Social Media Sharing Thursday Pick Golden Retrievers Pups

Social Media Sharing Thursday Pick

Welcome once more to this weekly series.
It is my pleasure and most likely yours to start your day off looking at these beautiful and kind animals

Coffee and Fun Conversation

Coffee and fun conversation what more could you ask for? Ah, to talk with your friend over a great cup of coffee. Please, let me not leave out the cocoa drinkers. It sometimes cause me to laugh inside, and outside, when coffee is mentioned here at the website, it places the desire in some of us to get a cup of coffee even though we are really cocoa drinkers and should probably stick to that; ha ha.

It is during the winter season people seem to enjoy coffee and cocoa the most. You most likely whole heartily agree with that statement. We can just smell the aroma now. “What is in that pot and kettle?”

Hey, during your last conversation with that friend 100; did he or she share any good tips? Or did they share baby pictures of their child with you? Did you find their cat or dog dressed in baby clothes funny but knew to just say “aw isn’t that cute”

Yes, the many things we talk about and see over a cup of coffee or hot cocoa.

Do you look forward to seeing a relative over these next 30 to 60 days you love more than even your dog or cat? Some of you had to pause for a moment; chuckle.

You love your relatives; yet they just haven’t seen what you and, say dog or cat name, been though together this past year!
Oh, don’t get you started because even your trusted companion will start telling barking or meowing their side of the story as well without the coffee or hot cocoa!

Whatever adventures you are planning on enjoying this winter season, be sure to have fun and practice safety. Chuckle, you really can do both you know.

Until next time, keep doing the best you can, and warm regards with a cup of coffee or cocoa in hand during this season.

Coffee and Fun Conversation at the Product of Culture website.

This may be a Coffee and Fun neat conversation on music

How about mentioning this to a friend who loves music

Jasmine Thompson Hashtag and Social Media Share! Hi, I have been a professional in the areas of blue and white collar occupations.

From warehouse, to writing and technology, my work and cultural experience is diverse.

Speaking of diverse, my taste in music includes genres that make you want to get up and dance; and when you want to chill, sooth your soul as well.

Therefore the reason for the Jasmine Thompson Group here on
Minds has music lovers from all over the world, but I very rarely see the hash tag or post used for #jasminethompson #JasmineThompsonFanpage #JasmineThompsonColour for Jasmine Thompson
However there are postings here for her!

This is a marvelous way to make you aware of the talented Jasmine Thompson I have followed for years.
I have also shared articles and music solely for Jasmine Thompson right here.

This is an open group. IMPORTANT NOTE: A) All postings must be connected to the subject by name.
B) Commentary is accepted; however, unprofessional slanderous accusations/statements will not be accepted here. (This is not censor it is topical) Keep to the music, events, and link postings from their website and social media.
**** Be aware the official fanclub for Jasmine Thompson **** Stefan’s ( Manager) moderator spot for this hashtag group is always open if he ever decides to come to

Kina Grannis Birds Shinning

Hi Perceptive Readers and music lovers; I hope this Kina Grannis Birds Shinning article will find you well or even super today! If you are not feeling as bright as you would like, then it is my wish to share with you something to lift your spirits.

Get Kina Grannis’ New album here

What a title huh? I first thought of two other titles before the one you clicked on to arrive here.
Kina Grannis 360
Kina Grannis Birds Singing

Then eureka! Kina Grannis Birds Shinning.
Kina seems to always be looking up to these delicate and strong creatures. Flying free in the air. Did you see the Songbird BTS video she made. Well, if not, here is one of the reasons for the post. It is to share Kina Grannis special Behind the Songs videos.

Behind The Songs Playlist

Before all the annual archiving, remember there are hundreds of more articles that are no longer on I used to write quite a bit on Kina Grannis’ career. In some ways, I looked at myself as a number 1 journalist (writer; as I continued to hone my skills) for this lady’s sweet bird song voice & musical interlude.

In addition, as you have heard me state this before:

“Over the years, this writer’s experience dealt in the relating of facts in real life scenarios and technology. When I placed the Product of Culture Brand aka online back in 2010, it fulfilled my desire to share “Fictional Books of Another Kind.” Which allowed me to share the fun stories to the public that required you to think all the same.

In addition to the above, there are musicians mutually followed on social media at one time or another; in the process, I wrote articles and events about their music. It not only honed my skills as a writer but also as a podcaster. Still, the top reason is because I appreciate their God given talents. You will appreciate why Kina Grannis’ singing voice is appreciated by large audiences.”

Yes, this last decade has provided so much to my writing experience.
This, is my big thank you to Kina Grannis. I TOTALLY wish her all the best and warm regards; James (Author, Writer, and Owner of

Perceptive Readers 4j Podcast Mark Twain

Welcome to the Perceptive Readers 4j Podcast Mark Twain

Opening: African Grey Parrot 

This Episode: The Perceptive Readers Podcast 4j continues with a Mark Twain Classic. The Prince and The Pauper Chapter 5 Commentary and Reading.

