Spirit in the Terms of Service Parts 1 and 2

Spirit in the Terms of Service

The Spirit in the Terms of Service in This is Perceptive Readers Podcast 4v episode

Understanding the Terms of Service Agreement in Twitter. This applies not only in Twitter’s case but this will help you to know how honest up front (clear) policys is important in all inquiries and transactions.

You are listening to the opening Parts 1 and 2 discussion on the subject of Understanding the Spirit of What is Written and Why?

Bullying effects you may not know

Bullying effects you may not know

This Interesting and sober subject is a repost from May 2, 2019

A child is born with a heart of gold

For your Information, here are two thoughts about bullying you may not know. You are aware, this website has talked about the topic of  bullying for quite a few years. Here is an FYI found on Wikipedia. And a recent Instagram post from a talented equestrian rider during the teenage years.

In the United Kingdom, there is no legal definition of bullying,[6] while some states in the United States have laws against it.[7] Bullying is divided into four basic types of abuse – emotional (sometimes called relational), verbalphysical, and cyber.[8] It typically involves subtle methods of coercion, such as intimidation.

“Bullying ranges from one-on-one, individual bullying through to group bullying called mobbing, in which the bully may have one or more “lieutenants” who may seem to be willing to assist the primary bully in their bullying activities. Bullying in school and the workplace is also referred to as “peer abuse”.[9] Robert W. Fuller has analyzed bullying in the context of rankism.”  Wikipedia

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I want to talk to you all about bullying – we all experience it at some point and we all know how horrible it is…so why does it still happen? Boredom? Jealously? Or do people generally think it’s funny? It’s something I don’t think I’ll ever be able to wrap my head around. Sadly social media gives people the anonymity to say what they want without having to face the consequences , with no understanding of that person they are attacking. No wonder so many people suffer emotional problems when they are faced with this. Thank goodness we have charities such as Young Minds who are there to help and more awareness needs to be made of the support they offer. I get lots of lovely messages every day offering support and love but I also get many messages from people also getting bullied online and getting hate FOR NO REASON and it just makes me so angry that we as an community some of us have to bring others down. It’s a tough hard sport and we all work really hard day in day out in all weathers alongside school and work and family to ensure our equine partners are happy to do the job for the hobby we love. I know the message is out there – that online bullying is bad – but I for one will always want to continue ‘banging my drum’ – it is NOT ACCEPTABLE!! To those people who really cant cope seeing other people’s failures or successes or just living, if you don’t agree with something or don’t like someone online don’t follow them, block them, remove them from your life. Don’t try and make them feel awful. Don’t talk about them behind their back. Blowing out someone else’s candle DOES NOT make yours any brighter. Maybe try and say something nice to them and see how that turns out instead… be kind, be positive, make someone’s day. It feels good. Rant over except to say thank you to all my followers here – I for one think you’re amazing. If you’re at Badminton Horse Trials this weekend make sure you visit the @youngmindsuk to find out how they can help people deal with issues such as online bullying uk stand if you’d like to find out more about the charity and support the work they do ⭐ #mmbht #fightingfor

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Honest Conversation with Kibls

Dear Perceptive Readers, welcome to this honest conversation survey.

Some of you will appreciate this neat conversation with Kibls, a poetry writer.

Honest Conversation with Kibls

Friendly Postcard Message via Minds
To: @Kibls
From: @pocjl
Subject: Thinking Question.
Hi Kibls,

If You could figure out a price (cost) tag on HONESTY, how much do you think it would cost?

Kind regards, James (Author/ Poetry Writer)

Honest Conversation with Kibls

“Uff… a hard philosophical question… I will need some time for a good answer i think so… I will reply during the day anytime”

“Sure. Take your time. Thank you so much”

“The hard part with this question is that in our society we’re raised to lie every day to others out of kindness. For example the question “how do you feel” or whether you “do have the same liking as myself” tempt many people to lie nowadays pretty often. But that goes of course still further, whether it is for professional or personal reasons, I would like to allow everyone to their own imaginations to this topic.

But I stray from the subject, how much value has the truth? And well… then we must either be nice again and for the love of all others agree on the general truth. But the general truth is nevertheless very incomplete and for many it often appears as a lie or as opponent of the truth.

The real question should be; can there be a lasting truth at all? One truth we might agree at the moment is that we still don’t know what’s in front of our eyes even we see it every day. Another true could be that everything changes and transforms. I would say the same for the truth. What now seems true can possibly be exposed in 100 years (or more) as a lie or as simply wrong.

And there we are again at the price tag and the fact that truth cannot be sold because then it would be some kind of lie. What you can sell is your own version of the truth and you will surely find people who share this version. But if it is the truth, is very difficult to say for reasons explained above. But I notice already again how I digress more than that I get to the point. But this is also only because there is no point at all.

But in a nutshell; I think the truth cannot be sold and is priceless.

