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Presenting Lost Boy by Daniel Jang Violinist

Lost Boy By Daniel Jang
This is another one of those times when I say,  "Let us listen to the instrumental music of this violinst know as Daniel Jang."  His finesse and style shows in everything he performs. You will also see how to purchase his music in this post. Enjoy! Lost Boy – Ruth B – cover by Daniel Jang Violinist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmKmEOGBhkg   Daniel Jang Violin cover of Lost Boy ...
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Love Runs Out Brief Commentary

Love Runs Out
This post is not only to share an ear and eye-catching music video called Love Runs Out, but it is also to share a brief thought on love and a song like this one. Like in the video Love Runs Out, originally by OneRepublic, that is being performed by Grace Lee and Daniel Jang, You hear the main unforgettable hook, " Til the love runs out." At times you hear me say, 'I tip my hat to you.' It means...
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The Songs and Faith in Arden Cho and Daniel Jang Hearts

Arden Cho and Daniel Jang
Hearing Arden Cho and Daniel Jang make musical collaborations together happens to put a smile on my ears. Your ears will be happy too listening to the singing of Arden Cho and violinist Daniel Jang. This article is to highlight their collaboration together and the Faith they expressed about an old spiritual hymn. You may be familiar with the hymn. It has been a song in happy times and a song in...
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