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Survivors of Sexual Abuse Hold On

Depression poetry
This poem was given to me over a year ago from a young writer. At the time, I said the world may not be ready for a poem like this. Sadly, just look and listen to the news  via television, Internet, and papers today. But I am moved to post it now because of hearing about Crystal’s story in section 2. She shares comforting hope and manageable advice for Survivors of Sexual Abuse. This is his ...
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Music Giving Honor Comfort and Strength!

The Kingdom is In Place and stable in heaven. Many people are coming to appreciate the daily events that happen in the spirit realm, though unseen by human eyes, directly affects the physical realm. Well, Jehovah has provided the earth with many beautiful things, this includes the ability to sing and create music motivated out of our love for him. For your encouragement, the links to these news s...
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