And I would perhaps like to point out that many contradictions do not really contradict each other. But that would be a philosophical topic in itself

I remembered a good example to the topic contradictions. At the moment you get more goods for the same amount of BTC because the BTC price is rising. At the same time, however, the value of the euro and usd continues to fall. So you get less and less goods and services for EUR/USD. One is called deflation, the other inflation. Now you can say that one is the truth and the other is opposed to this truth. But actually both are happening at the same time and in the same economy. And of course it depends on from which point of view you look at the whole thing, because every human being has its own “perception filter”. But well, that was probably not so good as an answer to your question. But well…. I am a philosopher…”

“Thank you so much sir. You did answer the question. And I tell you no lie, you are right, Honesty and “Truth” is priceless because it saves the lives of the ones who accept it. John 17:3

According to the Good book, a life made in God’s (some call him the universe) image is priceless and everlasting.

So even though a person at times does not respect (value) a life, honesty, and Truth. The one who created us does and values us beyond all the material assets in the world. (That moths and dust consumes)

Thank you so much Kibls again for your thoughts. I will be sharing this conversation with my Perceptive Readers at the Product of Culture website. Best wishes James”

Perceptive Readers, I hope you enjoyed this question and response. Maybe you have had similar conversation. Have a pleasant Day in your heart and mind. – J.L.

Honest Conversation with Kibls

Star Trek a Gene Roddenberry Vision part 1

Star Trek a Gene Roddenberry Vision Part 1

A couple of times a year, I write one of those blog articles that could be placed in a personal journal (for the gentlemen) or diary (for the ladies). So why is the title featuring Star Trek? ‘Is it because you are a die-hard Trekkie?’ You ask.

Well, I wouldn’t say all of that; however, for a number of years in my life, some of the Science Fiction stories, Star Trek, in particular, struck a chord with me.

Science Fiction: fiction dealing principally with the impact of actual or imagined science on society or individuals or having a scientific factor as an essential orienting component- Merriam Webster Dictionary

Star Trek a Gene Roddenberry Vision

Gene Roddenberry debuted the original Star Trek in 1966. You can see from his screenplays a sincere desire to have a future where humanity, at least on earth, got along together as a whole. “Utopia” you may say? Well, yes it seems; he at least wrote a strong leaning towards it anyway.

Utopia: A place of ideal perfection especially in laws, government, and social conditions. – Merriam Webster Dictionary

Now people who have meditated on all the barriers to Gene Roddenberry’s vision in his writings, will readily acknowledge, isn’t this the beauty of Science Fiction? You use your imagination, and dreams, and write until your seemingly far-fetched thoughts and love of humanity ideas materialize.

William Shatner’s Character

Willam Shatner played the character of Captain James Tiberius Kirk. He was a bare-knuckles brawler at times who would not start a fight, but would finish it with everything he had at his disposal. By the way, he possessed a lot of charm, so there were scenes of romance in more than a quarter of the episodes every season for the character of Kirk, if I correctly recall. Some may ask, “You sure Kirk wasn’t romancing a decked out attired lady every episode?”

My reply, “There are other characters who also screen acted scenes of amore written into the episodes.”

So from that brief description, you can ascertain William Shatner’s character of Kirk is an alpha male warrior with a strong sense of protecting the pack. Yet, it was still through this Captain, Mr. Roddenberry used him to make significant speeches on social issues at the time, but placed them in a universe and future far away. Here are two clips where William Shatner shows Kirk’s passion on the side of indignation (A) and on losing his best friend (B).



Patrick Stewart Shakespearean Skilled Character

Patrick Stewart developed the character of Captain Jean-Luc Picard with excellence! His experience of acting with the Royal Shakespeare Company displayed itself from the very first episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Though Patrick Stewart’s character, Captain Picard, knew how to defend himself, and others as a brilliant strategist; he often used master diplomacy skills to avoid and get out of conflicts. The episodes maintained a balance on developing all the main casts backgrounds and interest. Hence the writing did not utilize Patrick Stewart’s role of lead in the majority of scenes for each episode.

I will now leave you with a montage of speeches in this next video. You will notice that these written words of a sci-fi future have been and still are echoed this present day!

Questions on whether or not morality is important to the well-being of any group, any society? E.g., Because a person may materially have more than another, does it mean he/she has the right to strip a principled (laws are based on principles) abiding citizen of their Almighty God-given dignity rights? To think freely (with the conscience) and to provide for oneself and one’s family (LOOK IT UP: According to the Good Book it is an Almighty God-given responsibility).

During the serious dialogue, in Shakespearean cadence, Patrick Stewart animates Captain Picard’s character to ponder moral and ethical questions. What happens when an individual ignores such questions?

E.g. Ethics: The field of ethics (or moral philosophy) involves systematizing, defending, and recommending concepts of right and wrong behavior. Philosophers today usually divide ethical theories into three general subject areas: metaethics, normative ethics, and applied ethics. Metaethics investigates where our ethical principles come from, and what they mean. Are they merely social inventions? Do they involve more than expressions of our individual emotions? Metaethical answers to these questions focus on the issues of universal truths, the will of God, the role of reason in ethical judgments, and the meaning of ethical terms themselves. -https://www.iep.utm.edu/ethics/

Hope you enjoyed an excerpt from my mental journal (for gentlemen) or dairy (for ladies)

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