Hi. My name is James Lynch. I am an author and writer

See African Grey Parrot Reference

By reading The African Grey Parrot Home with Shira article you find out the following information and more:

These birds are intelligent with a distinct red tail. They can learn a vocabulary of over 1,500 words. You never have to carry on a conversation with yourself again. An interesting point is the price cost for the African Grey; which ranges from the mid hundreds in US currency to thousands of dollars. Take a look at the photos below of this beautiful bird.

Perceptive Readers 4j Podcast Mark Twain
See the Mark Twain Story Reference

By reading  the Prince and the Pauper Profound Reading 5  Reference

Being caught with your hand in the cookie jar is not a good feeling. Especially when the one who gave you the permission to eat the cookie is not around to vouch for the gift they gave you.
Whether or not they have the authority to bestow such permissions upon you is besides the point. Not when you need them to stand with you now.

It can make the difference between you looking like a zealous person just doing what you were told or a sneaky cookie monster rebel. – Enjoy this episode!

African Grey Parrot Home with Shira

The African Grey Parrot Home with Shira

Over the years, we have discussed dogs, horses, and even the cats who ignore us on this website. Now we have the opportunity to talk about the African Grey Parrot.

This article came about via conversation with Shira, an animal lover. Notice what she shares with us in the sub-heading,  A Warm Temperament Needed

The African Grey Parrot

These birds are intelligent with a distinct red tail. They can learn a vocabulary of over 1,500 words. You never have to carry on a conversation with yourself again. An interesting point is the price cost for the African Grey; which ranges from the mid hundreds in US currency to thousands of dollars. Take a look at the photos below of this beautiful bird.

Shira’s Family Member

Shira is one human that loves animals. She takes great care in knowing how to treat the animals in her care. With that being said, she also has a Great Dane in the family in addition to Bella (African Grey). How do her children get along you might wonder?

Gratefully, we have Shira to tell us about this family arrangement with insightful notes to keep in mind when you are looking to develop a friendship with these birds.

A Warm Temperament Needed

Shira tells us the following experience with the bird’s temperament.

Bella is very calm.. when she is in her cage, it’s her home and does NOT want to be bothered. We let her come to us. She will warn you by making a quick scratch with her foot to her face and a squeak. Bella does bite if you push to hold her. Enough to draw blood; but as a warning, she does not like what you are trying to do. She will come out on her own time. When Bella flies she lands on the floor and explores.

She loves the vacuum cleaner and hanging upside down from the door frame. If you are sitting on the floor and doing something, she will come out to see what you’re doing. Very curious; while always watching and listening to everyone and everything around her.  She loves drinking out of coffee cups and mimics like sounds that are often made in the house.

  • She says things in a man’s voice as well as women’s voice.
  • Bella will mimic your voice if your around enough.
  • LOTS of sounds Including a super loud alarm clock beeping (6am, every morning lol)
  • Bird chirps (mimics my little kiwi, a female lovebird.)
  • A microwave beeping and many more noises and sounds.

Her previous owner was an elderly women who she adored. Bigger parrots are generally a one person, one gender owner. She took to me so when she is out and about exploring, she will step up on my arm with no complaints.

The (Bella) African Grey Parrot Diet

As for what I feed her? There is a special blend of parrot food that is brightly colored and almost reminds me of Trix cereal. Her all time favorite, although, is sunflower seeds 🙂

Shira, what are your insights for anyone looking to purchase or adopt one of these magnificent birds of creation?

If someone is looking to adopt a beautiful exotic large parrot, I recommend mainly patience. The best way I can describe bringing one into your family is they are like abused animals. When you adopt an animal that has been abused, they are frightened, skittish, and on edge. The more you have patience and show them love; the more they will come around. Same as parrots. Let them come to you. Take the time to feed and love them; talk to them… like you would a dog that has been abused… they are extremely smart. I’ve also raised macaws and small birds and parrots.

Thank You Shira and Bella

The Product of Culture website gives a heartfelt thanks to Bella, who this time desired Shira to do all the talking in this interview. Have you come to the conclusion that it is a wonderful thing they have found one another? Once again, thank you Shira for all these tips on how to take care of the African Grey Parrot.

Perceptive Readers Podcast 4c

Welcome to this Perceptive Readers Podcast 4c Episode!

