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Answers for Introverts Featuring Kina Grannis

Answers for Introverts Featuring Kina Grannis. Also commentary videos by Ratalyst and Susan Cain. Imagine yourself leaving a small family in a small town in order to explore the big city in hopes of creating a successful life. Before you left home, you were known by people in general as a friendly person to everyone who met you. And as for the people who intimately cared about your welfare, the...
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What Makes a Good Parent?

What makes a good parent? You may be viewing this video as a single or both parents together. Notice how God’s Word answers this question. Here are some of the scriptures read with you parents in the video. Colossians 3:14, 19 Matthew 3:17 James 1:19 What Makes a Good Parent http://youtu.be/KocMB_XQmHw Bible Study Materials, (New World Translation Bible included) and Free Bible Studies avail...
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