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Beautiful Sound of Healing Part 1

1 Beautiful Sound of Healing POCBOOKS Update Moment What is the sound of healing for you? Are you able to help others to appreciate it? This has pocbooks update moment has several episodes connected with it. Here is part 2 Be sure to check out the pocbooks.com homepage for articles and features as well POCBOOKS Content Platforms The Perceptive Readers Podcast is an intriguing feature in the P...
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Welcome AnchorFM and Flywheel Perceptive Readers 4x

AnchorFM and Flywheel Web-services Review! A Perceptive Readers 4x has discussions on Unity, Technology; and a Special review. The Perceptive Readers Podcast is an intriguing feature in the Product of Culture website. In this podcast I discuss two platforms the site uses in dispensing, serve if you will; its content creation. AnchorFM “Our mission is to democratize audio. We believe eve...
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Common Sense The POCBOOKS Update Moment

Common Sense is discussed in this update moment Welcome to this extra feature of the Perceptive Readers. In this podcast, the phrases you will want to pay attention to happen to be: Fishing and Common Sense. You will hear what they have to do with user service level agreements; in particular, Twitter's 2020 updated policy. The Perceptive Readers episode duration runs from 15 to 40 minute...
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The Days of Star Trek

The Days of Star trek Allow me to share this Days of Star trek journal entry star date_____. Star Trek is one series I  will not forget any of  the episodes anytime soon; the original series that is. You know how we can quote dialogue at times. Chuckle Don't get me wrong, the Next Generation was an interesting run as well. Then Deep Space 9 and Voyager. Wait a minute, I just name...
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Bullying effects you may not know

Bullying effects you may not know about. This Interesting and sober subject is a repost from May 2, 2019 A child is born with a heart of gold For your Information, here are two thoughts about bullying you may not know. You are aware, this website has talked about the topic of  bullying for quite a few years. Here is an FYI found on Wikipedia. And a recent Instagram post from a talen...
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Tori Kelly Exciting Articles

Welcome to the Tori Kelly Articles Volume. Over the years, this writer’s experience dealt in the relating of facts in real life scenarios and technology. When I placed the Product of Culture Brand aka POCBOOKS.com online back in 2010, It where my desire to share “Fictional Books of Another Kind.”  This website allowed me to share the fun stories to the public that required you to thi...
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Kurt Exciting Articles

Introduction to Kurt KHS Articles Volume Kurt Volume of Articles years 201_ to 2018 Keep in mind, these are not the only article events that were posted about Kurt Hugo Schneider over the years, but they are the ones that received the most attention and viewings. Let’s start with KURT SCHNEIDER’s news outlets. Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kurtschneider Facebook: https://www.fa...
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How do You say Thank You

When and How do You say Thank you? If you ever wondered how different people say "Thank you," I just want to relate two for you here on the Product of Culture website. First I want to thank you Thank you, thank you, and one more time thank you (REFERENCE: Kristiana Alvarado's thank you to her special someone.) for visiting and sharing the website! I also appreciate the articles, intervie...
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Commentary vs Journalism What is the Difference?

Do you know what is the difference between commentary and journalism? Commentary vs Journalism What is the Difference? Well Perceptive Readers, here are some answers. Journalism Journalism reports on events with the focus on providing information and facts. For example, when are the farmers bringing their crops to the market? When a journalist decides to report on the farmer(s) life in a...
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