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Writing a Blog Post Freely without a Topic

Writing a blog post freely without a theme or topic is necessary at times; at least for me. A Big Hello to You! As a serious blogger, you find yourself absorbing a large amount of data whose primary application would be practical or technical in nature for your readers. Think about it; explaining how to use some new phone app is technical. Therefore, even though your core group of readers wa...
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Take the Time to Smell the Roses as a Gift

Take the time to Smell the Roses as a Gift. There once was a woman who wanted to bestow a gift to her friend who lived eleven miles away. She spent more than a week trying to think up what would be the perfect gift for her friend. “This surprise would be the best!” Her face lit up just thinking about it. Her friend called during the week and made the following request, “Let's go out on the town...
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One or Two. A and B community understanding

Daniela Andrade Shore EP Thoughts
One or Two. A and B community understanding Are you the type of person who can carry out a major undertaking for just one or two individuals? Take for instance blogging and video content. Even when the audience is diverse, it seems best to concentrate on the audience that gains the most benefit or value in what you are saying or producing. I guess you would call it “being true to yourself”. In ...
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Why Examining The Scriptures Every Day Helps a Blogger

When you awaken in the morning as a writer and blogger what is the first thing you reach for within ten minutes? Is a cup of coffee or tea one of them? Go ahead and say it “He sure loves his coffee!” My reply, “Yes, you know I enjoy my coffee and this is why some of you keep returning to the Product of Culture aka website, because you feel we are sitting down having a cup of coffee together. (Smil...
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