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What Makes a Good Parent?

What makes a good parent? You may be viewing this video as a single or both parents together. Notice how God’s Word answers this question. Here are some of the scriptures read with you parents in the video. Colossians 3:14, 19 Matthew 3:17 James 1:19 What Makes a Good Parent http://youtu.be/KocMB_XQmHw Bible Study Materials, (New World Translation Bible included) and Free Bible Studies avail...
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View Him Through Your Own Mind

Open Letter Think about this carefully dear Little Ones. When you see and hear individuals carrying out some of the most unmentionable actions without remorse (Vulgarity, Cruelty, and additional despicable acts), but say they are serving the God of the Holy Bible, wouldn’t it be best to take a looonnnggg pause and do some introspection questioning? Am I listening to a person who really stu...
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