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Beautiful Sound of Healing Part 4 Memory of Healing

Beautiful Sound of Healing Part 4 POCBOOKS Update Moment & Perceptive Readers Season 4 This is “Memory of  Healing” You will also receive the breakdown components of this story. Enjoy! FYI Reference Correction of what is stated about the Lion and the mouth. "Mercy Begets Mercy pocbooks update moment" What is the sound of healing for you? Are you able to help others to  ...
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Beautiful Sound of Healing Part 1

1 Beautiful Sound of Healing POCBOOKS Update Moment What is the sound of healing for you? Are you able to help others to appreciate it? This has pocbooks update moment has several episodes connected with it. Here is part 2 Be sure to check out the pocbooks.com homepage for articles and features as well POCBOOKS Content Platforms The Perceptive Readers Podcast is an intriguing feature in the P...
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Welcome AnchorFM and Flywheel Perceptive Readers 4x

AnchorFM and Flywheel Web-services Review! A Perceptive Readers 4x has discussions on Unity, Technology; and a Special review. The Perceptive Readers Podcast is an intriguing feature in the Product of Culture website. In this podcast I discuss two platforms the site uses in dispensing, serve if you will; its content creation. AnchorFM “Our mission is to democratize audio. We believe eve...
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The Good Book Kind

Product of Culture Poetry Creation The Good Book Kind Your covers of adornment catches the eye In your case people meticulously judge what's inside To a populace that is still squinting your  looks are cloudy and dustyWhile the mind inside brilliantly shines to who sees your attractiveness What a better spirit many hearts have because of youIt amazes me how you have on a majestic...
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Social Media Pick Thursday James A Hill

James A Hill is the Thursday share pick. I like to start this segment off by relating the following: This is going to be short and sweet. Social Media has always been designed for sharing — so share. This week the Product of Culture website is sharing the interesting subject on Psychological Contracts. What are they? Psychological contracts are a set of 'promises' or 'expectations' that...
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Oneness pocbooks update Moment

The POCBOOKS Update Moment – Oneness Welcome to this extra feature of the Perceptive Readers. In this podcast, the statements we will want to pay attention to happen to be: Oneness Many persons talk about Oneness, in the concept of unity. People also believe there are already proven benefits that most humans will readily agree to the nature of everyone getting along in harmony. Does th...
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Bullying effects you may not know

Bullying effects you may not know about. This Interesting and sober subject is a repost from May 2, 2019 A child is born with a heart of gold For your Information, here are two thoughts about bullying you may not know. You are aware, this website has talked about the topic of  bullying for quite a few years. Here is an FYI found on Wikipedia. And a recent Instagram post from a talen...
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5 Senses our Mind Appreciates

The 5 Senses our Mind Appreciates - Perceptive Readers 4r The 5 Senses - Humans have five basic senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Keep using them to learn What's to read at the website? Learning Multiplication Today with a SmileMind Heart and She Picked Him (Video)Paisley Park Happy Wednesday Throughout Your DayArt and Music Journey in The Mind And more! *My apologie...
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Paisley Park Happy Wednesday Throughout Your Day

Dear Perceptive Readers I wish you Happy Wednesday! It sometimes cracks me up to think about the way some people really get into saying it. You wonder just how many cups of coffee they ingested that morning; or took a shower in it! During the autumn season, I shared some music and documentary videos about Prince Rogers Nelson (June 7, 1958 - April 21, 2016). You can find a lot more interviews ...
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Product of Culture Tech Update Now You Know

This is a new weekly tech update report on how Technologies are being used by the Product of Culture website aka pocbooks.com I (James) will talk about social media, market venues like Amazon, Bluehost, and Audible audio books creation, and my experiences with using them over the years. As I recently had an extended conversation with one technology professional, and I don't make this claim...
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