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Love Does Not Look For Loopholes to Hurt You. – Sage Poetry James Lynch

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Week April 17, 2020 – Is this love? See Sam H. post
Over the years, here on the website, you will find important subjects on the importance of privacy and personal boundaries. We have also engaged in podcast discussions on the actions of people who ignore them. Even after you have stated many times they are truly causing you harm. Some of you readers will find this experience applicably interesting: 

Sam Heughan Says He’s “So Hurt” After “6 Years of Constant Bullying”

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Just Walk Away

In this pocbooks update moment podcast, the conversation is about why we walk away when bullies try and pick a fight. In the end YOU WILL WIN with your clear reasoning. Kind regards, James Lynch Jr the author and owner of
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How are you protecting your Internet wages

What is your policy for protecting your Internet wages?

Dear Perceptive Readers, I hope this post finds you all well; if not better than good! For professional and legal reasons, you state at times your policy and mission statements when are in an organization or business. When you are the sole proprietor, you at times do not need a lot of bureaucracy in place to make decisions. You deal with your customers and clientele in an honorable way. When you make a deal to trade this service for that service, etc; you can often say “good trade.”

There have been times when entrepreneurs and professionals decided to limit some of the services they provided due to not receiving income for the valued product of services they were providing to the public. The reasons for the deficit was not due to contractual customers no longer fulfilling their end of the bargain; it at times is what was happening in the beginning, middle of the transaction, and at the end.

People were siphoning the professional or entrepreneurs resources. In this technological age; these are items that are stolen; the same way a thief can steal a loaf of bread, money, and material:

Examples: Website traffic, social media followers and likes. Sells. Contacts, intellectual property.

I’m sure you get the point. Does it matter to you if the above currency is censored, siphoned, and laundered to another entity or person?

Just know, in one scenario, the following happened to a professional:

It doesn’t matter if someone says to you “it doesn’t matter.” It is not their place to withhold wages from you period; being a judge over you in that way. Side thought: Some of these very persons who keep saying that, may be the very person’s complicit and actively participating in taking your (internet currency) wages ** Book of James**

People at times will even try to cause you to think your time and resources are not even worth anything. When really, just because a person does not value what is being brought to the table; it must be worth something, for them to think up elborate means to take your wages and intellectual property.

So Perceptive Readers here are my questions for you:

Have you ever experienced the above?
What policy and actions do you have in place to resolve the above problem?

Minds Social Perceptive Readers Introduction

Introduction: This Special Minds Social Perceptive Readers will also be posted upon

This is the Introductory Opening to our Important discussion on the Internet, Freedom of Speech, and Proper Protocols that make for better professional settings and in society as a whole.

A Mind is a Terrible Thing to waste

A “Mind is a Terrible Thing to waste.” Story Time with the Author and Narrator. You can turn out alright even when you think otherwise. With a little help from an ultimate friend.
A Mind is a Terrible Thing to waste This event is old enough to resonate not just with the young, but old alike. As the narrator shares this story, think have you would have responded in similar circumstances. Most people will readily say, “I like to think I will do things just so in a positive way.” All the same, what would you do to cause everything to work out okay for the protagonist in the story? Then here are more thoughts to consider. If you feel there is nothing in the power of your hands to do to help, how would you plan for the future so at the very least you will feel empowered for the future? Yes, this podcast is designed to give you something to think about, told in the way Southern style cultures related such fun stories to their children.
If you have found this unique podcast episode helpful, can you think of someone else close to you who think and feel the same way to share it with? Do you listen to Spotify, Soundcloud, and the like, online venues?
There are plenty of readings and insightful commentary over the years at the home of the Perceptive Readers podcast; which is also known as the Product of Culture website.