The Perceptive Readers Podcast 4c

What You Do With Knowledge Part 1

1.Thoughts in Consideration Opening 
2. Horses & Equestrians 
3. Poetry


“Passwords: There are levels of sophistication that include social engineering and hacking attacks that prompts the majority of security experts to acknowledge that it is not impossible to infiltrate a system one way or the other, given enough stagnant (unchanging) opportunities or times. This is why a person should be ever vigilant with tier level security adjustments (changing) to be commensurate with the possible encountered threats.” –  Why Strengthen Your Password.

Check out this author’s Minds social media page as well. Where you will find postings and interactions with users of this website. There, you can upvote, and the opposite, the comments as well. The site has a blog section in addition to groups you can moderate and join. If this has peaked your interest, then is where you need to surf in order to find out if it is a good fit for you.

Product of Culture website, Sharing is Caring. Thank you for taking the time in telling others of like minds and taste about this site!

Horses are Magnificent Animals

“Horses are magnificent animals!” Equestrians will not argue with you there. Domesticated creatures become our friends and show us so much about appreciation. Some people will also tell you they teach us about value. 

Horses are magnificent animals

A horse’s worth. In case you have not enjoyed the chance to personally get to know a horse by name, here are a couple thoughts from young equestrians and professionals who do know them by name. You will learn something new, I guarantee it.

Look for Gracie, Lauren(interview), and Rick’s websites and videos in these articles. These articles also relate the responsibilities and treatment of horses. How to improve on your friendship with them, if you will.

Horses like Dale have personalities

An equestrian channel worth checking out


When I reminisce about some of life’s simple pleasures that meant a lot, riding a horse is one of them. 

There are so many areas in life that enhance our contentment and happiness; horses contribute to this fine state of mind like a fine wine.  Did I just encourage drinking and riding a horse?  After a cocktail or two, some old cowboys may tell you about the time they fell off the horse; and the horse was standing still. 

 So take my expressions with smiling results; horses are one of nature’s masterpiece of creation who don’t mind residing close to humans, while sharing their intrinsic power, freedom, and dignity with us. 

The Author and Writer of POCBOOKS

The Product of Culture website! “Much More Than Books”

For 5 Tokens Unlock the Book.
Read The: Life and Times of Baby Lucas

Hi. My name is James Lynch. I am an author, writer, and vendor of intriguing creativity. The Product of Culture website. Where the writings, professionals, artists, and musicians featured here are more than meets the eye and ear for perceptive tips, recreation, and music! This website also has a collection of digital and audio books. Listen to the Perceptive Readers intriguing PODCAST!

Golden Eagle and HAVASI Music

Once or twice a year, for over nine years, it has been a tremendous pleasure relating in some way according to written form the listening pleasure experienced when listening to HAVASI’s composed music.HAVASI The Golden Eagle

You can see what I mean here:

Pure Piano
HAVASI — A Painter is Born (Official Concert Video)
“Spring Wind” Song Interpretation by HAVASI
Listening With Clarity

Have you ever said to someone the following words? “This is where I am coming from.”
Yes, you can have two artists of extraordinary talent paint a picture using the same hue and colors, and yet, onlookers will receive a different perspective and understanding due to his or her background. Additionally, a key word to also consider is the word culture.

In the basic meaning of when a child’s mind of innocence is taught about the color red, it is linked with the word LOVE; is it not?
The brighter the color, then it can pertain to a fiery passion or disposition. The darker the hue can pertain to a depth like “My LOVE for you is deeper than the deepest ocean!”
Note: There are other meanings some may find for any color, not just red; all the same, we are reading as pure hearted children; with all due respect and smiles.
Imagining all such hearts in a land that have a depth of loyalty and expression so deep, you experience bright hues of feelings during the day and a cozy campfire feeling of comfort at night. As you enjoy one another’s company over wine and cheese.
Oh what an experience indeed!

The “Golden Eagle” Poetry in Motion

HAVASI’S Golden Eagle is poetry in motion that places into song what in just one way, your heart will appreciate the earlier paragraphs above.

Before we view the superb performance, I would like to share a new poem for the occasion.


Majestic is what you are to soar so far
Being in the past, present, and future how you fathom such distance.
When this one of a kind takes flight.
A creation so magnificent , even the Grand Creator attributes one of his innate abilities in simile to this kind with the power of flight.
It is none other than the Golden Eagle.

Standing Ovation and Golden Eagle Credits


Golden Eagle

Composed and performed by HAVASI

Special thanks:

Dohnanyi Symphony Orchestra Budafok

Contributing artists:

Arranger and conductor: Peter Pejtsik

Edina “Mókus” Szirtes – violin, vocals
Boglarka Pejtsik – vocals
Márton Stummer – guitar

HAVASI — Golden Eagle LIVE at Budapest Arena

Executive Producer and Creative Director: Csaba Marjai
Mixing Engineer: Geoff Foster, Air Studios, London
Audio Post-production: Sandor Nyiri, Classic-Sound Studio, Budapest
Music Production Director: Miklos Lukacs
Animation: Gergo Toth / Kimera Productions
DOP, Editor: Peter Graf / Grafpictures

The Product of Culture Website also known as POCBOOKS. Much More Than Books.

