Position of Trust Help in Sanctuary

Position of Trust Help in Sanctuary

Have you listened to the ‘Beautiful Sound of Healing’ pocbooks series?
We now Elaborate/discuss what roles “Position of Trust” help in the Sanctuary. Kudos to all of you knowing how and helping others to heal with a “Cause no harm or additional hurt” frame of mind.


Arden Cho Reflection in Disappointment and Friendship

A Perceptive Readers Reference Article on Disappointment and Friendship

This article was originally posted on September 5, 2017. Typos and damage were fixed and reposted on April 8, 2020

Arden Cho Reflection in Disappointment & Friendship 

A) Here are the beginning expressions from Arden Cho’s blog article

Disappointment & Friendship

SEPTEMBER 05, 2017

Last week I shared about the disappointment I felt in my life. Since then my inbox, comment section and phone has been filled with so much love and encouragement. There is no doubt that I have love, friendship, family and support in my life, but it also got me thinking… What led me here? https://www.eastofarden.com/blog/2017/9/5/disappointment

After reading Arden’s thoughts, these are my comments made at the East of Arden Website:

B) Arden Cho Reflection in Disappointment & Friendship — “Perceptive Readers Podcaster Comments”

“Hi, Arden. Enjoyed your articles as always.
Arden, yes love everyone. All the same, there are different types of love, the same as varying levels of friendships. For example, care givers will caringly take care of a person due to a love of humanity and love in principle for them; realizing the person who’s ill is just truly limited in what responses of love they can give back, if at all. Yet they may still view that person in need as a friend.

However, in observation, the problem comes in when the “takers” hide their intentions and regularly claim that they are your FRIEND. Then place emphasis on you to not expect anything back from them. Well, as you experienced, does it endear you to that person enough to love them more deeply like a TRUE BEST FRIEND?

It is a sad thing when such ones try to change the narrative/meanings and behavior/actions of a TRUE friend.

All the same, when “burnout” happens, depending on a person’s circumstances (physical, mental makeup,) they may have to move on in other ways. Who am I to judge? Especially, if the person according to their feelings experienced too many pleas for help that went ignored. Again, Who am I to judge?
Do you appreciate what that does to a person?

Hence, can a person expect someone to keep loving them in a viable expansive way when he or she makes a practice of “holding back good when it is in their power to do it”?

I ask you today, Do you want to go through life not expecting anything from anyone?

Then truly I tell you today, the richness and deepness(love) of friendship comes about from reciprocated love.
Mistreatment/abuse can/will cause a person to fall out of love with the friendship, so to speak, experience burn out.

Last but important. Keep focused on getting to know the Grand Creator and do the best you can. Do you not expect God to be fair? Do you not expect him to feel love and mercy for you when you are trying your best?
On the other side of the friendship, doesn’t God hope all to respect his feelings and his name eventually?

Then experience a richness that a TRUE BEST FRIEND gives with healing and “perfect gifts” where he adds no pain with it.

Kind regards Arden, ME
P.S. I think you will understand where I’m personally coming from in my personal writings.”

Arden Cho A Professional Brand with Coolness 

Best Friends Old Friends and Jasmine Thompson

Prince Royce and Shakira in their hit duet DEJA VU

Lecrae ft. Tori Kelly Performs I’ll Find You – St. Jude Campaign

Before You Read More…

I hope this feature you have just read provided value to you. This website also has a podcast called the Perceptive Readers. I read and comment on subjects like the one you read above.

From Mark Twain, Poetry, and talented musicians, the podcast relates commentary in a professional tone with personality (& flare at times). If you appreciate frank and candid feedback, this author will make solutions on (certain) topics clear. There are quite a few areas in life when it is up to the reader’s decision making experience; wouldn’t you agree? Hey, you know what works for YOU.

At least, that is, according to my research. By reading Commentary vs Journalism-What is the Difference, this article further informs you of my mode of operation with the podcast.  It is perceptive knowledge in conversation a lot of us have every day.

