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Survivors of Sexual Abuse Hold On

This poem was given to me over a year ago from a young writer. At the time, I said the world may not be ready for a poem like this. Sadly, just look and listen to the news  via television, Internet, and papers today.

But I am moved to post it now because of hearing about Crystal’s story in section 2. She shares comforting hope and manageable advice for Survivors of Sexual Abuse.

This is his Body, So I don’t want it

This is his body, so I don’t want it;

“When he put his hands where they didn’t belong a grave formed in her ribcage.

I saw her seven days after.
The flowers were ripped from her fields forever.
I cried more than she did.

Seven more days and her suicide note read;
“This is his body, so I don’t want it.”

“Troubled teen suicides, family devastated” was the headline that week.

He cut her smile off and sewed it on the wrong way yet he was not mentioned once.
He is a “good guy” so his bloodied hands and crappy stitchwork don’t mean a thing.

She is not a survivor.

And I think every day; if only there would have been somebody to turn her fragile stitches into a cape.

Maybe then she could have flown instead of fallen. ”



Jehovah Has Done So Much for Me

This video shows how God comforts ones who have gone through the traumatic experience of child sex abuse.

“Crystal, a victim of sexual abuse as a child, tells how learning what the Bible teaches helped her to build a relationship with Jehovah God and to find meaning in her life”


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