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Poetry Lived A Year Unlike Others

A Year Unlike Others The Poetry Lived & A Sages Poetry is a Bonus feature of the Perceptive Readers Podcast. “A Year Unlike Others” Kind Lyrics/Stanza Placed Here Poetry Creation Date: December 26, 2019 Author: James Lynch Jr. A Perceptive Readers Feature POCBOOKS Content Platforms The Perceptive Readers Podcast is an intriguing feature in the Product of Culture website. For...
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A Year Unlike Others

A Year Unlike Others Product of Culture Poetry Creation Creation and published Date December 26, 2019 Author: James Lynch Jr A DayPeople give serious thoughtsMaking plans making goals with good intentionsWhat are yoursDid you tell anyone Whatever may be the caseMake sure fear doesn't take away the base Oh how that word interferes in so many plains of existence Granted it is not ...
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Honoring You Poem of Appreciation

Honoring you poem of appreciation Author: James Lynch Jr There are times a parent Honors a child. A child Honors a parent. A friend Honors a friend Colleagues Honors a colleague Mates Honor One another We speak the word Cherish to the poetry of the above. The Majestic of all is when YOU Honor the Heavenly Father of all Creation by speaking his Name in the Pureness of Hear...
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Social Media Sharing Pick Thursday Sage Innerarity

Have you ever experienced a Poetry fair like this? "Not necessary at the fair;" you say, "but it was just as enthralling with the mind's heart." Well, good for you and Happy Thursday! Sage Innerarity Winner- "Sage Innerarity" from Pleasant Grove High School performs "Friendship After Love" by Ella Wheeler Wilcox at Poetry Out Loud 2018. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WTS4V1WTlvM Po...
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