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Stardust Poem By Jerna Grace

In this lovely feature by Jerna Grace, She brought forth the Stardust poem. Jerna exercises the rights of the creative poet to manifest her thoughts into words, and her words into style.

From the start of an early age, some have wondered if we are stardust. The beauty of watching these bright lights on a calm summer’s night can inspire such awe. And humans, though in these delicate vases like bodies, are still magnificently created. The way we are made; the ability to learn and think, and love; O’ what thoughts do we ponder?

As you contemplate Jerna’s words, you are able to measure your mind’s imagination with the line structure in which she places each poetic thought.

Stardust Poem
Stardust By Jerna Grace

Stardust Poem

you ask if you are made of unstable galaxies, if you are too weighed down by gravity:

i. i say, your laugh cracks like daybreak. and see, night dances shadows across your face when you smile
ii. when your tongue works around calling the locked fingers of oceans in your chest ribcage, your heart beats it tastes of the sky
iii. i say, your palms are lined with seacoasts, and see, your gnarled past is hidden countryside, is secret forest home
iv. see, constellations on your hands are a reminder that stars are never alone. see, there are moons on your knuckles in the shape of lost satellites. i say, the sun dusts your cheeks with golden sunlight
v. i say, you have channels of rivers and sea creatures running under your skin, and see, words perched on your teeth are a little wobbly, a little rusty, but they’re not afraid of falling
vi. i say your body is meadow, home to all the wild things but your eyes and voice and lungs and heart sing of human that waterfalls and spring and canaries never could
because see, you didn’t come in with an explosion, didn’t come in with a bang
but listen,
light flooded in and it was good

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