Love Runs Out A Song on Love Commentary

Love Runs Out – A Song on Love Commentary

Originally published November 2018. Happy to restore this for you!

Motivation for this Love Commentary.

This post is to share an ear and eye-catching music video called Love Runs Out, in addition to sharing a thought on the trials to maintain love in a song like this one.

Like in the video Love Runs Out, originally by OneRepublic, that is being performed by Grace Lee and Daniel Jang, You hear the main unforgettable hook, ” Til the love runs out.”

At times, you hear me say, ‘I tip my hat to you.’ It means much appreciation or well done when you see me do it. After listening to this Daniel Jang and Grace Lee collaboration, I would like to tip my hat to Grace Lee and give my hat as a gift to Daniel Jang! This collaboration gets five (great) stars from the Product of Culture website.
Love and the Fight

If a person is going to love themselves and be able to share it with others, the reality often shows it’s going to be a fight; metaphorically speaking! This song highlights challenges we all face. Do you feel like there are forces today, seen and unseen, attempting to break up families, friendships, and even working relationships? Will You or “Will I” succumb to the pressure to no longer show a loving spirit? In maturity, though, the generous spirit of the heart is confident and giving not only for self but also to others. Do you agree? L-O-V-E

What have some of the well-known philosophers said about it? What has the “Good Book” (Holy Bible) said about love?

It may be in the case of OneRepublic, they have different thoughts behind their written words.
Here it is for me as a listener to this song. It makes me think about how a person has to resolve in his or her heart and mind that no matter what challenges they face to be molded into a person that no longer loves the object of his or her affections (extended thought of people in general), such a person is going to keep finding ways to work it out. Yes, the person is willing and determined! An individual who is determined to do good grows in maturity and wisdom.
In this world, today, may all who are sincerely looking for and praying for peace and love, in additional to wanting this for others, find it.
Enjoy this version of Grace Lee and Daniel Jang Love Runs Out!

The Credits
Social Media and Support for these Musicians
Love Runs Out by OneRepublic cover.


Daniel Jang:

I decided to try something new and collaborated with the talented Grace Lee on this song. We started this from scratch so everything you hear was recorded by us. I know it’s not my usual thing but some people have asked for some singing so here it is! Also, a new violin cover is in the works.

Hope you like it! Follow us and subscribe for more! Thanks

Thanks to Rob for shooting the video (

Vocals: Grace Lee
Video and track produced by: Daniel Jang

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Daniel Jang:

Part III – Love Commentary
A Writer’s Poetry

A Writer’s Thoughts
Poetry Featured: PURE INTENTION
A pure intention is dispensed in honor.
The pure intention is straight.
A pure intention is clarity.

The thought and heart behind it has not changed.
It cannot be changed.
It has no desire to change.

The pure intention of Love is a gift.
A gift that is:

How great and perfect is a pure intention.
Ah to have a mind and heart full of them.
See how such a pure intention grows

Beauty is as beauty does -James Lynch Jr.

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