Is 5G Wireless Safe Technology in your Home

You Perceptive Readers will find this 5G Wireless Safe technology an important subject to talk about over coffee. Yes, the following information is to provide thoughts you may or may not have considered at this time.

Is 5G Wireless Safe Technology in your Home?

Think about the children. This is a thought adults keep in mind when it comes to anything, and we of humanity do mean anything that can affect a child adversely. The smallest of us can’t speak for themselves, and so the parents and one’s in positions of trust have a wonderful responsibility to take perfect care of them.
Didn’t that statement just make you feel good inside? It is also a sobering thought as well.

Is 5G wireless safe for children to be around?

The (IoT) Internet of things will continue to take the already billions of connected devices to hundreds of billions with 5G capable devices.  That’s if the 5G implementation of telecom and corporate companies go as planned.

The question people are still asking, “Is this powerful technology safe for children?”  Is it safe for humans to have our home’s and neighborhoods air space saturated with these waves transmitting in all these (IoT) devices, along with our phones?

A Statement from Frank Clegg on 5G

After viewing the video below by Frank Clegg, I made this statement on my Minds Product of Culture channel to the subscribers:
Me: Take it from someone who was certified in multi-channel communications decades ago. Though I have a deep appreciation for technology, my experience and knowledge gives creditable red flags and great caution with the way they are talking about the implementation of 5G. Like energy plants having to be shielded with alot of safe guards, researchers may find 5G technology is in the same RISK category that requires such (insulation) protections.
My experience, Mr. Frank Clegg words on this 5G technology topic should not be hastily ignored.

Mr, Frank Clegg – Former President of Microsoft Canada
Technologies Mission is to enhance our quality of life.

It aids in building, feeding, and medically advanced healing research as never before. The theme parks and recreational escapees we travel to are the majority of the time provided by the safe usage of technology.

  • We may find 5G wireless technology is also like driving a race car. Though the vehicle can travel at great speeds, going at those highspeeds is not allowed everywhere for the public’s safety. 
  • We may also find 5G wireless technology a catch twenty- two situation (catch 22).

Technology is a wonderful tool. Let us be always aware it is also a powerful tool that should be respected.
Why does something work the way it does?
Do I need special garments (clothing) and training to use such tools?
Becoming knowledgeable for ourselves in the benefits and risk of these technologies will help us to make better decisions. The children of humanity will also thank us for it. These precious minds are worth the necessary research.

How much does the iPhone 11 cost

Perceptive Readers do you know how much does the iPhone 11 cost? This is the very first year I have given serious consideration to purchasing an iPhone. In times past I have wondered why the price tag for new iPhones are high? The iPhone 11, according to, starts at $699 US dollars.

Why Does the iPhone 11 Cost So Much?

There is a saying, “if you have to ask the price, then you can’t afford it.” Well, let me put that last century statement to rest right now. Whether you have a few dollars in your pocket, or several million, it is always shrewd to count the cost for your projects and the tools you need to be successful. This is one of the reasons I’ve found in watching others with the phone, that it is a phenomenal tool filled with a ton of features— productive features I need to add.

Some of iPhone 11 Features

Out of the tons of features for the iPhone 11 I could share with you, here listed are a few for the power entrepreneurs. But I am adding in the neat family features that are most used today as well:

  • Wifi 6 capability
  • Recording in 4K video
  • Colors selection of choice: White, Black, Green, Yellow, Purple, and Red
  • Storage capacity: 64GB, 128GB, and 256.
  • Ultra-wide lenses with zooming and cropping after the photo snap.
  • iPhone Pro and Pro Max retail from $999 to 1,099 with upgrade options

iPhone 11 released date
The release date for this technological advanced phone was Sept 20, 2019. Just look how happy smiling Shirley Setia is with her new iPhone 11!

Shirley Setia with iPhone11Pro

The Concluding Thoughts

The software apps people use on these phones are fun and productive all the same. Being an Android user for years, I’ve grown accustomed with the ease of use of the apps I have installed. There will be a learning curve if I make the transition to the new iPhone. Are you one of those power users that hold off buying a phone until you have a few days of blocked out time to figure out how to use all the features and most importantly the necessary apps?
When you change to a completely different phone operating system, you have to figure out first what apps are not available in the new phone os and what will be compatible in its place.

Make sure you make backups of everything.

So do we have a decision to make this year? Hopefully this information on the iPhone 11 will help.