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Julian A Google Analytics and Tag Manager Guru

Instructor Julian Julian - Creator of MeasureSchool Julian A Google Analytics and Tag Manager Guru! Like in the title, Julian is undoubtedly qualified to help most users of this internet tool to become familiar and use one of Googles top-notch programs. Julian is certified in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. With his personable delivery of his knowledge and instructions of Google ...
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Scott Kelly Astronaut and Man of ENDURANCE (Fall 2017)

Scott Kelly Astronaut Author
Scott Kelly proved to be an astronaut with ENDURANCE. He  is now sharing his experiences with every listening ear. On March 1, 2016, Scott Kelly returned back to earth after 340 days in space! Since landing, he has continued his travels by speaking at public events and via Social Media his interesting experiences, photographs, and life’s stories. During his chronicling of the year in spac...
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What it feels like to love through 1,031 miles

What it feels like to love through 1,031 miles:   Someone once asked me how I would describe love. I suppose thousands of things could have ran through my head. But mostly, for us, it merely was hands waving from dirty train windows, white smoke billowing around familiar faces, then eventually masking the last possible view. That about sums love up for me and you. Waiting, leaving...
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Lessons Learned By Makayla -Year 13

Lessons Learned By Makayla -Year 13 I have a pride in my scars, not because they show I'm strong but because they helped me to see I was wrong. They taught me a lesson each one their own. They show of a battle I lost and stood alone.  The scar on my heart shows of a time I believed in him too quickly. The scar on my hand shows of a time I gave too freely. The scar on my lip showed of a time ...
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