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Tyler Ward Honest Feelings of a Victim

Tyler Ward Honest Feelings of a Victim; Sexual abuse is devastating. In one post “Survivors of Sexual Abuse Hold On” you hear Crystal, a victim of sexual abuse as a child, talk about her feelings and how she is gaining spiritual help to take one day at a time in dealing with the traumatic experience. Tyler Ward, also a survivor,  shares what has happened to him. This post, video, and the poem is ...
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Help With Being Honest

A hello to each of you! Yes, you too. :) Today, we are looking for additional help with being honest. The purpose of this post is not to say you aren’t honest. Well, at the very least, since you are reading this post you are very much interested in the subject of  honesty. When you know the people in your life are honest with you; oh, what a beautiful sounding word! You more than likely have a sm...
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