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Stevie Wonder AS song

Stevie Wonder AS song. A Movement Pause of Thought

One of Stevie Wonder’s songs sounds like it should be named ‘always’ or ‘loving you always’; but it’s not. The “AS” in this song Stevie Wonder proclaims: “Through all the changes in life’s environments his love will endure always!” Will your love endure forever?    One thing about these lyrics extended meaning is not focusing on till death do us part, it points to a time.  The musical genius in these lyrics points to a time of completion. Today, we have to explain, due to imperfection, so often principles of what is right and wrong on how we treat one another and creation as a whole. Well, during the time these lyrics are pointing to, all this constant explaining will be fulfilled to its conclusion in knowing and understanding LOVE. Yes, no more doubting whether someone loves you or not. It will be as you love yourself. And it will be reciprocated.

A Oneness that will never be divided again. From my Mind to Your Mind – James

Are you aware there are Product of Culture website articles about the Artist Jasmine Thompson. I would like to take this moment to share the song “Take Care” with you.

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It is also my pleasure to share Stevie Wonder’s  “AS” song to go along with the topic above. Have a wonderful day!

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