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Scott Kelly Astronaut and Man of ENDURANCE (Fall 2017)

Scott Kelly Astronaut Author
Scott Kelly proved to be an astronaut with ENDURANCE. He  is now sharing his experiences with every listening ear. On March 1, 2016, Scott Kelly returned back to earth after 340 days in space! Since landing, he has continued his travels by speaking at public events and via Social Media his interesting experiences, photographs, and life’s stories. During his chronicling of the year in spac...
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Why Do Your Best? Start Today

Why Do Your Best? British Statesman Philip Stanhope once stated, “Anything worth doing at all is worth doing well.” Is this the prevailing attitude today? Many exhibit an attitude of “getting by”, in which they do the bare minimum of what is required to progress. Should we maintain such a mentality? If not, what reasons do we have for doing our best? Well, let us discuss three reasons; increased s...
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