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Do you need help with Classroom and Study Time Schedules?

Do school exams get you down? Is it because you feel there is never enough time to study? How many class projects do you have to accomplish each week? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it is time to take the schedule that is in your and write it down paper. If you would rather store your schedule in an electronic app, then here is one that may help you. My Study Life My Study Li...
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Which of these beverages do you often drink before an Exam?

Before a test what beverage do you like to drink? Imagine for a moment your body and brain as a vehicle. A basic car needs gasoline and air to get it moving when called upon by the motor. What are you fueling your brain with in preparation for a big test? Select your choice below. [polldaddy poll=6759911] Feel free to share this poll with friends and colleagues. Additional comments may also be ma...
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Can The Memory Prescription help you?

  The Memory Prescription is a book designed to help improve the brain’s memory. Written by Dr. Gary Small, his tested techniques are put on paper in order to improve your memory within two weeks. Fourteen days is a small price to pay to improve and maintain a sharp memory throughout our lifespan. Dr. Gary Small has years of experience. His colleagues also vouch for his expertise and the ...
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