Remember The Net Neutrality Cause and Effect

Dear Perceptive Readers, here is a December 2017 article from the archives for a hindsight learning 20/20 view. Are you seeing any cause and effect for the year 2020 from the decisions that were made about Net Neutrality? To gain wisdom from knowledge, remember you analyze the cause and effect in areas where there may not have been written or documented proof before.

Is Net Neutrality a Big Deal? From December 2017

ThioJoe feels Net Neutrality is a big deal.
What do you think about this subject?
You may wonder what the writer/owner of this website thinks about Net Neutrality?

If a person or company inquired, these assessments/statements below would come from an IT professional viewpoint.

These are just two thoughts that came to my mind several years ago when this discussion (seems like it is never ending) began.

1) WHAT REALLY are the benefits for bringing up this control topic? It also helps to see WHO stones are used to balance the scales, so to speak.
2) Is this REALLY a serious problem, or should the final research/debate on this topic be thrown into this category?
“If it is not broken, then don’t try to fix it.”

Think tanks and Decision makers use years of experience to know when to say when. Or as the expression goes, be careful, you may throw the baby out with the bath water.

Question for the Perceptive Readers: Can you illustrate a time when someone touched something or a situation that was proven to the facts working well (probably even great) at the time, then it fell apart?
It is like shaking too much salt on food; better to be light-handed with the salt dispenser, than heavy handed. Inasmuch, the naturally grown flavor of fruits and vegetables will always be preferred(better) to the palate and health of the body, than a mismeasurement (mismanagement) of salt.

Thiojoe illustrates further why he states: Without Net Neutrality… The Internet Is Over

Is Net Neutrality a Big Deal? Hope This is a PSA on Net Neutrality is informative for you.
Thiojoe stated in the video what you could do next to share your views about net neutrality to allow your voice to be heard. Of course, it is your decision; it is your choice.

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Letter Writing Kindness is not a Weakness

Who What When Why in Letter Writing; which kindness is not a weakness. Yes, get to your point in addressing a concern(s) why maintaining dignity at the same time.


Social Sharing Thursday Sept 24

Perceptive Readers welcome once more to Thursdays Social Media Share Featured Pick

Social Media Sharing Thursday! POSTED Sept 24, 2020
Do you remember these names and posts from last year?

  • Social Media Sharing Pick Thursday Sage Innerarity
  • Social Media Pick Thursday James A Hill

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Motivation Success Quotes

History of Social Media Sharing Thursday

Well, instead of Social Media Sharing happening in November this year, how about looking forward to starting today; on this Thursday?

I will post a video and Instagram link of a poet, artist, professional, graduating students, and yes, a paragraph or two why this video or instagram caught my attention.

Really, as you Perceptive Readers know, often we both notice the same interesting points and thoughts; even though we express it in different ways at times.

The Choices of Joy
These Social Sharing Thursdays were a highlight for many in the year of 2019. It ran for two months. Did Thursdays not cause your day to experience a deep thought, if not outright joy?

What a better reason to run it for 4 months starting here and now in September of 2020

The Links Posted

You will most likely see the choice shared early in the mornings and posted to the Product of Culture groups and Social Media throughout the day!

The Comments Section
The Sharing Social Media Thursday posted articles are designed to have the comments section left open.
“Be professional”
What do I mean by ‘be professional?’
Answer: When you are going on a job interview how do you principally prepare your mind in conversation and writing so the CEOs will understand where you are coming from?

It does not mean you are perfect but don’t you want to sound reasonable
And that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Best Wishes, James Lynch
Owner, Writer, Poet and Podcaster of


Want to Start a Blog

Some of the discussion is in reference to How To Start a Blog – Beginner’s Guide for 2020

A recent comment shared on the post you will appreciate!

“First, allow me thank you, Jessica Knapp for sharing this. I hope this next point offers a thought of value as well:
I would not be surprised if I visited ( way back in 2006 as you stated. You are now an old-timer; respectively, that is. You have covered everything. I’m curious, do you also have a favorite blog category listing as well? Some websites and bloggers who used to keep up with those things, have now stopped blogging themselves”

Kind regards, James Lynch Jr. Owner, podcaster, and Writer of

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Best Proof Reading Tips for Writers

Writers, Students, and Pros; what are your proofreading tips? Proofreading is normally done after you are satisfied with your draft article or story. You are looking to edit misspellings, grammar, and punctuation errors.


