the school year; will you?

Here at the Product of Culture website I wish you well and much success this school year academically. Do your best on those core subjects like math and grammar in your native language. You do well in those things and learning a different language will come easier to you.

Perceptive Readers Videos
One more thought, there are Perceptive Readers podcasts video presentations yet to be made for you who enjoy this type of medium. They will be placed in the presentation page each week they are released. Look for about three or four a month. Yes, you will experience some new and others you have already seen will also be rotated in from time to time. The platforms they are uploaded to first happens mainly to be Bitchute; and once Minds provides instructions or fix the security with their embed code, the videos will also be uploaded there. If you want me to upload them to my Youtube account, be aware it does not show my correct views count, just let me know.

It is nice having you here and by all means keep dropping by every week. – Kind regards, James

Perceptive Readers 4o A Prodigal Thought

A Prodigal Thought. An encouraging discussion from the Good Book we have read before, however, a reminder can be refreshing waters.

You can find more Perceptive Readers episodes on Spotify and Soundcloud

Poetry Here at the pocbooks.com website

Life’s Recreation
Some choose to read
Others enjoy a good meal to eat.
While a fine man appreciates his fine wine to drink

That lady over there sure loves to dance
And she has a special selection of songs not left up to chance

Ah, Life’s Recreation aren’t you glad we can be refreshed winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Good God Some may say, we really do have it all!

Poetry Writers Collaboration

Title: Without Within
Authors: @POCJL, @Gup_katyusha, @KiBLS

Without Within

As years have gone by, it has become so evident: The difference between what love does with knowledge. And what knowledge does without love.

As centuries have gone by, it has become so evident: The difference between what wisdom does with knowledge. And what knowledge does without wisdom

Ever so confusing lust and love argument Lust is all about intrinsic, primal desires Love is nurturing care, equal

When the personality realizes it can not in essence give without having it within. Then each one will have the understanding heart & motivation to begin

A poem for The Name in You

Trying often to explain
You are a wonderful name

Parents thought about it
Before you were born

Though it was hard to pronounce it would eventually fit like comfy slippers worn

Oh you don’t frivolously give it away
It is a life of eternity made

Take each straight and curved letters few
And match them to life’s work in you

What beauty will appear on the canvases
Only time will tell the tale

That name whether in the public or in private is always on display

What will it show on this day
No matter what don’t haphazardly give it away

Happy your name is when it knows and is you

The forever future is possible as the earth and sea refreshing dew

Perceptive Readers 4n Roddenberry Star Trek Part 1

Welcome to Gene Roddenberry Vision Star Trek Part 1

Perceptive Readers 4n Roddenberry Star Trek Part 1

A couple of times a year, I write one of those blog articles that could be placed in a personal journal (for the gentlemen) or diary (for the ladies). So why is the title featuring Star Trek? ‘Is it because you are a die-hard Trekkie?’ You ask.

Well, I wouldn’t say all of that; however, for a number of years in my life, some of the Science Fiction stories, Star Trek, in particular, struck a chord with me.

Science Fiction: fiction dealing principally with the impact of actual or imagined science on society or individuals or having a scientific factor as an essential orienting component- Merriam Webster Dictionary

Gene Roddenberry debuted the original Star Trek in 1966. You can see from his screenplays a sincere desire to have a future where humanity, at least on earth, got along together as a whole. “Utopia” you may say? Well, yes it seems; he at least wrote a strong leaning towards it anyway.

Utopia: A place of ideal perfection especially in laws, government, and social conditions. – Merriam Webster Dictionary

Now people who have meditated on all the barriers to Gene Roddenberry’s vision in his writings, will readily acknowledge, isn’t this the beauty of Science Fiction? You use your imagination, and dreams, and write until your seemingly far-fetched thoughts and love of humanity ideas materialize. Read Part 2

Kina Grannis Birds Shinning

Hi Perceptive Readers and music lovers; I hope this Kina Grannis Birds Shinning article will find you well or even super today! If you are not feeling as bright as you would like, then it is my wish to share with you something to lift your spirits.

