Julian A Google Analytics and Tag Manager Guru

Tag Manager Guru Julien G’day, This article was originally posted on December 15, 2017
Julian a Creator of MeasureSchool
Julian A Google Analytics and Tag Manager Guru!
Like in the title, Julian is undoubtedly qualified to help most users of this internet tool to become familiar and use one of Googles top-notch programs.
Julian is certified in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.
With his personable delivery of his knowledge and instructions of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, he will help you get your website up and running meaningful stats in no time.
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Julian’s videos will help your businesses answer these following questions:
A) Where should the owner/company spend the budget for marketing?B) When you have different campaigns, which one is yielding the best results?C) The articles or product pages your readers and consumers are interested in that made them think, “I shall return.”
So are you one of these individuals with a website?
Digital MarketerProfessionalAuthorGrandma or Granddad with a website ?
Then there may be times you find yourself needing data for a report, or just desire to keep abreast of your progress and audience demographic, Julian’s knowledge will be of value to you.
As one professional openly expressed, “follow them and become an expert.”
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At Measureschool, they want to help you to collect better data in order to utilize digital measurement in your decision making; and help you stay up to date on the trends of new Measure tools.
Experience:“Learning the data-driven way made all the difference for me when building Urbanara. We were no longer stifled by too many possibilities and the fear of doing something wrong. Guided by data we made changes on an ongoing basis, optimized our campaigns and got better results along the way” – Julian
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