You are not a Label

You are not a Label. To have additional thoughts for this discussion, be sure to enjoy listen the series Cooties Didn’t Stop Them.
Thank you for listening and sharing the Perceptive Readers Podcast. Have a wonderful day.


Guest House Chrissy Costanza Summer Start

Guest House Chrissy Costanza Summer Start

In August 2020, the idea and preparation for the show called Guest House came online with Chrissy Costanza as the host! Guest House is a VENN production exclusive.

The official announcement came with fanfare and a preview of VENN’s directory scheduling format:  “BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!!! I am SO excited to announce my brand new show “Guest House” on Venn! I want to bring on YOUR favorite musicians, gamers, athletes, and creators to hang, game, create & more. Who do you want to see on the show?

  • VENN @watchvenn
  • 24/7 network for gaming, streaming, esports, & entertainment
  • 20+ hours of original programming
  • 50,000 sq. ft. studio
  • Watch anywhere

History of Writings
The Product of Culture website has written about the lead singer of Against the Current and highlighted their videos for more than 4 years. An important reference is often made about Rocksound online magazine where Chrissy Costanza has been interviewed by, and produced writings, and books for them.

History of Writings Part 2
Here are a few tidbits about Chrissy you may not know. Who knows, when some are invited on the Guest House show, they may be able to say, “Chrissy I appreciate that you have this understanding or preference towards… this or that.”

  • Against the Current aka ATC—The band currently consists of lead vocalist Chrissy Costanza, guitarist Dan Gow, and drummer Will Ferri.
  • Family Member Sammy—Chrissy has a Goldendoodle dog named Sammy. I declare that dog thinks she is human; when she is laying on Chrissy’s bed you better not tell her otherwise!
  • Italian American—Do you see that spirit in her blood? I bet you do.
  • Her height is 5’1″ or about 155 centimeters.
  • Animals and Food—Her favorite animal is the lion, loves pizza and popcorn

The Special Guest House Article

It has been my pleasure over the years to make special pages from time to time on the artists highlighted on the website. Unlike the posted articles, the pages only stay posted for a certain amount of time and then stored away in this writer’s and poet portfolio; if you will.
With the above knowledge, I made and exception to this post, that will maintain the special elemental style for vibrance.
Hope you will save this page in your favorites and share it with others. You will appreciate how the highlighted videos change each week!

Have a wonderful day!


How are you protecting your Internet wages

What is your policy for protecting your Internet wages?

Dear Perceptive Readers, I hope this post finds you all well; if not better than good! For professional and legal reasons, you state at times your policy and mission statements when are in an organization or business. When you are the sole proprietor, you at times do not need a lot of bureaucracy in place to make decisions. You deal with your customers and clientele in an honorable way. When you make a deal to trade this service for that service, etc; you can often say “good trade.”

There have been times when entrepreneurs and professionals decided to limit some of the services they provided due to not receiving income for the valued product of services they were providing to the public. The reasons for the deficit was not due to contractual customers no longer fulfilling their end of the bargain; it at times is what was happening in the beginning, middle of the transaction, and at the end.

People were siphoning the professional or entrepreneurs resources. In this technological age; these are items that are stolen; the same way a thief can steal a loaf of bread, money, and material:

Examples: Website traffic, social media followers and likes. Sells. Contacts, intellectual property.

I’m sure you get the point. Does it matter to you if the above currency is censored, siphoned, and laundered to another entity or person?

Just know, in one scenario, the following happened to a professional:

It doesn’t matter if someone says to you “it doesn’t matter.” It is not their place to withhold wages from you period; being a judge over you in that way. Side thought: Some of these very persons who keep saying that, may be the very person’s complicit and actively participating in taking your (internet currency) wages ** Book of James**

People at times will even try to cause you to think your time and resources are not even worth anything. When really, just because a person does not value what is being brought to the table; it must be worth something, for them to think up elborate means to take your wages and intellectual property.

So Perceptive Readers here are my questions for you:

Have you ever experienced the above?
What policy and actions do you have in place to resolve the above problem?


Technology and Social Media Conversation with Professionals

This is a repost from over a year ago in 2019

Perceptive Readers Podcast 4i – Technology, Big Tech, Entrepreneurs and Social Media Digital Marketing in years past. What is a professional to do?


Winning Over A Group of Skeptics

Winning Over A Group of Skeptics Here is some help. Welcome to this Pocbooks Update Moment.