Get Kina Grannis’ New album here

What a title huh? I first thought of two other titles before the one you clicked on to arrive here.
Kina Grannis 360
Kina Grannis Birds Singing

Then eureka! Kina Grannis Birds Shinning.
Kina seems to always be looking up to these delicate and strong creatures. Flying free in the air. Did you see the Songbird BTS video she made. Well, if not, here is one of the reasons for the post. It is to share Kina Grannis special Behind the Songs videos.

Behind The Songs Playlist

Before all the annual archiving, remember there are hundreds of more articles that are no longer on pocbooks.com. I used to write quite a bit on Kina Grannis’ career. In some ways, I looked at myself as a number 1 journalist (writer; as I continued to hone my skills) for this lady’s sweet bird song voice & musical interlude.

In addition, as you have heard me state this before:

“Over the years, this writer’s experience dealt in the relating of facts in real life scenarios and technology. When I placed the Product of Culture Brand aka POCBOOKS.com online back in 2010, it fulfilled my desire to share “Fictional Books of Another Kind.” Which allowed me to share the fun stories to the public that required you to think all the same.

In addition to the above, there are musicians mutually followed on social media at one time or another; in the process, I wrote articles and events about their music. It not only honed my skills as a writer but also as a podcaster. Still, the top reason is because I appreciate their God given talents. You will appreciate why Kina Grannis’ singing voice is appreciated by large audiences.”

Yes, this last decade has provided so much to my writing experience.
This, is my big thank you to Kina Grannis. I TOTALLY wish her all the best and warm regards; James (Author, Writer, and Owner of pocbooks.com)

Writer Thinking Out Loud

Hello, this is a writer thinking out loud because you most likely heard it already. (chuckle)

Writer Thinking Out Loud

Dear Perceptive Readers, this has been one August! You already may know I am talking about the caring is sharing month!
You saw the pocbooks.com website share the talent and experts over the years you have grown accustomed to; yet, this year you also experienced seeing new professionals. Jessica Alba’s Honest Company being one of them.
I can go through a list for some entrepreneurs if you like, but only by request.
With the above stated, there was a sidebar thought that many of you found quite thought-provoking, so I am sharing it here for your ease of adding it to the browser favorites. Thanks for being here, James (Author, Writer, and Owner of pocbooks.com)

Sidebar Featured in August 2019

Greetings Perceptive Readers, remember when you are being bullied, sometimes you get pushed into circumstances/areas by them you certainly wouldn’t have chosen otherwise.
Such persons do all sorts of mean things to knock you off balance so they can continue to point out the wrong way of this or that as you are recovering from the long game plot they orchestrated or threw you in.

Reference Joseph in the Good Book
Reference Jephthah as well.

The sincere men above adjusted to the different culture accordingly, maybe not in ways they would have chosen, but the one who sees and understands all, knew the circumstances.
The wise often see through it. And certainly the Grand Creator.
Keep doing the best you can. Also, see the next quote by The Honest Company Co-Founder, Jessica Alba

An Honest Company Vision

What she says reminds a once small boy of something a wise man in his family told him
and later a mature beautiful woman told(taught) him about all the bullies who had such obvious huge EGOS over him, and yet she would pick him EVERY time over them; (chuckle) and it wasn’t because she pitied him.
Live your life sincere ones and keep doing the best you can. Best wishes JL

Perceptive Readers Podcast 4L

This Episode: The Perceptive Readers Podcast 4L continues with a Mark Twain Classic.

The Perceptive Readers Podcast 4L

This is a new way of looking at Mark Twain ‘s timeless classic. Take each chapter at time to learn something new. Welcome to The Prince and the Pauper Profound Reading 7

James’ Commentary Opening

The way people carry out daily routines will at times make another person feel like a fish out of water.

A whale having to navigate on dry land.

The culture shock of going from one environment where you were viewed as domesticated and highly astute to being viewed as uncivilized will bring about a wakeup call.
Some people will find they were a different sort of individual all along just longing for the needed instruction on how to navigate this new environment.

While some individuals will find the different environment they are relocated to does not and will not understand this eccentric or odd person, because the environment itself is not hearing the wakeup call.

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