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Arianna Morgan the Singer with a Philanthropist Touch

Can a 14-year-old singer like Arianna Morgan be a philanthropist? Even at the young age of 10 in one interview, (The Musical Gift in Arianna Morgan http://pocbooks.com/musical-gift-arianna-morgan-music-feature/ ) Arianna stated, “Like all artists I would love my music to bring peace and harmony in all countries and to people of all faiths, race, color and creed. “ Do you see the warmness of her...
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The Musical Gift In Arianna Morgan

It is common to take a glance at something and then quickly move to the next item. The same holds true to listening.  An individual will find it a challenge to quickly move past the singing of Arianna Morgan! Arianna Morgan Interview The musical gift she shares has turned out to be something that the global family can enjoy.  She and her parents were gracious enough to allow me to interview her....
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