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Because He Knows|Poems of Reality

Is it because my nature made me feel like the smallest drop of dew? - No one knew Are there major populations in this moment of time treating life’s worth as a monetary share? - No one cares Scattered and alone I fight with my daily battles; so, so many, never are they few. - No one knew Decisions upon Compromised effects have left me in despair. - No one cares Then, I heard a Word from the dis...
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Taking Medicine From Someone Who Cares for You

The child ran away to avoid taking the medicine! The babysitter could not catch little Lian as the child ran all over the house. Lian had a fever of 100 degrees. But did this matter? When mom finally made it back home from running her important errands there was the medicine bottle with the spoon sitting beside it on the table. The babysitter was thoroughly drained and out of breath from chasin...
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