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Bosses and Culture? Kally knows

Entrepreneurship and Bosses
Bosses and Culture is of interest to working people. Western lands employ more industrial and corporate means in society.  The agricultural days, when most people had a farm or knew someone who had one are now over.  What’s the difference? Cities have become bigger while people have become less familiar with their social surroundings.  Who is this person sitting beside me in this new world? When y...
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The World of Zootopia

The World of Zootopia. Zootopia “This film is about diversity; about avoiding prejudice; about the value of true friendship. And friendship with yourself— Having the will, commitment, and determination to accomplish your dream. Shakira (Cast as Gazelle) Directors: Byron Howard, Rich Moore, and Jared Bush. Cast(voices) This list is not exhaustive: Views and Observations You will be...
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One or Two. A and B community understanding

Daniela Andrade Shore EP Thoughts
One or Two. A and B community understanding Are you the type of person who can carry out a major undertaking for just one or two individuals? Take for instance blogging and video content. Even when the audience is diverse, it seems best to concentrate on the audience that gains the most benefit or value in what you are saying or producing. I guess you would call it “being true to yourself”. In ...
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Different Strokes for Different Folks

Different people like different things. Different people live in different ways. One statement goes: My neighbor spends all his free time working in his garden. I would never want to do that, but different strokes for different folks.   Makes for interesting interactions at times, does it not? The list can go on and on. The word diversity is often used to ensure people respect each other...
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