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Communicate in ways that Resolves Drama

Are these statements familiar? 1) When are we going to fix this? 2) Did you know about this bit of information? 3) I’m not sure what you are telling me, come again? In the statements above, we observe they end with a question mark. Maybe you have asked similar questions of your family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, public servant figures, and even strangers. In referencing culture often...
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Good to Great-In Business Today?

Are businesses having a difficult time implementing policies that are practical, but are now looked upon as outdated? -Question by the Webmaster. This continues in the Blog Series: Fine Tuning Clear Communication - Part 4 We have bypassed posting parts 2 and 3 in this series. Due to the reason it addressed views and techniques that in communicating with some of this website’s audience, they alre...
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Fine Tuning Clear Communications

POCbooks Website Article Series Fine Tuning Clear Communications 1-Introduction Take a look at the nicknamed communications van. Do we need a designated nomenclature (Name, part numbers, or other terminology)? No, not for the sake of this illustration, we are concentrating on the setup and function of the nicknamed communications van; in addition to the emotional experience with the process....
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