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Enliven Album An Entralling Take By Julijana Sarac

Welcome to the Enliven Album An Entralling Take By Julijana Sarac
In January of 2021, I had the opportunity to purchase the “Enliven” album by Pianist Julijana Sarac. Julijana is on a masterful level in music composition. So much so, I just want to relate these thoughts on the “Enliven” album.

I enjoy the Enliven album at home and on driving locations. It is an uplift to my early start to the day. By listening to this album, it helps you to focus as well when working through clerical or writing prompts for you authors out there. No way is the “Enliven” album solely for writers, but is for anyone who enjoys music, and loves the piano.

For this article, I’m relating several quotes from an online article/paper. These quoted selections greatly helps you listeners to be cognizant of just what Julijana Sarac accomplished on the “Enliven” album.

Reference the Culture Section Here.

Highlighting “Enliven”

These quotes are from M. MIRKOVIĆ and the article:
MOCART WITH SALSA, AND BETOVEN WITH BLUES: Pianist Julijana Šarac on the recently released album Enliven. (Team Dr. Ivan Ilić and music producer Milan Prokop.)

I truly appreciate the way M. MIRKOVIĆ carried out his music review of the Enliven album. His expert commentary did this album, and Julijana (motivated by love) justice; hence I hope you will also peruse more of his writings in the future.

2 Quotes from M. MIRKOVIĆ

“Most of the compositions contain classical melodies that intertwine with some of the famous pop songs or rhythms, such as salsa.”

“Such was the case with the blues composition I put a spell on you, which was enriched with Beethoven’s classic “Moonlight Sonata” without disturbing any of the size of these works, which are slightly intertwined, harmonized in a rhythm that affects the sensibility of the new, younger audience. , who may never have heard of the greats of classical music.”

The Popularity of Julijana Sarac’s Sound

If anyone is curious about the feedback on Julijana merging century old classics with this century popular songs, here is an opinion: “desecration.”

I do not know how many groups of people feel this way, but a very applicable assessment is related by M. MIRKOVIĆ. In response to the (maybe small number) music connoisseurs who feel it is taking away the classics greatness in some way he states:

These “classical pastors” forgot that today’s performance of classical music is significantly different from the period when it was created, both because of the instruments that produced a completely different sound, and because of the interpretation, emphasizes the pianist who during her academic career dealt with various (non) musical aspects that affect our perception of music.

The Animation of Enliven

Do you agree music is meant to be enjoyed?

“People tend to consider classical compositions as something “sacred” that must not be touched, not realizing that music should “live” and take on new forms in that sense.” – M. MIRKOVIĆ

How many of us play an instrument or sing a song from long ago? Whether we are masters or not, in our home and venues, musicians flow to the shade of the room, and the mood of the audience to enhance the shows experience. What Julijana Sarac has accomplished is to bring that romantic dinning restaurant feel, along with, a lively full concert touch to us in the “Enliven” album.

Where can you purchase the Enliven Album?

You can purchase the “Enliven” Album on Amazon
If you would like to read more about Julijana Sarac here on the Product of Culture website, please see: Pianist Julijana Sarac Expertise Composition
There you will find linked references to her music and on the history of the piano.
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PoeArtistry in the Sages Land

Poem and Art joys in PoeArtisry; poets and musician priceless jewels. A Product of Culture Creative Expression By James Lynch
PoeArtistry; Sage that is…

Enliven By Julijana Sarac In Love Commentary

Enliven By Julijana Sarac In Love Commentary
Sage PoeArtistry Commentary Topic:

“Enliven” Album By Pianist Julijana Sarac.

“In Love” Commentary By Perceptive Reader See

“I put a spell on you/Mr.Beethoven” from published album #Enliven
Check it out on youtube, spotify, itunes, and amazon.


Movie or Musical

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“Do you remember the last show, as in a movie or musical, you saw with a parent? There is a time, somewhere in the teenage (if you are presently there) years, when you may enjoy that last large buttery popcorn, snacks, and other treats that causes us to have to eat fruits and exercise for the next week; with our parent. Mom, Dad, or both, may start to seem not as hip could be the reason why… Even though they still are. Yet, your new interests and growth starts you on a different journey all the same… Hence, that one last movie outing you will never forget!” — Memories #pocooks Sage Poetic Thoughts

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Laughing with others Poetic Thought

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Laughing with others…

I believe and observed a sense of humor is good when you are able to laugh with the comedian or friend; there is a time and understanding for it. What may not be your time, may be for someone else to enjoy it; during such times we attend to our own affairs.

Yes, laughing not at a person, but with him. Sage Poetic

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