Right Good or Both

Right Good or Both

POCBOOKS Update Moment – Right Good or Both?

Today’s discussion uses an illustration about washing hands, which has been shared in lighted-hearted times, in general and why we do it. However, during the first quarter of the 2020 year, it became ever more mindful for us humans to revive or renew our thoughts on it; also with an elevated additional thought.

Perceptive Readers FYI

‘When and How to Wash Your Hands’: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

‘Each year, we commemorate the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the anniversary of his death. This important event will be observed Tuesday, April 7.’ – JW.ORG

Support Artist Here is How

Support Artist Here is How

Welcome to this pocbooks update moment commentary based on Gaby Lopez ( Social Media Manager) Research and Experience.

Support your favorite musicians and artists. Here is How

Link to research here.



Mentor Students in Honesty Best Policy

Mentor Students in Honesty is the Best Policy

Hi Mentors and Perceptive readers to these thoughts on honesty is the best policy.

Perceptive Readers Podcast Ebook

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This Article was repaired or refurbished on February Mar 2, 2020. It was originally posted on Sept 5, 2019 Check the site archive.today for verification of pocbooks.com online presence.

Honesty is the Best Policy

How would you answer on the value of honesty? Is it the best way to be?

The above question is:

A) Fact

B) False

Right or wrong?

In the BusinessDictionary it references honesty inclusion for ethical behavior. It states:

Acting in ways consistent with what society and individuals typically think are good values.

Ethical behavior tends to be good for business and involves demonstrating respect for key moral principles that include honesty, fairness, equality, dignity, diversity and individual rights.

Business Dictionary

Do you get the understanding that what you see is what you get ? Or at the very least be Truthful

So when you introduce yourself by name to this new person, it is expected that not only are you giving the correct name, but honesty is certainly involved with the name and actions; and will continue to do so.

Society needs and expects honesty and dignity in everyday interactions.

Well then, already, at the start of this school year, mentors and teachers have classes of these bright minds still considered in their early stage of life’s understanding. Will YOU impress upon your listeners how honesty is the best policy?

Yes, even when it comes to homework; please stop blaming sweet Fido (dog family member) for eating it. If Fido is eating it, then can you move work assignments to higher ground?

At the very least, continue to impress upon these minds, “If you have a question, then please by all means ASK.”

Yes, mentors and teachers have a way of instructing their students through their joy of the subject to become involved during a question and answer session.

For example, some teachers in a thirty-minute teaching session may teach for ten minutes and answer questions for five minutes. Then they may have another five or ten minutes for paperwork exercises. Some students (most likely) may have a few questions afterwards.

The above is by no means set in stone on how to teach.

The purpose of this article is to share the importance of your mentoring routine in allowing and in some cases encourage honest questions. Some students may experience timidity at first.

In conclusion, how would you rate your environment for bringing out the best in your students? With an assessment and observation of the questions you are receiving, then your classroom policies will improve its conduciveness for drawing out honest responses from your students.

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Mentor Students in Honesty is the Best Policy


Honest Company Vision in Honor

Honest Company Vision Do you appreciate hearing tips about new products that enhances your practical living?
In this case, you will find “practical” fits well with the Honest company.

You, like many others, first heard about the Honest company when it first arrived on the scene in 2011, co-founded by Jessica Alba, Christopher Gavigan, Brian Lee, and Sean Kane. You probably felt she, Jessica’s name readily comes to mind, is fulfilling a need in creating baby products.

The Honest Company Explaining the Vision

The Honest Company‘s mission is to create & display product excellence for ethical consumerism. Jessica Alba was inspired by her first child, Honor, to create baby products that would not adversely affect her child’s health with the chemicals used.

With the statements below and video, you gain the insight needed to understand where Jessica Alba’s mind was/is at the time.

