Stan Lee Knowing Mind and Heart

May Stan Lee never be forgotten.
Did you know in an interview when asked what he believed about death, Stan remarked, he just couldn’t believe life would stay lifeless, or dead.

Well, until Stan returns, a resurrection if you will; I want to give you something to consider so there will be something to talk about when you meet him.

What do I mean?

Well, most likely every person reading this on the Product of Culture website will know of Stan Lee’s occupation as a writer, creator, and editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics. Many super heroes, most notably Spiderman, were brainstormed and created by him.

He achieved many awards over his 95 years of life career.
To name a few:
The Will Eisner Award Hall of Fame
Jack Kirby Hall of Fame
National Medal of Arts
Disney Legends

Stan Lee in a Conversation to Remember

Perceptive Readers, because you have acquired thinking ability over the years, I feel confident this round table discussion Stan engaged in during the period of 1968 will prove valuable to you.

Who is All involved with the Discussion?

The episode of the Stan Lee Show with participants:

Stan Lee, Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics.
Jeff Shero, editor of RAT Subterranean. (Newspaper)
Chuck Skoro, senior at Columbia College. (Editor)
Skip Weiss, The Dalton school. (Editor)

You will hear Stan Lee state the above mentioned panel of professionals credentials in full at the beginning of the episode.

The topics discussed were applicable then, and you will appreciate the valid assertions Stan and the panel makes on the following topics:
The Establishment
The underground culture
Relations and Sexual Views of that time.

Stan the Man
Stan Lee has a special place in many persons hearts right to this day. If you say, “he was a genuine and kind man” to anyone who knew him, even through reading his stories, and I think you will find they all will agree with you. The video links to these episodes shows just how mentally sharp Stan Lee was and how in-touch he was with what makes people tick, so to speak, in the social issues of the 1960s time.

Stan Lee Talkshow

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

This is a good time to reflect on what you know and think about the social issues of the day.

In the future, wouldn’t it be nice to talk with such a man like Stan? Hey, if anyone will find out there is a returning back to life, you know he is going to find it. Chuckle.

Yes, Stan Lee you and your wife, Joan Boocock Lee, Rest In Peace for now.

Perceptive Readers, enjoy the discussion and have a great day!

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