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Keep Resisting the Scourge of Prejudice and Jealousy

Resisting the Scourge of Prejudice and Jealousy Experiences in life can make a person an expert in matters they sometimes did not even choose. This post is a smaller section of a bigger article, on how a person can drift into prejudice even when they did not set out to be this way. Remember tender hearts, a person can start off genuinely not being biased against someone until they see something t...
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Which of these beverages do you often drink before an Exam?

Before a test what beverage do you like to drink? Imagine for a moment your body and brain as a vehicle. A basic car needs gasoline and air to get it moving when called upon by the motor. What are you fueling your brain with in preparation for a big test? Select your choice below. [polldaddy poll=6759911] Feel free to share this poll with friends and colleagues. Additional comments may also be ma...
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