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Is it the Human or Alien Race?

This article is to describe in observation the words' connotation effect of race and racism. When a lot of people use the word race today, does it leave you with a negative connotation? It is like when people say Black, White, Asian, and Brown race; whatever the statement may be, by adding the word race at the end, instead of just saying color, it impugns that different colors are a different spe...
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Keep Resisting the Scourge of Prejudice and Jealousy

Resisting the Scourge of Prejudice and Jealousy Experiences in life can make a person an expert in matters they sometimes did not even choose. This post is a smaller section of a bigger article, on how a person can drift into prejudice even when they did not set out to be this way. Remember tender hearts, a person can start off genuinely not being biased against someone until they see something t...
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Page 1 See beginning  here THE EFFECT OF SYMPATHY  "Is this the residence of Tammy L. Martinez?" The agency calmly said. "Yes?" stuttered Victoria. "Ma'am, we have confirmed Tammy’s death today. When would you like to come retrieve the body?"  Victoria could not talk. Everyone was shocked! No one could even shed a tear yet.  Because of this instead of going to Selena first, they went to her last....
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Page 1 of this Creative Writing story started here. THE EFFECT OF SYMPATHY Page 2 Since that day Tammy couldn't go anywhere without her niece. To prove that she loved her and wanted to be there her whole life, Tammy took a piece of cardboard and with a permanent marker she traced her hand prints. These hand prints would come to show how fast and how much Selena had grown. Like other kids mark thei...
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