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Seeing The Colorful Earth’s Beauty

Have you ever had one of those days when you just want to snap at everyone that comes in contact with you? It is hard to really gather your thoughts at such a moment. It may be that it seems like no one even wants to be around you. To be fair, it may be because you don’t want to be around people either. The building or cubicle spaces seem to shrink in smaller and smaller. So you look towards the ...
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Dead Flowers

And her life was likened to a garden in the winter. Dead flowers hidden away under a blanket of beauty. And her all too perfect white smile, was that blanket of snow hiding her truth. And her mind was just like all of those dead flowers. She aimed to be perfect...she aimed to be the sparkling snow. She just couldn't see the beauty, in the imperfect rose. Her mind was her garden but now her flow...
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Beauty-Poem By Makayla- Year 13

Beauty   Does true beauty lie beneath? Or shall I practice what I preach?   Society set beauty at a height we could all finally reach.   So grind away my bones. Give me beauty good enough for thrones.   Make my dull eyes gleam, Then again my mind isn't what it should seem.   Just take away my mind. I don't care that beauty is blind.   To be beautiful I must be expendable. My mi...
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