In harmony with the namesake of her firstborn:

“I founded The Honest Company to ensure that every parent can find a community based on authenticity and support.” – Jessica Alba

Keep these thoughts in mind:

  • The purpose
  • The motivation behind the dream
  • The genuineness of the professional/entrepreneur

Honest Company Purpose Reviewed

After viewing the hopeful thoughts of the dream at the groundbreaking moment, Let us now review the line of products and what people have experienced with them.

They are ecofriendly, beautiful design, and affordable products. A Honestly Safe Baby & Beauty Company

The list is large indeed to choose from for baby diapers to adult skin creams. Paul Zalewski of Fathercraft.com has an excellent review you mothers and fathers will find helpful, inasmuch; everyone. He gives details in the review of the company on the many benefits of the company and how it has delt with hiccups experienced during the company’s growth.

See the heading Honest Company product reviews – a guide 4 years in the making

We like to think of The Honest Company as like a high-end online convenience store for parents, full of products with safe, thoughtful ingredients…

Honest Company product reviews – a guide 4 years in the making

What products do you have questions about?

This company has a bountiful catalog of items to enhance the family in looking and feeling their best.

Jessica Alba has taken her knowledge and wisdom to create something that is needed everyday around the world. Do you have plans to try them out?

The Honest Company Advisement

On the Honest.com website, they advise readers and shoppers that the content on the site is not a substitute for professional healthcare advice. “Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified expert with any questions.”

Did this help you in some way?

Do you have someone in your circle who would also like to know about this company?

Perceptive Readers of this website, as you know, this is an FYI for your knowledge.
The Product of Culture website has not been solicited by or works for the Honest Company

“Knowledge empowers – as long as it’s what you need.” – J. Maxwell

Have a happy day with an honest smile.
(Pun and respect intended.)


Star Trek a Gene Roddenberry Vision Part 2

Star Trek a Gene Roddenberry Vision Part 2

Star Trek points to a time when reason and communicated good thoughts have won over the opposing forces of the two.

This Article was repaired or refurbished on February 20, 2020. It was originally posted on April 11, 2019 Check the site archive.today for verification of pocbooks.com online presence.

As the Perceptive Readers e-mail subscribers here are aware, a couple of times a year, I write a longer blog article that could be placed in a personal journal (for the gentlemen) or diary (for the ladies).
Gene Roddenberry’s Writing Presents a Problem

Gene Roddenberry was a creative visionary. Would anyone disagree with that statement?
In his original 1965 Star Trek pilot introduction, he explained how the networks were in love with westerns. You will find this to be an accurate observation from the sixties. Just talk to an aunt or uncle. Oh I forgot, you may need to talk with Grandma and Grandpa. So even though the networks were looking for westerns, Mr. Roddenberry gave them so much more!
Still, here is the question. Did the networks appreciate the unique gift to the world of entertainment, which would also be migrated to books?
Everyone can get the answer here:

“The Cage” – Star Trek Original Pilot – Gene Roddenberry Intro!

Gene Roddenberry’s Writing Shows “We Get It”

After viewing the documentary pilot for Star Trek, you were able to hear with your own ears Mr. Roddenberry point out the following concerns the show’s effect would be on the society at that time.

No smoking characters
A crew alien member designed to look like audiences perception of the devil
Women in command roles with high IQs
Mixed skin colors (White, Black, Asian, etc ) working together and in romance

Are you one in the frame of mind as feeling, “The networks concerns were based on ignorance and fear”?

All the same, what did Gene Roddenberry report about the letters he received in feedback on the show?

What is our observable outcome?

First Season 29 Episodes 1966 -1967

Second Season 26 Episodes 1967- 1968

Third Season 24 Episodes 1968- 1969

Star Trek Original Seasons

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979) Director Robert Wise
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982) Director Nicholas Meyer
Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984) Director Leonard Nimoy
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986)
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989) Director William Shatner
Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991) Director Nicholas Meyer

Star Trek Original Movies

Is There One in Your Life or in You?

Is there a Gene Roddenberry in you? Or what about one of his characters in the original series?

