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If You Can Dream It Alex G Can Sing It

If you can dream it, Alex G can Sing it.
If you can dream it, Alex G can Sing it. If you can think it, she will bring it. You Can Dream It? Alex G Invites You To Share Your Story When a person like you says, “I feel there is something special I would like to share with someone,” then Alex G is the listening ear worth repeating your “something special” to at the next opportunity! Why is this? Alex G is intuitively talented to bring...
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Good to Great-In Business Today?

Are businesses having a difficult time implementing policies that are practical, but are now looked upon as outdated? -Question by the Webmaster. This continues in the Blog Series: Fine Tuning Clear Communication - Part 4 We have bypassed posting parts 2 and 3 in this series. Due to the reason it addressed views and techniques that in communicating with some of this website’s audience, they alre...
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Facebook at Work is this Service for YOU?

Facebook is providing companies their own customized version of its social media tool. This article will not be presented as a pros and con commentary, but it will inform you in the second half of the article why this may be viewed as an oxymoron [Terms or statements that seem contradictory.] company policy by managers and CIOs. That is, if someone brings up using the Facebook at Work service. Ho...
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