Marié Digby Sings ‘Starving’ with Clara C

Starving-Marié Digby Sings with Clara C and Guess What?

Marié Digby Sings with Clara C and plans on more collaborations with talented musicians?

Yes, you heard correct, Marié Christina Digby is harmonizing her winsome tone and style with additional musicians!
Here is just one example of when Marie joins her songwriting and singing skills with another unique songstress who also produces instinctive and unforgettable music.

Marie Digby and Kina Grannis in “The Keeper”
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Marié Digby Sings Collaborations

Marie Digby will be making different song covers with musicians we have never seen work with her. As she branches out, audiences (YouTube and otherwise) will experience different songs, people, and settings!

Are you Starving?

‘Try it you just might like it.’
Have you ever had that said to you?

Most of us first heard it when we were children when broccoli, spinach, or something else new was placed on our dinner plate. This something new may not have looked appetizing at first. This something new may have even tasted strange at first. Then as you got older and your tastes matured, you developed a connoisseur’s tastebuds and appetite  in the very things you once pushed away from your presence. Sushi is a fine cultural delicacy that is not the first on the menu list for some people. However, once they experience the taste and the benefits of this food, then when they experience hunger pangs, they sometimes starve for it.

Likewise for some, love is the same way. Coming to know about all the many facets of love causes appreciative hearts to desire it and enjoy all the wonderful benefits. When love is withheld, and hunger pangs build, then such a person will ‘starve’ for it.

So like with consuming food, people desire to experience real love daily. When they find these benefactors of love and friends that provide this experience, such individuals become an acquired taste that won’t go away. Yes, they become family.

Marié Digby Sings ‘Starving’ with Clara C

Hailee Steinfeld, Grey – Starving ft. Zedd x Marie Digby Clara C cover

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Marié Gives a Shoutout!

“I loved collaborating with the beautiful and mega talented Clara C!”

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Marié Digby Sings with Clara C and more in 2017! Be sure to also check out her shows!

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