Personalities who get the sense of this, a respect for others, get it; when it comes to Star Trek. And no, this does not mean our idiosyncrasies do not cause conflicts with others at times.

But, when you sit back and think about what is happening, whether it be by some internal or external strife, your reasoning ability can identify the problem.

Take the problems that have occurred with different tribes and caste systems, if you will? Or; two individuals who do not see eye to eye.

What has happened even with good friends who were closer than brothers when they did not find where the hurtful problem was residing and how to ethically resolve it?

Ah, what was going through Gene’s mind when he created Day of the Dove?

Wow! Could you resolve a problem like the one above? Some of you authors have written similar scenarios in your books; we just know it. A character that reasons on what is right and also brave enough to do it. Which saves the day!

We could go on, but let’s close with this thought. Gene Roddenberry wrote with this future view. No smoking, piracy, prejudice, or religion. And yet, his themes went into references from the Good Book in more than one episode. Imagine that.

I’m aware of even some readers here have not given consideration to the role of religion; Which I’m not going to dive into here. Again, Imagine this.

Imagine asking a King who walks past you for an opportunity to speak with him and to learn from him. The King likes your smile and sincerity. He points to one of his trusted aids and says, “This person knows what makes me happy. He will tell you and even give you exercises, if you will, to help keep you healthy and strong as my subject and NOW friend.” You look at the King with a smile. The King then says, “Call me when you need me or just to talk.”

Such an encounter and words have come about in an illustrative sense due to these words taught by a famous prophet that sincere people exercise in a regular routine and innate desire: (The Good Book:Matthew 22:36-40)

Where would we be without such elevated thoughts?

Would Gene Rodenberry’s original series have been as successful without them?

Live Long and Prosper
Read: Star Trek a Gene Roddenberry Vision Part 1
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2020 Gratitude with an Equestrian Flair

2020 Gratitude with an Equestrian Flair

This article was originally posted on January 2, 2020

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Back on December 30, 2011, after a year of writing books and blogging, I wrote an open thank you blog article to the ones who had been following me at that time. This is how the very first paragraph started:

“Hello Everyone, Twitter & Facebook Contacts, No one likes to be taken for granted wouldn’t you agree? And with that being said, know that I thank you for your support this past year. Whether you are one of my Twitter and Facebook contacts, and additional networks contacts; your interest is appreciated.”

In it, I addressed my Twitter followers; did you know you could only tweet a 140 characters back then?
I also thanked my Facebook followers. Though you don’t hear me talk about it much, there is an official facebook.com/Pocbooks

And as I mentioned in the onset, “No one likes to be taken for granted” In addition to that thought, you do not have to accept derogatory labels from any person who says otherwise. Why? Because they may have lost insight into what respect, dignity, and honoring a person means.

Even when they are not your immediate neighbor (or best friend).

With that said, here is another statement from 2011:

“A great shout out has to go to the Twitter and Facebook users’ United Kingdom crew, and you know who you are! Your expressions give me a perspective on your friendships, family, and idioms of the land. It has been a pleasure.”

Special mentions went out to these groups as well!

The writers
The men and women of youthful power

To this group, this year, I want to thank the equestrians. Over the past year, or has it been two now? My goodness. I’ve featured Gracie Tyte (pony_nuts) YouTube channel in the Product of Culture website’s sidebar and shared a lot of her links on all my social media sites. Hey, I even shared them in the pocbooks app! (Released in November 2019) Right now the app is back in redesign mode

Gracie has caused me, I’m not alone in this, to laugh over the past two years, and caused my mind to think as well. I’ve learned points about horses I did not know; but she sure does. She is also a strong uplifting spirit when it comes to treating people with dignity. So in conclusion, I once again want to thank Gracie for the equestrian ( Pony Nuts Shop ) and experiences content creation. I want to also thank all you readers who enjoy and share this content with others!

Have a successful 2020 year and beyond. We are talking about forever here!

2020 Gratitude with an Equestrian Flair; share you happiness and smile with others today!