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Dignifying You and Others

Readers and LittleOnes When someone honors you, how does it make you feel? It sometimes compels you to reciprocate in some way. We do what we can. So even when the gift is small, the heartfelt sincerity behind it may overwhelm us with positive thoughts and feelings about the individual who bestowed the gift. When you have a real friendship with someone, you desire to always treat that person wi...
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Good to Great-In Business Today? Part 2

What drives you? Do you have a determination to keep going for a cause greater than yourself? Why is this even important for an individual being part of an organization? In this Good to Great Commentary, we will look through some of James C. Collins findings to understand why he made thought-provoking statements pertaining to business leaders and employees. Note 2 examples: *Some settle just for ...
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Business- A Labor of Love

A Labor of Love? A business's sole purpose is to make currency; inasmuch to make a profit. Do you ascribe to the statement above? If you do, the world’s raw facts will validate your view by sharing steps you must take for a business to make a profit. You are able to see it takes these basic components for a business. A) Product - Materials or a service B) Resources - What it takes to get t...
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Transparency Business and Personal—What You Know and Share

What is transparency in business? The businessdictionary.com states of transparency, "Lack of hidden agendas and conditions, accompanied by the availability of full information required for collaboration, cooperation, and collective decision making." What is the purpose of this article Transparency Business and Personal--What You Know and What You Share? This is a post written to provide more in...
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A Workman is Worthy of His or Her Wages

Have you ever seen someone put a roof on top of a house in the middle of the summer? Ah, when the temperature is 90 degrees on the ground in the shade, imagine how hot it is on the roof with the bright sun reflecting its heat off the shingles! If you can fry an egg on the street, then you can boil one on the roof. The craftsman takes his time with skill and patience. After the job is completed, he...
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