Where the writings, professionals, artists, and musicians featured here are more than meets the eye and ear for perceptive tips, recreation, and music!

Beauty is as beauty does -James Lynch Jr.

Much appreciation for you and the others you tell about this website.

An Equestrian Channel Worth Checking Out

Gracie An Equestrian Channel Worth Checking Out

Greetings Perceptive Readers! In the spirit of Horses Like Dale have Personalities, an informative interview I had with Lauren some years ago. The Product of Culture website is now sharing information about Gracie, another equestrian, during the teenage years. This equestrian channel is such a neat brand. You are certainly encouraged to check it out with friends and family.

Over the past year, her fellow equestrians and social media followers have laughed, cried, and laughed some more with Gracie and her best friends, a Connemara gelding named Dan. She also has another Connemara named Prince. The Connemara breed originated in Ireland. They are athletic, with a good, you may say funny disposition. You have to hear Gracie pronounce Prince’s name. It sounds like Prin – cee

Pony Nuts is the Youtube Equestrian Channel

Gracie shares her shows and neat adventures in the life of an equestrian on YouTube. The Product of Culture website shares below four videos that shows you why this website features her videos through the year.

Gracie, Dan and Prince are:

i. Skilled & professional

ii. Thoughtful & passionate

iii. Humorous and in the rhythm

Pony Nuts Instagram Equestrian Channel – Sharing is Caring

After you enjoy the videos; you will be doing yourself a favor by subscribing to her channels and sharing them with other minds like yourself. Do you agree? Well, since you do, just click on any video or instagram picture to be transported.

Have a Super Day!

Gracie walks you through the after school routine with her horses. You see her grooming and feeding them. Gracie talks about safety as well in this video and the positive affirmations for the good they do in and out of training. Notice her reasons for doing this.  Get Ready & Ride With Me // After School Riding Routine // GoPro

Horses Like Dale have Personalities

Horses Like Dale have Personalities

Parts of this article were originally posted in the Year 2013 as “Dale – A Powerful Yet Gentle Horse.”
This year, with a few edits here and there, it is a pleasure to spruce up the article’s sweater! Lauren Thank you so much for the interview!

Throughout history, horses have worked with men and women to accomplish tasks. Depending on the owner’s preferences, horses have been used from “beast of burden” to royal chariot carriers. Sadly, at times, they have been used as weapons of war. People have different views on how intelligent these animals are. Some say they are temperamental. Still, horses are fast learners when they have owners who are correctly teaching them and consistent in their methods. The way a horse is talked to and treated has a significant bearing on its ability to learn. A horse associates tone with commands. It is not only what the trainer says, but how he or she says it. So in another way of saying it, horses emotionally associate different commands in positive and negative ways.

Listen to Lauren, horse owner, share her equestrian experience with (Glebedale) Dale. Her experience with training and jumping horses gives helpful advice on the treatment of these creatures and how they are reciprocal animals.

What is Dale’s personality like?

Lauren says: Dale is quite a nervous horse when you work with him in the stable. He doesn’t like his face being touched and things like that, but he is the gentlest of horses, especially when you are riding him. He is such a gentleman and will do anything for you.

Question Lauren we have heard people use similar expressions, “the gentlest of horses” before when they are riding a horse. Give us more of how Dale’s temperament is when he is not in riding or competition mode.

Lauren says: He is so friendly as well and follows me around the stable or the yard and leans his head on me as if he is giving me cuddles. When I am upset, he always seems even more comforting as if he knows I am sad. He is just like a best friend as he seems to listen to everything I say.

Question Lauren What do you feed Dale and how much?

Lauren shares: Their ideal weight depends on the breed of the horse really, you can tell by looking at them if they are overweight or underweight. Horses are always out in the fields grazing but when we bring them in we give them a big feed, and in the winter they also get hay out in the field.

Thank you, Lauren, for sharing your equestrian experience with us. It shows why horses have been used throughout history to help men and women in farming and transportation. By listening to people like Lauren, we find out horses are not just instinctual but they have feelings that endears them to you.

Horses Like Dale have Personalities Section II

Equestrian Facts

If you would like to know more about horses,


states he has “the ultimate online encyclopaedia of horse facts and essential pieces of equestrian information for both adults and children.”

  • Biggest, smallest, tallest, oldest
  • General must-know horse facts
  • A horse’s body
  • Pregnancy, foals and breeding
  • Horses in the wild
  • Horse body language, horse whispering and natural horsemanship
  • Breeds
  • Horse riding
  • History

All you warm hearted people who have horses as friends, be sure to check him out!