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A Father’s Love(Dad’s Poem)

A father's Love
This poem was first featured here: A Father’s love – Poetry in Text http://pocbooks.com/a-fathers-love-poety-in-text/ A Father's Love(Dad's Poem) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3HigGDEcR0 This poem was first featured here: A father’s love – Poetry in Text http://pocbooks.com/a-fathers-love-poety-in-text/ Here are words to A father’s love: His responsibilities are many. His author...
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The World of Zootopia

The World of Zootopia. Zootopia “This film is about diversity; about avoiding prejudice; about the value of true friendship. And friendship with yourself— Having the will, commitment, and determination to accomplish your dream. Shakira (Cast as Gazelle) Directors: Byron Howard, Rich Moore, and Jared Bush. Cast(voices) This list is not exhaustive: Views and Observations You will be...
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Peace of Mind-Poem Animation

The poem Peace of Mind will remind you of a time when you worried about matters you just had no control over. Then a person close to you helped you to see life and the environment in quite a different way. In this case, the closeness of a mother and father comes to mind. Since this animation starts with a bird flying from far away, the words of this poem are placed below the video in case you miss...
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Mind Active

Mind Active-The Poem This is a preview of things to come through POCbooks aka Product of Culture website. How do you view this poem? Does it promote one of positive movement for you? Or does it seem the opposite? It depends on the person. How will you take this poem? You may need a note pad to jot down this septet poetry Put on your thinking caps for…   MIND ACTIVE—Poem Animation https://...
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