Star Trek Commentary The Man Trap From A Child’s Vision on

When you reminisce about the good old days, it stays apparent in your mind why they are the good o’ days! From the cookouts, family gatherings and movies; and what about the people, per se? Your past lives, as it were, for some is filled with all types of relationships.

The practical jokesters to the serious sages, and every type of personality in-between.

In the Man Trap Star Trek episodes, Dr. McCoy, portrayed by DeForest Kelley, is featured with an old love interest named Nancy.

His past love interest is now married to a professor; or so it seems. When you watch the episode, you will understand what I mean by the statement: ‘so it seems.’
The first few minutes into the episode catches you by surprise. Notice the reacquainted introduction(s).

The reaction to this first episode in those days turned out to be hair-raising, once all the revealing took place at the climax of the episode!

Dr. McCoy played the key and role that could save the day for the main characters to continue in more of the shows episodes. Goodness, in the first officially aired season’s episode, the Captain and second in command almost went out to that great starship in the sky; and I am not talking about the starship enterprise.

All the same, Dr. McCoy had to face the realization that his strong emotional attachment to Nancy could no longer keep him blinded from the truth…

This happens in life; does it not?

The person(s) we hold dear, are sometimes no longer there. They may look like the person we knew decades before, but something happened to them. The question is what?

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