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Kina Grannis Single By 30 News & Musicians At Their Best

Greetings Readers, This is to inform you of the latest and greatest Kina Grannis news because as you know, the Product of Culture (POCbooks) website has kept you abreast of Kina Grannis events, albums, and sometimes life events. Though the author of this website may not be a “Kinerd,” per se, his reports and writings are produced as a “labor of love.” Here is the New, NEWS on Kina Grannis...
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So You turned another Year Older

This is to announce So You turned another Year Older  is a new released jewel of a book available for download at Amazon.com! This new release is in the non-fiction category exclusively at Amazon.com. This does not mean there won’t be a story or two in there. The reason for this release is explained in the book’s preface!  However, here are some thoughts to consider for the readers in the b...
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The Final Exam—AudioBook

For new readers who did not know about this trilogy, here is the audio sample. I realize the POCbooks website offers a variety of new topics and writings as a whole, while others are archived and removed; still, yes, this trilogy will stay available indefinitely. The Final Exam -Audio book Product of Culture Trilogy Book 3 ==================================================== The Product of Cul...
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Who Are the Colesmiths? An Evocative Story Filled with Wisdom-Archer Anderson

Captivating Poetry
Who Are the Colesmiths? An Evocative Story Filled with Wisdom-Archer Anderson Product of Culture: "Who are the Colesmiths?" by James Lynch Jr. is a story for anyone who enjoys an intellectual challenge, engaging its readers in the challenge to make connections that reveal the whole picture. It is a story of hope, the realities of life, coping mechanisms, and the cross-generational influence of fa...
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