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“Is this the residence of Tammy L. Martinez?” The agency calmly said.

“Yes?” stuttered Victoria.

“Ma’am, we have confirmed Tammy’s death today. When would you like to come retrieve the body?”

 Victoria could not talk. Everyone was shocked! No one could even shed a tear yet.

 Because of this instead of going to Selena first, they went to her last. Selena was just three years old and had no idea of what was going on.

 Once they finally told Selena, she took it hard. That was her aunt, her person to run to,her second mom in the family. She stayed in her room crying for days on end. Sure she wasyoung but she could feel everything, and Selena was hurting. Unlike everyone else, she didn’t know how to handle the pain. She would sit by the cardboard and put her hands against it hoping at one moment her aunt would come up behind her and place her hands over hers.

 A few days passed and the family finally had gotten notification on what happened to Tammy. In the paper it explained the horrendous details of the car accident. The accident that killed her instantly at the scene.” The family didn’t know how to take this. Tammy was so smart, how could she not have worn a seat belt? So many questions, very little answers.

 Several weeks passed and the family had gotten her clothing and jewelry of what she was wearing that day. Inside the bag there was a shirt, sweat pants, her favorite sneakers, a bracelet, hair ties that were around her wrists, rings, and a locket with the picture of her beautiful niece that she wore every day. Selena happened to come over while they were going through it all. She grabbed the locket, squeezed it tight in her hand, and started shedding tears.

 At that moment the family decided to let her wear it. She was Tammy’s precious love.

Her, “Beautiful Butterfly”.

Years pass, Selena wears that same locket except she replaced the picture with her aunts and her obituary. She also wears two hair ties, one on each wrist just like her aunt.

 Since that deepest moment, the family calls Selena “Tammy” by accident. She will forever carry on her personality and actions. Tammy will always be a part of the family, and a big part in Selena’s life.


All because she always took the time for a little child. This child is now an adult showing the results of memories; the effect of empathy as she tenderly touches the lives of the little children today.




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