Star Trek Commentary Charlie X

Star Trek Commentary Charlie X From A Child’s Vision on

No matter how bad a person treats you, there are times the background of his or her life may cause you to grieve, if you will, the cards of life dealt to them.

This does not mean you agree with the very mean treatment towards you; still, at the very least, you understand what forces were and are at play to bring them to this mentality view.

In the Charlie X episode, it shows you how bad, bad can get, when a child grows up with no parental touching oversight.

A child can be given all the riches and power in the world, but without the caressing attention along with wise discipline of the parent(s); most children fight an uphill battle.

It does not mean they cannot conquer this steep mountain, but depending on when and where you meet them in on life’s journey, there may be adverse effects taken out on you, when it really didn’t have anything to do with you. Mental trigger reactions were already formed before you.

The Charlie X episode shows this and just how much understanding patience may be involved to help such a dignified human all the same.

You will appreciate Captain Kirk’s efforts.

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