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Scrivener One Writing Tool of Choice

You have good reasons to look into the Scrivener software mentioned here for school papers, reports, blogs, and the list goes on and on. From the diary writer to the meticulous journalist, this software will help you. Help where? When it is necessary to brainstorm, research, recall, and complete writing projects. Scrivener’s Cost There is a Free Trial version available for 30 days. The developer...
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A Workman is Worthy of His or Her Wages

Have you ever seen someone put a roof on top of a house in the middle of the summer? Ah, when the temperature is 90 degrees on the ground in the shade, imagine how hot it is on the roof with the bright sun reflecting its heat off the shingles! If you can fry an egg on the street, then you can boil one on the roof. The craftsman takes his time with skill and patience. After the job is completed, he...
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The Musical Gift In Arianna Morgan

It is common to take a glance at something and then quickly move to the next item. The same holds true to listening.  An individual will find it a challenge to quickly move past the singing of Arianna Morgan! Arianna Morgan Interview The musical gift she shares has turned out to be something that the global family can enjoy.  She and her parents were gracious enough to allow me to interview her....
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